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Tuesday, 24 May 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

Just like anything born of a woman or created by man has a life span, Nigeria is currently facing the most difficult and indispensable period of her life span-

The cycle of an artificial creation is coming to an end,

and her agonal respiration is becoming quite unbearable.

  Sometime ago, I had to say-

"Nigeria is an expired product and those patronising her are as good as people patronising expired goods".

While some people agreed to this notion, others took swipes at me for such 'an unpatriotic figurative language'.

No matter what people said,

I certainly knew that I am right by my inspirational outburst.

I knew that the people opposing me are same as those who are afraid of death,

 but can't dispute the inevitability of playing host to it someday.

 One of them wrote to me recently and said-

 "Paul, you've been right all along,

 Nigeria is a f**king damn shit right now."

  Nigeria is grasping for breath at a time when her oxygen is slipping away from her;

This is just a manifestation of the prophecy of doom,

for the 'half-casted Goliath of Africa'.

Born out of the love affair of the British couple,

and the quest to have the people under control-

Biafrans are the oxygen that had kept Nigeria alive ever since.

The irony is that Nigeria have continued to jeopardise and abuse the essentiality of what kept her going-

From immense natural resources to an astonishing human resources.

Biafrans had been the salt of Nigeria,

but she has spilled the salt away and trashed upon it.

This entity has lost her salt,

 and its only a matter of time before the rest of the world spit her away.

Sadling upon the blood of the innocents,

She has been cursed to wonder from bad to worse leaders;

Feasting at the incarceration of the truth,

Her tormentations will never cease;

Her predicaments seems irredeemable,

Cos' the mountain of repentance seems unattainable.

The British treasure in Africa is grasping for respiration,

she is currently living under a mechanical ventilation,

and inoculated with an endotracheal intubation.

Uncertainty surrounds her existence,

for the agony of her survival is limitless.

Those who have seen the truth are making haste while the sun shines,

while those who can't absorb the truth are waiting for the house to collapse on them.

We've got a lesson to learn-

No man has a power to create a Nation,

just as no man has the power to subjugate an entire Nation.

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