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Thursday, 12 May 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Buhari's recent outburst that he would rather die than see Biafra restored has once again exposed his true evil features to the entire world. Civilised people across the world are beginning to ask questions whether Nigerians were actually under spell when they elected this symbol of bigotry, cluelessness and recklessness as their President. Even his best friend David Cameron- the British Prime Minister has turned around to call him a "fantastically corrupt" President.

At Buhari's age, one would have thought that by now he would asking for forgiveness for the atrocities he committed against Biafrans during his youthful days in the military and as a military Head of State especially his magnanimous role during the Biafra genocide of 1966-1970, but the reverse is the case as he has ended up advertising to the entire world that his age is directly proportional to his murderous and terrorism tendencies. Buhari's resolve to rather die than see the emergence of Biafra shows that he has the gene of Boko Haram in him because Boko Haram are the only ones who are ready to commit suicide just to accomplish their goals.

Anytime i hear Buhari commenting on the issue of Biafra be it in Nigeria or in a foreign land, i always laugh because i know the old man is exploding another blunder of insanity. One begins to wonder if he has any sensible advisers at all or if he is actually under a spell.

 I don't pity Buhari, i'm worried for innocent Nigerians whom he is leading to a bottomless pit and who will be subjected to unfathomable sufferings just because of his blunders and visionless leadership.

One of the most astonishing things about Buhari's latest outburst on Biafra agitation is that he actually threatened Biafra activists with another genocide by reminding us that even though he jointly killed over 2million of our people during the war, he is ready to break such record by killing many more inorder to maintain a never existing " unity of Nigeria.

Buhari's lack of vision has made him to underestimate the resolve of this generation of Biafrans and this will lead to his catastrophic downfall should he try igniting another war in Nigeria again. He should know that if our fathers only fought for our freedom for only three years, Biafrans are ever ready to hold Nigeria to ransom forever should Buhari and his cohorts ignite the fire.

Buhari have every reason to be afraid because this generation of Biafrans he is seeing is not the same he saw. We have come to avenge for those he admitted to have massacred during the war. Our resolve is unshakeable because we are desperate to prove to our heroes who died for us to live that their death can never be in vain. Buhari should know that the spirit of Biafra has risen in us and never to be defeated or subdued again. The bullet of Buhari's genocidal soldiers and the incarceration of Biafrans can never quench the burning fire of freedom in us.

Buhari should know that the slogan of Biafrans which is "BIAFRA OR DEATH" did not originate from mouth diarrhea of which he and his cohorts are suffering from. To us, it is better to die for Biafra than to live in bondage in Nigeria.

Biafra is a moving train and Buhari is too small to stop it. Buhari's life or death has nothing to add to the restoration of Biafra, so i will rather advise him to be wiser in his decisions because Nigeria or her unity is not worth dying for, and perhaps millions of Biafrans whom he killed and ordered the massacre of their loved ones won't find it an abnormal thing celebrating his death.

The episodes of what happened to Pharoah and his cohorts when the Israelites were about ending their slavery in Egypt is playing itself out in Nigeria once again.

1 comment

  1. Excellent and powerful piece. Buhari is just an evil and wicked human-being. Biafrans must teach him a big lesson. He thinks he can crush a people of 70 to 80 million. He must be living in fool’s paradise. It’s very sad that Nigeria – so called giant of Africa elected a man who has no coherence when he speaks and does not reason at all even in international circles. He’s bringing such a shame and disgrace to Nigerians as a whole. Biafrans must liberate themselves from this stupidity and foolishness.


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