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Saturday 9 April 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

The only means with which you can get heard in Nigeria is to become a TERRORIST or MILITANT while the only way Nigeria will terrorise you is when you lay your complaints peacefully.  Nnamdi Kanu would say-

"The only language Nigeria understands is violence." Gradually all of the words of Nnamdi Kanu about Nigeria are manifesting themselves one after the other-- no wonder Biafrans calls him a prophet. That the Niger Delta militants are being dreaded today and even granted amnesty is because of their violent approach in their agitation by bombing pipelines which crippled Nigeria economy. That all the security agencies in Nigeria couldn't find one man whom the court has given his arrest warrant shows how cowardly Nigerian government can be to violence. That Buhari is begging Boko Haram today is because of their terrorism and kidnappings. That some Northern senators are now even lobbying to establish an Islamic state for Boko Haram is because of their bombings.

Now the recent love affair between the Nigerian government and the Fulani herdsmen-(terrorists) which has led to the resolve of Nigerian government to grant them amnesty by importing grasses for them all the way from South America exposes one of the major reasons why Nigeria is a failed State.  The Northern Fulani elders and elites (including Buhari) who are virtually in control of everything in Nigeria knew that it would cause an outrage among Nigerians if the government wakes up one morning just to establish a grazing reserve for them or be releasing monthly allowances for them to import their cattle feeds. Having known all these, they ordered their errand boys trained by Boko Haram to disperse across the country, equipped them with sophisticated weapons and commanded them to start unleashing mayhem on Nigerians as this would be the only means those of them in government can table their quest legitimately to the government without much opposition from other sections of the country.

This is why despite all the terrorism activities of the herdsmen which has claimed thousands of lives across Nigeria, not even a single Northern politician or elite has risen to condemn their atrocities- not even the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari who is their chief patron. To them, the herdsmen are executing their master-plan perfectly and expecting them to condemn the activities of the herdsmen is like expecting a father to condemn the son whom he sent on a robbery mission. Today,  Nigerian government that has never given any incentive or loan to an average Easterner who holds the economy of Nigeria in their hands is now importing grasses for Fulani herdsmen and on top of that they have now decided to map out a special grazing field for them. Who says some animals are not more equal than others in the zoo?

 Now comparing the response of the Nigerian government to the "terrorism" of Fulani herdsmen and their response to a "peaceful" Biafra agitation, Here you see the highest level of bigotry and wickedness from a government that have been preaching for unity for over a hundred years. The government now thinks that setting up an ordinary radio station which is legitimately registered in London whose broadcast is so sophisticated that it can reach different parts of the world including Nigeria is illegal and even termed it "a pirate radio station and a national security threat". They tried to tag Nnamdi Kanu who has never killed not to talk of killing 500 villagers in Agatu a terrorist.

Buhari has to come on air during his media chat to tell the whole world that Nnamdi Kanu who has no criminal record across the world is a "flight risk" and shouldn't be granted bail even if it entails disobeying court orders but to Buhari, Fulani herdsmen deserves amnesty.

 Isn't it a show of shame and stupidity how Nigerian government is trying earnestly to tag IPOB which is registered legitimately in over 80 countries of the world a terrorist group while the government builds special reserves for Fulani terrorist herdsmen?

 Isn't it an act of ethnically motivated genocide to unleash a whole national security forces who are mostly Hausa/Fulani on unarmed Biafran protesters who would shoot them at first sight even at their prayer grounds and after killing scores of them, would dump them in different burrow pits, pour acids on them and burn their corpse to avoid traces and evidence while Fulani herdsmen are free to invade different communities, destroy their farmland and massacre any opposition?

Isn't it a sacrilege to arrest scores of people protesting against the terrorism of Fulani herdsmen?

 I am being forced to ask- What offence has the Biafrans committed by invoking their right to self determination? What has the Biafrans done to deserve all these brazen hatred from the murderous Nigerian government to the extent that if we laugh, we'll get killed, if we then decide to cry, they'll will still slaughter us?

I'm being forced to believe that all these nonsense are taking place because IPOB(Biafrans) have decided to apply common sense by being peaceful in the agitation for Biafra but sadly Nigerian government doesn't understand the language of peace. Very soon Biafrans shall show Nigeria that we are versatile in different languages and we shall speak it to them the very way it will penetrate their bone marrow. Nigeria should threat Biafrans and our leader Nnamdi Kanu with disdain at their own peril. The gentle touch of a lion is not a symbol of cowardice.

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