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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thou Shall not Underestimate the New Generation of Biafra.

Thou Shall not Underestimate the New Generation of Biafra.

By Chukwudi Mufti
For Family Writers.

An adage in one Biafran language states that through the smell of the fart- mess that it should be known what the faeces/shit will look like.

They also said that a child that does like his father does no bad because an elephant must beget an elephant and lion must beget lion. These two adages I drop for matured minds to examine before talking about today's Biafra agitation. They have forgotten that we are the children of those that fought Nigeria with bare hands for three long years.

I even forgot a statement "the country that can produce ogbunigwe within two months of its existence must be feared"

All these I said because of Buhari's underestimation of our agitation claiming that we were not born during the war; and some of our elders that always glamour that youths of today doesn't know what happened during the war, that we can't stand it, that a child that witness a settled fight must be looking for someone to fight with. But I don't agree with them.

Are they not the one that said that a thing born by a snake must be long? Is the blood that runs in them not the same with ours, or are they trying to say that the race of life ends with them?

Every war is a terror- terror of unknown-doom -uncertainties, in short, all wars are the product of uncertainties impregnated by uncertainty and the result definitely will be uncertain.

Some wars start like a dream, some bursts and quench but what mouth called war is war. People die in a war, people survives war but all the same, not everybody will die and not everybody will survive in a war.

I give kudos to our fathers but I hate it when they say that we can't do what they did 50 years ago. It’s a statement that underrates a nation, that what they did in their primitive days that at this modern age we won't surpass them. The statement always draws madness to me anytime I hear it.

Why did Biafrans name their children Azubuike, Azubuogu e.t.c. The namers of these name believed that their generation shall be stronger than they, in order words fight the fight that they have started. The namers of those names concede that you may defeat them but not those that are coming after them.

Why then will our elders keep talking about what they witness that we can't stand it?

Why will they be giving the illiterate Buhari and Nizoorians the motive to underrate us?

It is true that our dear fathers suffered but they must understand that the same trait in them is the same in us in a modernized form because what we know, they don't know, what we can do, they can't do. They may be thinking on how difficult it was for them to produce their ammunition; but they don't know what we are up to. What we are up to is our own private business.

Louis Amstrong has it "I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, they learn much more that I never know. Then I said to myself, what a wonderful world"

I'm not saying that our fathers did not try, no, that's not what I mean. I always give kudos with a high spirit to them- they are the best during their days. But I wish they will give us their blessings with a pronunciation that what they could not achieve that we shall achieve.

It is true that they fought nearly with bare hands with empty stomach. Empty stomach itself is a great threat to human life talk more of war period. They went through all these, yes, I know, but they have no choice. They have different carriers and occupations but they all turned to soldiers to defend their nation. I agree that they suffer but demoting us to them is what I disagree.

Nigeria should know that we are the children of those that fought the first war with bare hands for three long years.

Nigeria should know that they are not going to fight those that resisted them for three long years but their children who have traveled wild and have acquired vast knowledge that this modern age has exhibited.

Nigeria should know that six million of us dead during the war have reincarnated and they are on a high pace to crush anything that stands their way to the freedom they died fighting for. The more you kill them, the more they multiply.

Nigeria and Buhari should know that these generations of Biafrans are spirits. We have come in peace and pieces. Our assurance to Buhari and Enemies Of Biafra (EOB) is that they will all die the day we shall hoist our flag high to worship Chukwu Okike Abiamah.

Nigeria should also know that we have been sleeping, not dead, only sleeping, but today we have risen not only with our feet but with our brain.

Nigeria should know that nothing can crush the mind of a determined people. Nnamdi Kanu has liberated our minds, our bodies & our souls. Surely, we shall not turn back.

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