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Tuesday, 26 April 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

It is only cowards that die a thousand times before their death. It is more evil than terrorism to condone terrorism itself. Why should we hide our fear under the guise of seeking for peace? Now is the best time to say never again. If we fail to quench this consuming fire now, it shall consume our voice, consume our life, consume our children and consume the offspring generations to come if any.

Our people say that when one sees those carrying the corpse of an alien, it would seem as though they are carrying firewood. It would be very evil and an act of sabotage for any Biafran to say "it doesn't matter" because you are not among the over 200 slaughtered and burnt in Enugu Biafra land by Fulani terrorist or among the 500 massacred in Agatu, Benue State. Upcoming thousands of generations can never forgive you if you think that the numerous kidnapping and assassination of our clergies and monarchs, the raping of our women, destruction of our places of worship and our communities is a child's play.

We've written a lot of articles warning our people of the impending doom and genocide being plotted and executed by Nigerian government against Biafrans using the new version of Boko Haram known as Fulani militants/herdsmen. Nnamdi Kanu predicted all these prior to his arrest and some of our people called him a mad man while Nigerian government sort to killed him by all means for exposing their master-plan. Today Nnamdi Kanu has been vindicated as those who doubted and castigated him are now calling him a prophet. The call for Biafra restoration is being vindicated on a daily basis with the recent public show of instincts of racial extermination on the side of Nigerian government against Biafrans.

This is not the time to lay or apportion blames, this is the time to show our enemies who has sworn to wipe away our generation from the surface of the earth that no one dares the Israelites of Africa and goes free just like that.

We are alive today because of the bravery of our fathers who gave their lives to secure our generation. Just as it is happening today, the Fulani terrorists and their Yoruba allies massacred them in their thousands in the North, they ran back home to Biafra land to seek for refuge and the enemies visited them with drones at the expense of millions of lives. Without the doggedness of our fathers against the conspiracy of the world, the genocide could have long been completed and we may not have had the opportunity of gracing this world.

Today, the same genocidist who slaughtered our fathers has returned at the helm of affairs. His name is Muhammadu Buhari alias Idiamin of Nigeria reincarnated by Adolf Hitler. The only reason he came back is to complete the ethnic cleansing they started about 50years ago through their secret terrorist armies- the Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram and their blood sucking security agencies, today we are seeing the result as over 1000 innocent Biafrans have been slaughtered in 2016 alone by the vampires known as Fulani Herdsmen and the security agencies of Nigeria.

Biafrans should wake up and act fast because silence or noise can never be a medication to this menace. Every Biafran is a born soldier and so is it expected that every one of us should rise and defend our land from total Islamisation, subjugation and extermination. We owe it as a divinely mandated duty to protect this generation and those unborn. We shall forever regret any complacency at this point in time. We must not hope on Nigerian government because they are the ones sponsoring this terrorism, we must not rely on other countries to come to and intervene because most of them are waiting for us to call the first shot while others are waiting for more of our blood to be spilled. We cannot say we want peace when those whom we're giving peace are smelling war. You may be the next victim of this encroachment of terrorism. Have you ever asked yourself why Nigerian government is keeping quiet in the midst of all these atrocities? It is because their master-plan is being executed.

We must cast all fear away and defend our land. It is better we rise up against this evil and save our future or we sit back as cowards while our adversaries bring death to us. We must choose now between self defence and self burial because very soon nobody will be alive to bury the other if we don't repel this Spirit of death. HE WHO SAVES HIS LIFE AS A COWARD SHALL DEFINITELY LOOSE IT WHILE HE WHO IS READY TO DIE CONFRONTING THIS EVIL SHALL SAVE HIS LIFE FOREVER EVEN AFTER DEATH.

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