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Sunday, 8 May 2016



It was indeed a reviewing and touching investigative exclusive interview, by IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS, alongside with an International Media Team, as first hand detailed information was gotten from the victims of the sporadic shooting carried out by the Nigeria combined force team against IPOB. After leaving the airport and beating the heavy traffic jam in PortHarcourt Rivers State Biafra Land,IBEH GIFT AMARACHI OF FAMILY WRITERS got some few amongst 13 of the injured victims of IPOB protest present at the gathering where the interview was conducted, as a pre-information was passed to the victims to gather before our arrival and interview. It was gathered that some of the victims sustained severe injuries through gunshots, teargas Canisters, Battering and other hostile acts by the Nigeria combined force team. Some of the injured protesters had lifetime injuries, as one of them lost his leg and the other his eyes. FAMILY WRITERS also gathered that, the IPOB Protesters from various part of Port Harcourt had different meeting spot before conveying for the protest.

   Let's hear the victims:

-MR ONYEAMECHI AMARACHI A 33YRS AMPUTEE WHO LOST HIS LEG AFTER BEEN SHOT DURING THE PORTHARCOURT IPOB PROTEST- "My names are Onyeamechi Amarachi and I am 33years of age. I am a Welder with a Wife and Three Children. I am one of the victims of IPOB Peaceful Protest that took place in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) Rivers State on the 10th of November 2015. I and other IPOB protesters were chanting Freedom Songs, with Placards written "FREE NNAMDI KANU AND FREE BIAFRA". We were not armed and had nothing except The Biafra Flag and Placards, as we moved from a place called Imo River to Timber in Obigbo Local Government Area Rivers State BiafraLand. At about 12pm when we got to AP Filling Station,I saw large numbers of Nigeria combined Force Team heavily armed with various Force Uniforms that landed with over 30 Hilux Vans and immediately they approached us, they started shooting Teargas directly at us(The Protesters) without any pre information. They shot a lot of Teargas canisters and while we were trying to run for safety, they started shooting directly at us with their guns. It was so intensified that, we were gasping for breath and at the same time trying to save our Lives from gun shots.

I was shot at the Knee and fell on the ground. As I helplessly stayed on the floor shouting and bleeding, some of my Brothers who were also protesting alongside with me, took the risk and ran to where I was lying on and rushed me out of the scene, while I was still hearing gun shots and cries of other victims. I was taken to WISDOM HOSPITAL in Obigbo Rivers State, but Wisdom Hospital refused treating me, because I don't have a Police report. And then I was rushed down to HERITAGE HOSPITAL, where I was given First aid and I received treatment for One Month and Three Days. The severity of the injury I sustained was so much and Heritage Hospital advised I moved down to PRIME HOSPITAL where I was later transferred to, spent Six Months and got my Leg Amputated. The IPOB Igweocha(IPOB PORTHARCOURT) Welfare representative Mr. ThankGOD and Igweocha COORDINATOR Mr. DENIS TOLOFARI and other IPOB Brothers has never failed to take care of me and my Medical Bills. Over One Million Naira was chanelled to my Medical Bills. Ever since I got my leg amputated, Life has been very difficult for me and my Family. I can't work anymore to feed my Family, as it’s difficult to make use of one leg and clutches to work and feed my Wife and Three Children. It is more painful to know that, ever since I got shot by the Nigeria Force Men, the Federal Government of Nigeria have not deemed it fit to write against or see to my painful devastating condition. I want the International Community to boldly come out and make sure Biafra is restored, because the marginalization, Killing and Mayhem against Biafrans is beyond human imagination. Biafra and Nigeria are not the same. We are totally different. Biafrans respect human Lifes, but that of Hausa/Fulani and Nigeria at large does not. I want the World to know that, despite my amputated leg, I will not get deterred on this struggle until Biafra is restored. If another protest is organised by IPOB, I will partake until my Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is freed and Biafra is restored".

