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Tuesday 28 June 2016



After a complex and extensive investigation independently carried out by Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers, it is clear that the killing in Ogun and a community in Lagos state was staged by Buhari’s government to destroy the image of Avengers and label them terrorist groups. Avengers have received sympathy across the world and support which has made it impossible for Buhari to engage them gruesomely. This sympathy has played a vital role in arming the militant groups and international communities’ declining any form of appeal from Buhari to assist in confronting them.

The Avengers who are known for the destruction of government facilities and oil installations had never in the past engaged in killing of innocent citizens rather the citizens are protected by them. In most recent time since the hostility renewed across the Niger part of Biafra, the Niger Delta Avengers who has been in the forefront of the agitation for the release of Nnamdi Kanu has abstained from touching security outfits let alone hurting innocent citizens. In their numerous press statements, they have affirmed that no blood will be spilled and regretted purported invasion of Nigerian military which would hurt innocent citizens as the military cannot do anything to them.

Junai Muhammed has called on the president to treat the Niger Delta militants the same way he is treating Boko haram, a call seen as a product of bigotry. Muhammadu Buhari had threatened from India that he would treat the militants like Boko haram and promised to take them to their early graves. The cultural group, Arewa conservative forum has also pleaded that Niger Delta militants be confronted with full military might. It is clear that a section of Nigeria is calling for annihilation of the people of Biafra and not minding the consequences.

On the political stage, some Northern politicians have mindlessly made some conflicting comments indicating the level of their interest in the resources being lifted at the detriment of the people of Biafra across the Niger. Some have argued that the oil in Biafra land belongs to Jigawa state while in some quarters it was generalized that the resource in Biafra belongs to all Nigerians. In line with Usman Danfodio’s legacy to see south as a conquered territory, the present crop of Northern leaders are hell bent to carry on with the legacy.
Except the Indigenous People of Biafra, Annkio Briggs has been the only outspoken activist from a neutral perspective fighting relentlessly against political encroachment of the Niger part of Biafra. She has been accused of not supporting her people in an effort to demoralize the agitation going on in that part of Biafra. There is no disputing to the fact that Niger Delta Avengers have proved beyond military approach and now there is a premeditated campaign to destroy the image of the armed agitators so as to withdraw sympathy and instigate them against the people and world.
A reliable source to the Niger Delta Avengers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers over the phone was astonished at the report of killing citizens by Niger Delta Avengers in Ogun and Lagos.  “Who on earth that reported that arranged that with enemies of our agitators because we are Avengers fighting to save the people from politicians and never to hurt them” he spoke extensively on the need for the world to know that Niger Delta militants are fighting a just cause, all they want is justice and freedom and that anything outside justice and freedom is not their mandate.
Differently speaking further on the development, a male voice who identified as member of Niger Delta militants said “Believe you me, nobody will believe them, we are here operating and somebody staged killing of people in Lagos and you say they are militants, they kill in Ogun, you call them militants, they kill in Adamawa you call them militants but here in Biafra land, no militant is killing anybody. I want to categorically tell you, we Niger Delta militants will come against anybody or group that takes away innocent lives of our people. What we are fighting for is to save our people and not to kill innocent people and we are against the government because they kill and arrest innocent people” he strictly warned.

It is however on record that Niger Delta militants have never involved in any form of killing, so it was disturbing since the news of militants raiding communities broke out. A local security expert who does not want his name in print noted “The people killing cannot be militants because that is not their trademark. That they came with boat does not make them militants, that they dressed in camouflage does not make them militants. If militants do such thing, then Delta state, Imo, Porthacourt, Bayelsa will be at the front burner”
A resident of Ikorodu who spoke to Ifeanyi Chijioke and identified as a member of IPOB in Lagos said he is an eye witness gave his version “These people are not militants but gang of armed robbers, where is the pipeline they are bombing here? They are either trying to frame Militants or attacking in guise of militants. Militants are revered by the people and they cannot rightly kill people for nothing”
An Ijaw leader who spoke in defense of the Militants but strictly pleaded that he doesn’t want to associate with Biafra media but working underground for Biafra warned Buhari to steer clear from the Niger part of Biafra or face the consequences. “Buhari must understand that we are now one Eastern region, he cannot win this fight he is planning at all cost because it would be a civil war. He cannot stage people to kill innocent people and say they are militants just to instigate world leaders and people against us. He finds it easy to kill for his ambition; he used Boko haram and killed thousands for our brother to give him power. He is again killing innocent people to instigate the people against us; militants don’t kill but only agitate”
As this trend has received negligence because nobody was aware it was a strategic plan to instigate people against the militants. It is now very crucial for Buhari to desist from this plan as it would not work the way his political ambition worked with Boko haram. Time has come when innocent people must not be used to achieve ambitions or execute plans

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