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Wednesday, 15 June 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

For Family Writers

Having conducted a comprehensive investigation as directed by the leadership of IPOB in Biafra land relating to the accusation made against one Mr Asha, it is therefore paramount to explicitly bring to the knowledge of IPOB leadership what is real and what is unreal.

As a pro-Biafra journalist, I am very much aware that the banner of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains to be whither than white and wither than snow. This investigation is highly propelled by the banner and devoid of favoritism. It is my moral responsibility to establish facts and bring light where there is darkness.
The man in question, one Mr Asha is a politician, he is a core APGA chieftain and responsible for the IGR of his local government. He is the former chairman of his local government and resides at Nkpor. The man was accused of possessing assault arms used by Hausa Fulani against Biafrans. He was accused of harboring or keeping Hausa\Fulani herdsmen that wreck havoc on Biafrans and he was also accused of aiding the Governor of Anambra state in arresting and executing Biafrans, which in its entirety he denied.
Investigations have it that there have been issues going on in Nkpor main market over tax payment. The market leadership had agreed to pay a tax as levied by the state government but the market women in that same market kicked against the tax, they said they won’t pay the tax. The women who formed their leadership to protect women interest was opposed by some women. Investigation has it that there are factions.

Since 2012, the matter has been on which included two cases of criminal matter before the court and fundamental human right suit as well and variously filed by both parties. There have been protests and legal battle between the women and the government which the Mr Asha represents at the capacity of a supervisor. There have been arrests and assaults, direct actions and confrontations. The whole thing can be summed up as issue between the government and Nkpor market women.
There is the likelihood that the matter has been hijacked by some persons to involve radio Biafra and use the opportunity of Anambra state governor’s murderous nature to fight Mr Asha. Speaking to me, Mr Asha noted that he is innocent of the accusations; he noted that some people in the community are trying to destroy him. “I can tell you that I don’t have any Hausa\Fulani here, I don’t have any ammunition and I didn’t support or arrest anyone here. I was who called the governor to meet IPOB victims and pay their bills etc. even though IPOB rejected the Governor but this is to show you that we are against killing of innocent people. I might be working with the government; I support our right to self determination even though I can’t fight for Nigeria to divide. I coordinated Ojukwu’s burial; I sculptured him at Nkpor junction. The community politicians are using radio Biafra to fight me because I am innocent. I heard my name on radio Biafra, I am disappointed with that. Please, I beg you to investigate and give your report” he said.
When I pushed to know his role so far in Biafra restoration project, he said “I am a Biafran and I cannot stop being that. I cannot kill my people because I will gain nothing, I am not here to kill my people or harbor Fulani herdsmen. I have mobile Police men that secure me since 2005 and only one Aboki for my gate, I have no reason to engage in everything I was accused, I secure my community and cannot rightly threaten them. My opponents or enemies are using Radio Biafra to kill me and Nnamdi Kanu is not like this. I am here with you today because I fear not”
I went with the former Massob security coordinator who confessed that when he saw Uwazurike was all deceit, he switched over to IPOB and have remained Whiter than white. He disclosed to me “This man did nothing and he was wrongly accused because of the tax, people should pay their tax and not use radio Biafra to fight their political or personal interest.” He added.
Meanwhile, the women had come to apologize to Mr Asha over everything they have been doing since 2012. They noted that they have come to apologize and find a solution to their fight. Speaking on their visit, the market woman that conducted opening Prayer apologized on behalf of the group and pleaded Asha to forgive them that even Jesus forgave his accusers.  The market women denied calling Radio Biafra to make any accusation and distanced themselves from such act.
They concluded that they will withdraw the matters before the court and pay their tax from 2012 to date. Asha accepted their apologies and they agreed to unite and work for the benefit of each other.
The actions of the market women are contrary to the norms and ethics of IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. Radio Biafra is not a platform for propagating a civil matter in Nigeria or fighting market interest or avoiding tax etc. the women intentionally wanted to use RADIO BIAFRA as their weapon against Mr Asha whom they have been having a case with for over 4years now. Though Mr Asha denied direct involvement as he said he is only supervising for the state government.
The women cannot rightly accuse somebody on Radio Biafra because they are having problem with the person. The accusation is false and unfounded as there is no evidence to back it up, the accusation was made by over-zealous people to score a point against Mr Asha. Mr Asha who was filled by fear has pleaded to IPOB to save him because he can’t sleep or leave his house again.
There is the need to speak extensively on air that Mr Asha is innocent because he said the amount of calls he received from abroad has humbled him to seek IPOB for his name to be redeemed. His son and family members abroad had already disowned him and causing ripples in his family. He therefore pleaded for intervention of IPOB.  “My name to be redeemed on radio Biafra is the only way to do justice” he concluded.

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