-PAULINUS UWAGA AN INJURED IPOB PROTESTER WHO GOT SHOT ON THE LEG: "My names are Mr Paulinus Uwaga. I am married with Six Children. I joined IPOB because of the marginalisation of my people. I was among the IPOB protesters who were shot on the 10th of November 2015, while we were peacefully protesting at Shell RA PortHarcourt. We were just chanting and singing Freedom Songs with our placards with various inscriptions demanding for the freedom of the detained Leader of Ipob and Biafra Nation. All of a sudden, I saw armed Nigeria combined force team approaching us with Hilux Vans,Armoured Cars and then they started shooting Teargas and at thesame time releasing Gunshots directly at us(Ipob Protesters) without a preinformation. I saw Police Men with Navy Blue and Black Uniforms, Army Officers with Camouflage I was shot at my Leg and was rolling on the floor due to the pains, until I was rescued by IPOB protesters and then I lost consciousness. I was told I was taken to a Hospital that couldn't give me first aid, before rushing me to St Martins Hospital at Stadium Road PortHarcourt. When I gained consciousness, I found myself in St Martins Hospital Stadium Road where over Four Hundred Thousand Naira was paid for my Medical Bills. I can't meet up with the School Fees of my Six Children and aswell take care of other Family issues. To tell you, I will protest if my strength can carry me and I will not stop until my Leader is freed and Biafra is restored. I am calling on the International Community to help the Indigenous People of Biafra towards the agitation for our Nation Biafra. We need the help of the International community to get out of this contraption called Nigeria, where Human right is been violated with impunity".

-UGO JIREH A PROTESTER WHO WAS SHOT IN THE EYES WITH A TEARGAS CANISTER: "My names are Ugo Jireh and I am an Automobile Engineer. I was one of the Peaceful protesters who protested on 10th November 2015. We were flying the Biafra Flag and were demanding for the release of our Director Nnamdi Kanu and as well chanting Freedom Songs. Immediately we got to 1st Artillery in PortHarcourt Rivers State, a combined heavily Nigeria Force Team came close to us with Hilux Vans and Armoured Vehicles, teargasing and shooting at us at the same time. I was shot in the eyes and after that, my eyes were very dark and I wasn't able to see anymore. I only heard gun shots. I was rushed to University Of PortHarcourt Teaching Hospital Port Harcourt (UPTH) by my fellow protesters. The teargas drum blew up my eyeball and an eye surgery was carried out on me. I spent Four Months in the Hospital and my injury has really affected my business, as the pains cannot allow me work effectively".

-CHINEDU IWU A 26Year OLD IPOB PROTESTER WHO WAS SHOT ON THE KNEE: "My names are Chinedu Iwu, I am 26years of age. I was a Student but dropped at Primary Six,due to my Family Couldn't afford paying my School Fees. After dropping out from School, I decided to go to Driving School and I became a Driver. While we were peacefully protesting at Obigbo Express here in Rivers State, I saw Nigeria combined Force Team and they opened fire at us. The Nigeria Army Officers I saw, where all masked including the Man that shot me. I couldn't get the name of the Army Officer who shot me, but he shot me on the knee at a very close range. He actually aimed for my knee and got it shot. I also saw some of my fellow protesters who were battered and forced into the Hilux Vans the combined Force team came with. I was rushed to WISDOM HOSPITAL by my fellow protesters, where the Doctor demanded for Emergency Card at the cost of #2500. After collecting the #2500 they demanded for Police Report and we told them I have none and so they asked me to leave the Hospital even while I was bleeding severely. My IPOB Brothers had to take me to a nearby Police Station for a Police report and then took me to another Hospital called Robert Hospital in Obigbo where i received treatment for a month. I was then taken to Rumueme Traditional Hospital where #100,000 was paid for Emergency Card and after my treatment #200,000 was paid as my Medical Bill in Rumueme. I spent over #550,000 as my total Medical Bill and still need about #750,000 for another surgery that will be carried out on my knee. The Federal Government of Nigeria kept mute over my condition and supported the shooting of unarmed protesters. But, I want them to know that, if any other IPOB protest comes up will not fail to participate until my Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released and Biafra is restored".

For those who will like to assist the victims in whatever way please contact Family Writers with this email address  [email protected]
Twitter handle: @familywriters1

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