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Tuesday, 21 June 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

Nnamdi Kanu

He is a man fearless before his enemies and he has lived everything he said, when radio Biafra came into existence, yes we heard all these things, but we hissed and said until they catch him, he would take his own money like Uwazurike and enjoy life. Time has proven us wrong and circumstance keeps making us fools. He is there in the prison and fearless even before death, that he may die for us to live a life devoid of any atom of slavery.
We cannot pay him for everything he has done, he forfeited his pleasure to end our pressure, what else can we do for him if not to show him how much we love him. For giving his life for us to have our own, he is worthy of same treatment he gave to us. Don’t be too far away from sincerity, come out and demand his freedom because a dead man is better than a man denied his freedom. The only way to appreciate his sacrifice is getting prepared to do anything asked to be done for him to restore Biafra, whether he is dead or alive.
I saw him in the court today courtesy of still pictures; I saw a bold smile and unapologetic look, even before our enemies, he was confident and full. There is no retreat and neither shall we surrender, the rain is falling but the sun will shine brighter than it never shone. Consistency and determination is the key to success and that is what he stands for. He is not withered and he is aware that his incarceration is only the force driving the restoration of Biafra.
The band is more than a wrist band, boldly written ‘I love Biafra’ I know him very much and I can tell you what his message is. With his incarceration, he can see light at the end of the tunnel, a light shinning brighter by the day. He smiled boldly because his plans are in shape, he is a prophet and already knows how the end will be. The end is Biafra “it is either I am lowered to the grave or Biafra flag is raised—hoisted”
Nothing is greater than Biafra, he loves Biafra because he was created for Biafra and will die for Biafra, to him death is nothing but a due price but woe betides him or them that will implement such, for earth shall swallow us all for his sake.  To him, there is nothing to lose because we have lost everything under slavery, Biafra is our last hope and we don’t only love Biafra but fanatical about Biafra.
The ‘I Love Biafra wristband is more than a band’ Biafra is ‘God’ and we love God, to him and to us, Biafra is our religion and what shall it cost to die for God? The purpose of man on earth is to implement the will of creation, and hence we were fated for Biafra, we shall smile and love Biafra even before our death. Loving Biafra is an act of loving God and never shall we fear a man that kills the flesh but can’t hurt a soul. To him and to us, it is Biafra or we are lowered to our grave.
The persecution can go on and the genocide can go on, they would only make our love for Biafra stronger and give us reason to carry on. There is strength drawn from every bullet-shot aimed at Biafrans, there is vigor drawn from every Biafran that fell on the street. There is motivation from the continued incarceration of an innocent leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. There would be no prevaricating and nothing will stop Biafra.
His wristband is more than a band, he loves Biafra more for every discomfort and suffering it brings. He loves Biafra more for incarcerating him and denying him everything good, Biafra is strong and he is ready to pay every price with love. He is obsessed with Biafra, even while Biafra is dragging him into a pit of suffering, he loves Biafra. Even when Biafra abused him and denied him his rights, he loves Biafra. When Biafra tortured him in DSS detention facility, he endured everything and loves Biafra. When Biafra gave him all the glories of the world, he rejected them for his love for Biafra. His wristband is more than a band.
Who or what is this Biafra he loves? Biafra is you and I, Biafra is that poor child abused on the streets of Biafra. Biafra is our mothers in Bayelsa that cannot see good water to drink. Biafra is those of us that can’t farm on our land and dying in hunger due to oil spill. Biafra is those of us that cannot get equal treatment. Biafra is the marginalized people that were divided and made minorities to be ineffective in the Lugardian establishment called Nigeria. He has shown us love beyond our imagination and he has demonstrated that death for us is just the ultimate love he can give.

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