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Monday, 9 May 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

The fact that Nigeria is desperately trying to survive the ship-wreck that is currently rocking it cannot be over-emphasised hence one should not surprised to see a country as devastated as Nigeria commanding an international court of competent jurisdiction like the ECOWAS Court to hands off a case pertaining to their numerous Rights abuses against Nnamdi Kanu . Why is Nigeria afraid of facing Nnamdi Kanu at ECOWAS court? Isn't it said that a clear conscience fears no accusation?

It is rather quite unfortunate and completely disheartening that the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari has decided to parade the stinking smelling and infectious corpse of Nigeria to your honourable court of justice. A corpse characterised with incarceration of innocent citizens, extra-judicial killing of unarmed protesters and worst of it all-the manipulation of the judicial processes, to mention but a few.

This court has to beware of the corpse called Nigeria and the virus that accompanies it because I strongly believe that the basis for which ECOWAS and this court was established is to ensure that the dictatorial tendencies of West African leaders such as Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari who is the President of Nigeria is reduced to the barest minimum if not extinguished entirely.

I'm writing to you to alert you on the impending doom on this honourable court should this court allow itself to be infected with the rot that has ravaged Nigerian judiciary which has prompted Nnamdi Kanu to seek refuge in this court for the protection of his fundamental Human Rights that has been  under serious suffocation in Nigeria.

Just recently, the dictatorial government of Muhammadu Buhari has written to this court ordering this court to hands off from looking into the atrocities that has been committed as a result of the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. It is a well known fact that the Nigeria government under the order of Buhari have brazenly flouted several court orders in Nigeria which had previously granted Nnamdi Kanu bail until they were able to install Justice John Tsoho whom they have been manipulating to the extent of denying Nnamdi Kanu bail even as the urge to send Nnamdi Kanu to jail cannot be farfetched in their eyes.

READ IT HERE: NIGERIA to ECOWAS Court: Hands-off Nnamdi Kanu’s case

It would be very devastating to the image of this court should it allow itself to be ridiculed as a result of the new higher shameful dimension which Nigeria has launched, which is the international manipulation of justice.

 This court should know that contrary to the spurious assertion by Nigerian government that Nnamdi Kanu is trying to evade a non-existing justice in Nigeria, he (Nnamdi Kanu) actually approached this honourable court for the protection of his fundamental Human Rights which Nigerian government is furiously abusing including his over 90days incarceration by Buhari and his henchmen (DSS) and for this court to uphold justice by ruling against his incarceration. As a matter of fact, Nigeria is desperate trying to evade justice by asking this court not to look into their atrocities.

It should be noted that what Nnamdi Kanu is currently passing through in the hands of the tyrannical Nigerian government replicates the faith of thousands of Biafrans who make up 70% out of 80% of prison inmates in Nigeria who are detained without trial by a court of competent jurisdiction, Nnamdi Kanu's travail depicts the magnanimous rate at which the Rights of Biafrans are being abused in Nigeria.

Nigeria as a member State and signatory to ECOWAS norms which include respect to the Fundamental Human Rights of its citizens despite their political affiliations with respect to the Right to Self determination, and respect to the Rule of Law must as a matter of urgency be brought to order and sanctioned for the abuse of such norms.

 The eyes of the whole world is currently on this court as a result of the complaints brought before it pertaining the travail of Nnamdi Kanu(POC) in Nigeria.

The ball is in your court as Biafrans all over the world are earnestly watching and anticipating how this honourable court will resurrect a justice that had long been buried in Nigeria.


  1. Everyone is afraid of Biafra because of the power of truth.

  2. WHY is the whole world afraid of #BIAFRA and #NNAMDIKANU?????

    WHY has the whole world ganged up against the children of Chiukwu Okike Abiama #BIAFRANS???

    ICC delegates have come and gone without saying anything about the killings and atrocities committed against #BIAFRANS by #TyrantBuhari and his joint armed forces.

    #BIAFRANS are doing the needful by letting the whole world know what we are going through in that contraption called Islamic Republic of nigeria but the world has turned blind eyes. And I am asking, are there no more UPRIGHT MEN IN THIS WORLD????

    #BIAFRA need your voices NOW, if you fail to speak out NOW, Don't come to #BIAFRA with your AID when the war starts.

    ECOWAS court, it's your turn NOW to allow JUSTICE to prevail, but I know it is very difficult to get justice in Africa because ALL AFRICAN LEADERS ARE CORRUPT. I therefore will not be surprised if ECOWAS COURT denies #NNAMDIKANU LEADER OF INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA justice. I will not be surprised if ECOWAS COURT DENIES #BIAFRA JUSTICE.

    Long live our beautiful land of the rising sun #BIAFRA


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