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Monday, 9 May 2016



It was indeed a never forgetting and heart piercing interview, granted by the surviving and severely injured victims of Aba High School IPOB protesters, to IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS. Some of the victims are still in a very critical condition, that one would pray they survive their critical conditions. One of the Young victims was helplessly brought to the interview ground, as he held his ribs all through the interview and stressed himself to speak to one's hearing. According to him he is having difficulties to breath. Before proceeding to get him interviewed, he was given an energy booster and Water, to be able to speak, after which his compassionate Nurse who has been aiding in his treatment took over from him. It was gathered by IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS that, over 3000 IPOB protesters were still in the School premises at the early hours of February 9th 2016, and haven't proceeded for protest, before the sporadic shooting and clampdown by the Nigeria combined force team occurred. FAMILY WRITERS also gathered that, the Abia State IPOB coordinator alongside other executives were arrested from the podium while they were addressing the Protesters and upon till today are still unlawfully detained in the Prison without been granted Bail. According to the protesters, they had no arms and were just praying and committing the protest to Chukwuokikeabiama(GOD) in the School premises, before the invasion and shooting.

Let's hear the surviving victims of the Aba High School protest:

-CHUKWUEMEKA MOSES A 19YEAR OLD VICTIM STILL UNDER SEVERE PAIN, WHO WAS GIVING ENERGY BOOSTER ON THE INTERVIEW GROUND AND WAS GASPING FOR BREATHE WHILE FORCING HIMSELF TO SPEAK: "My names are Chukwuemeka Moses and I am 19 of age. I am a Student living in Aba, but I sell Akara to aid my Mum who sells Oil Bean to help pay my School fees and feed the Family as well. We were gathered at Aba High School at about 9:am in the morning praying and I saw armed Police men numbered over 60 surround the School and were watching at us,as if they were waiting for an order from someone to begin operations. We continue praying and praising Chukwuokikeabiama(GOD),then our Leaders started addressing us on how we will move from Aba High School to start the protest. Few minutes later, large number of Hilux invaded the School and I saw Army officers with their camouflage uniforms heavily armed jump down from the Hilux. And immediately they all left the Hiluxes,the Police men who were already in High School watching at us before the arrival of the Army,started teargasing us. And then, the Nigeria Army started shooting sporadically directly aimed at us (The Protesters). I saw the Army officer who shot me at the leg, but I can no longer recongnise his face. I bleeded severely while crying in pains and rolling on the floor, before IPOB protesters rushed to where I was screaming for help and rushed me out of the scene. I was taken to two different Hospitals and they rejected me. The gun shot injury affected my whole body, as I'm in severe pains. I can't breathe properly and I'm losing strength. If I get better and another protest comes up, I will still partake. I am not scared, because I know Biafra must come".

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MABEL THE NURSE TO CHUKWUEMEKA WHO TOOK OVER FROM HIM,AS HE WAS LOOSING STRENGTH AND COULD NO LONGER CONTINUE THE INTERVIEW; " My name is Mabel the nurse who has been handling Chukwuemeka Moses case. After the gun shot, he was taking to Living World Hospital for medication, but was refused medication. And then the IPOB protesters brought him to Blessed Hospital where I work in Aba. Then he was taken to Shiloh Diagnostics where we found out his Femur is 1/3 and our Hospital couldn't take care of his case, as it was too severe. So, he was transferred to Ezeala where he receives treatment. I took it upon myself, to be following his case, even when he was transferred out of the Hospital where I work, out of sympathy because this young Boy is too young to undergo this critical condition. After placing him on drip to regain strength found out he lost his memory and couldn't remember or recognise anything. It took us time and a lot of hardwork to make sure, he regains his memory.  As you can see, he is still undergoing treatment and needs a large sum of Money to recover from this critical condition".


"My names are Chibueze Chukwu and I am 40 of age. I am into Tiling. I joined IPOB because of the marginalisation and intimidation of my people (Biafrans). We were gathered at Aba High School singing and praising God in the field. We were there by 10am rallying with our flags before the invasion of Police, but we continued praying. We were addressed by our Coordinators on how we were going to leave the School and proceed for the protest. About 30 minutes later, the Nigeria Army heavily armed invaded the School and our coordinators were asked to come down from the podium where they were addressing us from and they arrested them. By past 11am the Police that were numbered over 60, started shooting teargas canisters. And then the Army joined them and started releasing gun shots directly at us (protesters). I was shot at the leg. As at the time I got shot couldn't get the feelings and did not notice I was bleeding. I saw teargas drum at my front, jumped it and then ran close to the fence, where I managed to jump outside the scene. After succeeding to leave the scene, I looked at my leg and realised that I have been bleeding profusely. Everywhere was covered with my blood. I then limped and went to the Hospital, but I was rejected because most of the nearby Hospitals have already found out that Nigeria combined force team invaded Aba High School and were acting as people who were given an instruction never to attend or treat any injured IPOB protester that came for treatment. Though, it was not surprising I was denied treatment, because Nigeria is a barbaric country and our Leader Nnamdi Kanu have exposed a lot of their evil. But, my fellow protesters who were scampering for their Lives saw me in front of the hospital and rushed me down to Blessed Hospital where i got treated. Life has been very difficult for me, as I can't feed my Family anymore or train three of my Children who are in the University. I have been depending on my Wife's petty business, which is not enough for the Family. Even as I am suffering, I will not give up. I will partake in any protest until my Leader is freed and Biafra is restored, because I know I will have a good Life when Biafra is restored".

For any assistance to be offered to the victims please contact Family Writers with this email address  [email protected]
Twitter handle: @familywriters1

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  1. May God give you the fortitude to overcome the trauma of your ordeal on that awful day. It is great to have a follow on to the massacre. More should be done showing the pictures of survivors at the protest and what they are doing now. It would add a human touch to the struggle. Brothers, I salute your courage, and hope that I will be able to display half your fearlessness when I face the enemies.


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