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Thursday, 16 June 2016



Muhammadu Buhari

By Chima Chibueze

For Family Writers

The man whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!

The simplest defining distinction between a leader and a ruler is that a leader leads from the front of the line while a ruler rules from behind. Take for instance, tyrant Buhari had sworn that his administration will not let any public officer seek health care services overseas but went to London to treat his ear. Therefore, you can say he is a ruler—“the king of the North”—after all, that's how his sympathizers see him, but he is worse. He is a despot.

It's unnatural for any human being to play god and when a man begins to engage himself in unnatural acts, he brings upon himself unnatural consequences; and persistent screeching of ghostly voices in his head is one of the curses. Do you remember the Mad King of Game of Thrones that keeps saying “burn them all, burn them all”? He too heard strange voices in his head. The curse is like “gburuga”. It keeps an unrepentant murderer on the path of self-destruction by consuming him with blood lust. Okay, let's leave Game of Thrones. It's just a movie. Let us go to the Bible. Turn to the book of First Samuel and remember King Saul. You remember how God tormented him with an evil spirit for his defiance. In the book of Daniel, the problem of king Nebuchadnezzar began as hubris and degenerated to a grandiose delusion. One day, voices in his head told him to go to his barn and join his cattle in a feast. Just like that, the king became a human-cow. Coincidentally,Muhammadu Buhari is a cattle breeder.

But seriously, superstitions apart, President Buhari is crazy.You can tell from his violent stance against unarmed and peaceful activism; irrational and irritable intolerance to freedom of speech and criticism; and witting approval of Fulani-herdsmen terrorism and Islamic extremism. All he talks about is “I will crush you, I will crush you” as if the voices in his head scream “kill them all!”

How did a country, filled with literate and illiterate persons; sane and insane people, allow herself be run by a demented fellow? That's madness! That's “Nigeria for you” anyway.

Assuming Buhari’s “voices” come from tinnitus that is caused by a tumour that is feeding on his brain; the tumour alone is enough to give him psychological problems. In any case, based on what is available in the media, his health issue can be described as auditory hallucination. Auditory hallucination is linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. In some cases, a person experiencing it also has grandiose delusions. After some time, the patient will begin to experience visual hallucinations too.

Don’t be surprised, very soon Muhammadu Buhari will begin to see strange figures, ghosts, and “familiar faces”. Imagine that one of the voices whispers in his left ear: “undress, undress, undress”. Ha-ha. It will even be more hilarious if his alter ego appears to him and orders him to go to Daura and do a 6-months grass-eating industrial training. The zoo will then have its first grass-eating president.

So, even if you do not agree that he is already a craze-man, you can at least see that Nigeria has a potential mental case as a President.

1 comment

  1. Wow! The title of this article makes me want to read....Mehn Chima Chibueze where ever you are I'm hailing you for just the title of your article it makes sense Buhari is indeed a mad king.


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