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Saturday, 14 May 2016



Published By Family Writers

Apart from obviously failing in the knowledge, application, and deployment, the Buhari/APC presidency also lacks knowledge in the rudiments of the English Language. David Cameron said and I quote, "Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"! That is present tense! David Cameron didn't say, Nigeria 'was' fantastically corrupt. Shehu Garba shouldn't have tried to imply that Cameron was referring to the past. You have £1 million in the bank, your daughters attend expensive foreign schools in the UK, fly 1st Class ....

 And you think David Cameron does not know...!? And does not know the difference in using a present tense, "is", from when to use a past tense, "was"!? Hilarious!

Buhari, When you said you borrowed N27 million naira to buy presidential nomination form, and your wife donates N137 million naira! ... And you think David Cameron does not know?

When you sign a heavily padded 2016 budget, and submit same for NASS approval ... And you think David Cameron does not know? When you inherited $30 billion dollars reserve in treasury, and you said that your country is broke ... And you think David Cameron does not know?

When your presidency allegedly claims it has recovered hundreds of billions of dollars from 'looters' ... and you are globetrotting round the world to borrow $2 billion / $6 billion dollars ... And you think that David Cameron does not know?

When you deceptively said you will publicly declare your assets, and encourage your aides/cabinet to do same? ... you now decline to say that you will not declare your assets publicly

... And you think David Cameron does not know?

When you said there will be no office of the first lady, of the president ... but there is office of for your wife as the 1st lady ... And you think David Cameron does not know?

When donations of the launch of beauty book by office of the wife of the president, were secretly done ... And you think that David Cameron does not know?

When the wife of the president allegedly bought $22 million dollars at official rate of N197 per dollar, and sold same at black market rate of N322 per dollar. HOW WAS THIS PURCHASE FUNDED? ... And you think David Cameron does not know?

When you are an uneducated illiterate, with forged WAEC certificate ... and has not improved yourself for 30 years ... And you think that David Cameron does not know?

- Disregard for rule of law. - Disregard court orders - Rig elections against the people's voting will - Intimidate and harass opposition via EFCC, and DSS with deceitful corruption fight - Impede on freedom of press, and freedom of speech. -Silent on ethnic cleansing of communities eg Agatu, Enugu, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Taraba, Rivers State, etc - Offer negotiation to Boko haram terrorists - Give amnesty to boko haram terrorists - Proposing constitutional bills (grazing reserve bill), for terrorists Hausa-Fulani herdsmen murderers, to the detriment of other ethnicities, tribes, and sections of Nigeria -Encouraging genocide by ordering military bombardment of SouthSouth Calabar Nigeria, killing scores of people including women and children. - Orders the massacre of unarmed peaceful demonstrators, agitating for self determination. - Lopsided appointments favouring your kinsman, with obvious and complete exclusion of SouthEast ... and other divisive administration AND YOU THINK DAVID CAMERON DOES NOT KNOW?

Was it not in London that $2.8 billion dollars NNPC money allegedly got missing around 1979? Was this money ever returned? Buhari cannot keep deceiving the world and trying to play innocent!!!!!

Unlike Nigeria, British government keeps records. THE WORLD IS NOT FOOLED WITH 'HIS' DECIETFUL CORRUPTION FIGHT ...

Buhari, David Cameron was not referring to the past when he said “Nigeria is fantastically corrupt” he was referring to your government. I know you are an illiterate and won't understand the difference between past and present tense, so just ask those in your corrupt cabinets to explain to you since some of them are more enlightened than you.

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