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Thursday, 12 May 2016


Engineer Chukwuemeka Iroanya 
Who is Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu? Records show that Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu was born on August 3, 1956 by a Biafran woman named Margaret Ude from Udi in Biafra. Although we cannot confirm who his biological father is, considering that Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu did not give birth to him and never recognized him as the son, but we do know that when his daughter was being given out in marriage, he was not allowed to perform that traditional rite in the family compound of the Ojukwus. The same thing happened when he was politically given a chieftaincy title of ”Akpunwa“. For those who were present at the funeral of Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, they will remember that Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu was never allowed within five hundred feet of the Ojukwu Family compound and so he had to entertain his guests very far from the venue of the event which was several streets away.
As at 1978, it is on records that Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu’s job was loading passengers into luxurious buses as an “Agbero“ at Iddo motor park in Lagos and he was doing this for a company called Emab Motors, who’s owner was from Amichi in Biafraland. He later joined the Nigerian Police but was unceremoniously removed during the tenure of IGP Alhaji Muhammadu Gambo Jimeta. Out of pity and compassion, one of the board members of Ojukwu Transport Limited (OTL) gave him a lifeline by offering him employment at OTL.
On the 20th of January 2013, Dr. Patrick Ike Ojukwu, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, and a Director of Ojukwu Transport Limited was interviewed by Tony Edike of Vanguard Newspaper and he has this to say about Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu:
“The late Ikemba was never married to his mother and never acknowledged him to anyone as his child. He told his people that Emeka Jnr. was his first son (Diokpala) and denied that Sylvester was his child. Ikemba drafted a letter disowning Sylvester and admonished the Obi that awarded Sylvester a chieftaincy title – all these whilst alive. My uncle the engineer, who played a major role in trying to bring the man into the family (against Ikemba’s wish), in whose boy’s quarter Sylvester used to stay in the 70s, who practically gave him the job to manage company property from 1995 to 2007 and to keep 30%, after Sylvester left the Police Force, now describes his support for Sylvester as a huge error. ”
Dr. Patrick Ike Ojukwu further stated thus:
“He [Ikemba] denied that Sylvester was his child. Is it by force? Name one person who can say that Ikemba said to them that Sylvester was his child. There are many that he told that Sylvester was not his child.”
On the 9th of November 2013, Dr. Mark Okpara posed 20 questions to Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu which he has not answered till today and these are the questions:
1. Where is your (Sylvester Ude) birth certificate?
2. Do you have any picture of your `parents' together or their marriage certificate?
3. Any picture of you and Ikemba when you were growing up?
4. Any evidence of Ikemba paying any school fees for you? You went to the Ivory Coast to see Ikemba whilst he was in exile, any photos? No, because you were sent back at the airport!
5. Did Ikemba ever draft a letter disowning you? Do you want it published?
6. Were you ever investigated for corruption in the police—if so when?
7. What was your last transfer in the police, where to and why? Did you go? Why not? How much was in your bank account then?
8. You called Innocent Okafor your father's `trustee'—do you really mean `confidant'?
9. How is Innocent Okafor a member of the Ojukwu family?
10. Have you ever slept under the same roof as Ikemba? If so, when, who can confirm it? Has he ever visited you? When and where?
11. Show us a single letter written to you by Ikemba.
12. How old were you when you started answering Ojukwu?
13. What was your mother to Ikemba? His relatives are willing to testify—ok with you?
14. Have you doctored/forged any document regarding mandate to manage Ojukwu Transport Limited (OTL) property? Do you want it referred to EFCC?
15. Why can your conduct in management of (OTL) property not be described as corrupt/theft/assault/thuggery?
16. Is it true that when Ikemba and his hirelings came to evict you from 13 Alexander/Ojora Rd you ran away abandoning your wife and children?
17. Have you ever given money to Emeka Jnr/Bianca?
18. Did you ever see Ikemba's body after he died? Show receipt of any expenditure when Ikemba was abroad.
19. Do you not care about your wife, children and grandchildren knowing that you are accused of being a bastard and a thief? Is 30% for 12 years not enough?
20. Have you heard of the saying: `every day for the thief, one day for the owner'?
This, in a nutshell, is Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu, an impostor and a fraud who is yet to locate his biological father. Again Biafrans, CAVEAT EMPTOR when dealing with this fraud!!!
Barrister Emma Nmezu & Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Spokespersons for IPOB 

Chinwe Korie, Reporting

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