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Sunday, 5 June 2016



By Chima Chibueze
For Family Writers

We think soldiers have a code of honour. There are certain acts that are considered abhorrent by the civilised world.  Even savage warriors sometimes treat their unarmed enemies with dignity. Instead, you make the killing of unarmed and defenceless civilians your hallmark and have turned yourselves into gangs of murderers. You have no honour whatsoever.

I try, sometimes, not to think about the Biafrans in the Nigerian security forces. I feel nauseous when I do. How could they let themselves or anybody be used to murder their own blood? They must be zombies of the Nigerian horde of mass murderers. Yes, because that’s the only way it makes any sense. Slave soldiers are even better off. They still have their senses.

Nigerian forces, nobody believes your lies. You all are unwell, if you have convinced yourselves that you murdered young people who were in a party in "self-defense".

If truly some Biafran youths disarmed some policemen at Delta state, that means Biafrans are becoming courageous to defend themselves and they're are not going to stop. Hence, I bet by now you are wary that next time you go out to harass or murder Biafrans, you may never come back in one piece. So to avoid humiliation, stay away!

Since your pay master Tyrant Buhari thinks that he can stop Biafra by killing every Biafra agitator, he should be prepared to drive his genocidal campaign all through Biafraland because so far as there's a single Biafran alive he will keep on seeking for Biafra freedom. The mass-murderer-in-chief is only good at preying on the defenceless; and like a bully, he is a coward. He doesn't and won't have the balls to dare face the armed group in the "Niger Delta" that he barked, from within the walls of Aso Rock, to crush. What a chicken-hearted general! All he commands are gangs of serial killers and vandals on uniforms.

Then there's the wicked News agency that gives Nigerian murderous forces a cover: a "cover story" of lies. The BBC that does not report the atrocities being committed by Nigerian forces against Biafrans, in a response to the public outrage caused by the shooting of dozens of Biafrans by the Nigerian Military on Biafra Heroes Day (30th May, 2016), concocted a devious story, for Nigeria, of the killing of "15 northern Nigerian businessmen" at Onitsha on that same day. The author of the story, like a conman, doesn't say what or who killed those fifteen northerners. He makes no effort to suggest any evidence that could prove his story.

Obviously, the lie is intended to:

•     (as the BBC is widely read) to deceive the world into thinking that some Biafran activists attacked the Northerners living in Biafra and were shot by Nigerian soldiers when they were rescuing those Northerners; and

•    incite reprisals on Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria.

Up till today, there has not been any report from the police or the infamous DSS or any other source to collaborate BBC's story.

This was how the BBC tagged the first military coup in Nigeria an "Igbo coup" thereby herding the rest of Nigeria into a genocidal war against Ndi-Igbo and all Biafrans in the 1960s.

Sometimes, one wonders whether Satan, the father of lies, did his internship in the BBC.

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