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Sunday, 29 May 2016



As Biafra Heroes Day is fast approaching, the Indigenous People Of Biafra are whole heartedly awaiting May 30th to honour the Biafra Veterans and Heroes past. IBEH GIFT AMARACHI of FAMILY WRITERS made her way to IKOT-AKPAN OBONG IN IBIONO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF AKWA-IBOM STATE, to visit the 'Family and Tomb' Of Late General Philip Effiong who resumed office as the Second in Command Of Biafra,on 30 May 1967 during the Nigeria-Biafra War and lasted in office as the Vice President of Biafra until 8th January 1970,when he became Head Of State Of Biafra.

 Reporting by IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS from IKOT-AKPAN OBONG IN IBIONO IBOM LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF AKWA-IBOM STATE; as May 30th 2016 the Biafran Heroes day which is also the 50th anniversary is drawing near, the memories of our Biafran Heroes past got so refreshed in my memory like an open fresh wound. While pondering on our Heroes past, the thoughts of the Biafran veteran Late General Phillip Effiong who was born on the 18th November 1925 and died on 6th November 2003 at the age of 78, struck my heart. And i deemed it fit to visit his Family in his hometown Ikot-Akpan Obong In Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area and also his Tomb built just a kilometre away from his home.

 One of the motivating thought of interest about General Phillip Effiong,is the fact that, he is from Akwa-Ibom State, thus is a none-Igbo Speaking Biafran. His gallantness and dedication to free Biafrans from Britain and their creation Nigeria prove that the Biafra struggle is not an Igbo quest. It further exposes the fact that, the creation of South-South, is just a divide and Rule tactics masterminded by Britain and executed by the Politicians of the Northern Protectorate.

 While moving down to the Late General Phillip Effiongs hometown and the Driver was about taking a sharp turn towards the route to his hometown, which is just a Three minutes drive from the turning point, something captured my eyes and I deemed it fit to demand that the driver should stop at the spot. What I saw exposed a lot, on the way the Hausa/Fulani people have invaded Biafra Land and as well steal the natural resources from BiafraLand. I saw Tanks, Drums and Cans filled with Palm Oil, obviously meant for export. And then when I looked further I saw young men pouring palm oil in the Cans. What was more surprising is the fact that, they are all Hausa/Fulani Men who spoke in their languages, exporting palm oil produced in Akwa-Ibom State. Then a lot of questions went through my mind. WHY IS HAUSA/FULANI SO MUCH INTERESTED IN THE NATURAL RESOURCES IN BIAFRALAND? HOW CAN THEY COME INTO AKWA-IBOM TO BOLDLY EXPORT PALM OIL, THEREBY MAKING IT UNAVAILABLE AND EXPENSIVE FOR THE OWNERS? PALM OIL PRODUCTION IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO CREATE EMPLOYMENT FOR BIAFRA YOUTHS, WHY THEN ARE HAUSA/FULANI INCHARGE OF THE EXPORTATION OF THE PALM OIL PRODUCED IN AKWA-IBOM STATE?
 After taking records of such obvious subjugating act of the Hausa/Fulani's, which is presently carried out just a stone throw away from Late General Phillip Effiongs Home town,we then proceeded to his hometown.

 His biological children are based abroad,as living outside the artificial creation called Nigeria, is safer. But, the present most Eldest of the Effiong's Family and his other extended Family members, are still struggling to survive in the village.
To be candid I was actually expecting to see a very standard erupted Building owned by our Veteran, but on the contrary such was not seen. Late General Phillip Effiong have a very large extended Family, but they are obviously suffering from hardship as a result of total neglect by the Nigeria Government, as passionate hatred has been extended to his Family, since anyone who strongly believes in the Sovereignty of Biafra is considered an enemy to the Nigeria Government.
It was indeed a surprise visit to the Family, as they expressed huge surprise and excitement knowing that they are still remembered by Biafrans. They stated they have been abandoned by the Nigeria Government ever since the Nigeria-Biafra War ended in 1970.

Mr Uwem Asuquo Ekanem Effiong,the Brother and currently the Eldest of Late General Phillip Effiongs Family who was with Phillip Effiongs Father at Ikot-Ekpene in Akwa-Ibom State during the Nigeria-Biafra war in 1967-1970,in the interview he granted me, expressed his negative feelings over the neglect and total disdain by the Nigeria Government. In his words; “NIGERIA GOVERNMENT HAVE SHOWN PASSIONATE HATRED TOWARDS THIS FAMILY. THEY HAVE NEGLECTED US, TO TELL YOU WE ARE INDEED SUFFERING. THAT IS WHY MY BROTHER'S CHILDREN, PREFERS LIVING ABROAD, LATE PHILLIP EFFIONG WAS A GREAT MAN, WHO GAVE HIS ALL FOR HIS PEOPLE. AS A MATTER OF FACT, HE DID NOT ERUPT A BUILDING HERE. THE NIGERIA GOVERNMENT HAS SHOWN HUGE HATRED TOWARDS US. INFACT, THIS ONE NIGERIA IDEA IS NOT WORKING". 

 Seeing the state of the Great Biafra Veterans Family, it became more factual that the Nigeria Government have intense hatred towards Biafrans. But,this is totally on the contrary when it comes to the Nigeria Soldiers who committed genocide against Biafrans during the war. General Gowon the Chief Genocidist who led the war against Biafrans,is living in his mansions worth billions of Naira. General Obasanjo the Former President Of Nigeria,Muhammadu Buhari the current President of Nigeria and a host of others, are comfortably living luxurious life, from Money stolen from BiafraLand,which can cause tsunami if mentioned and transfers it to Britain that operates Nigeria Looting Banks, where the stolen Money are kept for the development of Britain.

 Late General Phillip Effiong gave his all, to Biafrans during the War. In 1996, General Phillip Effiong stated; "I Have No Regrets Whatsoever Of My Involvement In Biafra Or The Role I Played. The War Deprived Me Of My Property, Dignity And Name. Yet,I Have Saved So Many Souls".
As Nigeria Government pretentiously preach 'One Nigeria’, passionate hatred has been extended not only to the Biafra veterans, but their Children and even the unborn. It is of great importance and necessity to state that, not only the Famiy of Late General Phillip Effiong is been neglected, other Biafran war veterans are suffering from same neglect.
 Nigeria a country where Unity is pretentiously preached is obviously not practicing what she preaches. Based on this visit, I ran into conclusion that, the so called One Nigeria Is a mirage. The Nations forced into Nigeria according to Federick Lugard her creator, is incompatible. The South and North are indeed, like Oil and Water that can’t mix up. No matter the act of pretence, it is obviously not working, hence the forced Nations in it, should be allowed to go their separate ways, since every Indigenous People have the right to Self-Determination.

 After the interview, I moved down to his Tomb. Late General Phillip Effiong died on the 6th of November 2003. While I was working to the Graveside of the Great Legend Phillip Effiong, I felt Greatness hovering around there. He was buried at Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area Secretariat. Indeed the Great General Phillip Effiong,will not be forgotten by Biafrans and as Biafrans commemorates the Heroes day, we duff our hat in respect to this Great veteran.


  1. Nwada, What an excellent write up. Though the experience can be emotional but you managed to supress the emotional side of it in your narative. Therefore, you were able to present the information very well to the world. Your action is commendable.

  2. I am the second son of late Gen. Philip Efiong. You have got a lot wrong about his nuclear and extended family. Please sensitivity requires that you get your facts straight, especially when making them public.


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