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Saturday, 21 May 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

For Family writers

The renowned professor at Greenwich University London Efobi Ifeanyi has reacted to the lawlessness and insensitivity of Buhari’s government and termed it ‘the worst government in the history of West Africa. He was tensed that law has been bent and abused in Nigeria, as a Doctor in law; he finds it unbelievable what is going on in Nigeria. He questioned the legal system in Nigeria and frowned at the excessiveness of the executive which has narrowed the judiciary to nothing.

Reacting to the fuel pump hike and the planned strike by the NLC, he held that it is evil to call for negotiation and still go to court to secure phantom  court injunction to deny people their constitutional right of saying ‘no’ to a policy they don’t want. His words “Nigeria is in a very big mess, you hike the fuel pump price at the detriment of the people already in suffering. You again talk of palliative measures that ought to come before the action so it would cushion the effect of the hike. How can one put one in a sorry state and still tell one I am planning palliative measures to get you out of it? The whole thing will lead to anarchy, you just called the NLC to a table and you went at their back to secure court injunction to deny them their constitutional right. What is the judiciary doing in Nigeria and why must the government cage the people to the extent that they cannot talk or express their selves. Is this a military rule?” he questioned angrily.

Responding to the incessant arrest and incarceration of people and the said anti-corruption; he questioned Buhari’s integrity and dignity. “He Buhari was the second in command to Abacha, they looted the country mercilessly. Buhari ran to the defense of his colleague when he boldly said that Abacha stole no money. He has no moral locus-stand to arrest people. What happens in a military rule is happening today, he prefers to bundle people into the prison than charge them to court. Buhari is a dictator and if nothing is done, something will befall Nigeria and they Nigerians can never get out of it”

Femi Fani Kayode was arrested and incarcerated despite meeting bail conditions, this is a man Buhari perceives as enemy and in a desperate bid to silence the opposition, he takes them in and molest them with DSS to a point he would silence them or they get trumped up charges that will keep them in detention. “You see Fani Kayode, these things will eventually backfire on Buhari, people are watching and he is flouting court orders and manipulating the judges as he is manipulating Tsoho against Nnamdi Kanu. Time is coming when he would be opposed and I tell you, anarchy is in sight”

He however reiterated his position that Justice John Tsoho must be boycotted, he must not preside over Kanu’s case for any reason whatsoever “If a judge can give a ruling that there won’t be secret trial today and come back tomorrow to overrule or contradict that same ruling by himself, then that man is not worthy of the title ‘Justice’. ECOWAS court justices have never failed and they should be anchored for justice to prevail. There you will see justice without interference dispensing”
He posited that as Doctor in law- a professor of law, he has never witnessed or imagined the strange and unethical procedures Kanu’s case has been subjected to.  He decried the disrespect and disorderliness that has characterized the matter. “As for Nnamdi Kanu’s case, it is nothing but persecution as everything is driven by Buhari through Tsoho who does the dirty jobs for the government”

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