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Sunday, 17 July 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

Had it not been for numerous Biafrans who had requested that Family Writers speak out against the propagandish outburst of another modern day Anambra 'Efulefu', Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu, I had decided not to reply his baseless and myopic bunch of insult which he swiped at millions of Biafrans all over the world. His recent Nigerian government sponsored article titled- IPOB IS A DISASTER FOR BIAFRA is intended to serve as a character assassination on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Nnamdi Kanu. I knew that just like his predecessors such as Ikedife and Uwazurike, his 'surugede' dance won't last for long, because no number of indigenous traitors sponsored by the Nigerian government and their brown envelope media outlets against Biafra restoration that can save the expired British-invented-contraption from total collapse. Nevertheless, just as the great philosopher would put it-

"Only a fool raises undignified questions in a dignified discussion. However, such a fool must be answered," I have decided to deconstruct the garbages put forward by the Youngman.


Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu, a native of Nnewi in Anambra state was born on May 26 1988. He graduated as a Political Scientist from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in 2014, and currently resides in the Anambra state capital while some of his family members, lives in Katsina state, Northern part of Nigeria, including his sister who got married to an Hausa man earlier this year. He is a stunch APC supporter and a die-hard Buhari's advocate.


The word 'EFULEFU' originated from the Igbo speaking tribe of Biafra Land. It literally means- a lost 'sheep', a psycho, a betrayer or a traitor. Efulefu is someone who started a journey from his house but on his way back, goes to the house of a stranger in search of his bedroom. An Efulefu is someone who is desperate to tarnish the image of his people in order to please and dine with their oppressors.
Finally Efulefu is a mole against his own people. I will pardonly leave it to Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu to choose from the above options the attribute that best defines his insensitivity towards the plight of his own people, because left to any sane mind- he is all of the above!


 When I stumbled upon it, I was convinced that the reasons why this 28year old young and gifted graduate had to put up the junk article- title of which I disclosed earlier, were because of his desperation to acquire unusual fame and be thrown into the corrupt Nigerian political limelight or maybe invited for another round of Aisha Buhari's rice and chicken dinner party.

The first blunder was his first set of questions concerning Nnamdi Kanu's leadership of IPOB. He asked- "Who are the Indigenous People that Kanu claims to be leading?
"Who did he consult before establishing such association and who elected the executives to speak for the proposed state of Biafra?"

He actually started on a brighter note by proclaiming his adherence and respect for the UN laid down rights of Indigenous People to Self Determination, which is also the only weapon Nnamdi Kanu has against Nigeria, but just as he proceeds, he stepped onto the banana peel set up for him by those who sent him and right from on top of the cliff, the gravitational force of free fall held him captive until he crashed completely.
The first blunder was his first set of questions concerning Nnamdi Kanu's leadership of IPOB. He asked- "Who are the Indigenous People that Kanu claims to be leading?
"Who did he consult before establishing such association and who elected the executives to speak for the proposed state of Biafra?"
It is quite unfortunate that a graduate who knows the full meaning of IPOB doesn't know the people whom Nnamdi Kanu is leading. As a writer, I know that one can engage in certain antics to impress the readers and sponsors, but I never anticipated that someone who claims to be a graduate of political science can dabble into this kind of worthless rhetoric just to please his political lords. Does it mean that this fellow did not see the millions of Biafrans, both old and young that trooped out to the streets of Nigeria in a most peaceful protest just because their Leader was abducted by the Nigerian government? Was he in a dead-man sleep when thousands of Biafrans trooped out in over 70 countries of the world to protest the incarceration of the greatest Liberator of the 21st century in Nigeria?

   Nnamdi Kanu didn't proclaim himself the leader of Biafrans neither does he need to consult Biafran political puppets to lead Biafrans to promise land. Indigenous People of Biafra all over the world gathered and crowned Nnamdi Kanu our leader because he is the chosen and ordained one that will lead Biafrans to freedom. Biafran politicians and other Efulefus such as Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu all have huge stakes in Nigeria, expecting them to support Biafra restoration is like expecting a businessman to fold up his business empire.  Nnamdi Kanu consulted a huge number of some of these political businessmen and even created a council of elders which he later dissolved due to their sabotaging activities. While many rejected his message, others were intimidated into not supporting the freedom movement due to fear of being probed for their corrupt activities. Every sane mind is aware of how impossible it is for the political elites in Nigeria and their ally countries who loot the country dry and impoverish the masses to support the disintegration of the country.

    Going further in his attention seeking campaign, Chukwuemerie accused the Biafran media of being tool of "spreading hate, falsehood and unnecessary propaganda." I waited for him to analyse and prove this allegation but he not only goofed, he also failed woefully to mention any false thing or hate speech which the Biafran media has propagated. An Igbo adage says- "Ogbu mma anaghi ekwe ka ewere mma gaa ya n'azu"(One who butchers other people with a matchet, can never allow anybody with a matchet to stay at his back)- Chukwuemerie works for some notable media houses as a columnist and sometimes a journalist, had it not been for his hypocrisy, he can never doubt the fact that Nigerian media outlets is one of, if not the worst in the world. They are only professionals at twisting news and spreading all manner of falsehood and media trials just in bid to favour the political power brokers of the day in the country.

 Investigative journalism has for a long time been murdered in Nigeria, because 90% of media outlets in the country are owned by the same corrupt politicians that commit all sorts of heinous crimes across the country,  It is however not surprising to Biafrans and the Biafran media when Al-jazeera in 2015 tagged Nigerian media and journalists as "brown envelop journalists", and even offered to train the staff of the Federal government owned Nigerian Television Authority(NTA) earlier this year.

 The reason why several Nigerian media outlets and their rusted columnists such as Chukwuemerie are hell bent on engaging on a never ending media war with the Biafran media is because the emergence of Biafran media as set up by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is rapidly draining their source fraudulent income by exposing all the truth which they have continually suppressed at the expense of the politicians. The Biafran media has liberated not only the mind of Biafrans, but also that of Nigerians who now view their activities with sophisticated and microscopic intellectualism.

 Politicians in Nigeria, especially those of Biafran extraction are now afraid of the potency of the Biafran media to shred them and expose their evil tendencies to the whole world once it gets a wind of such. The truth hurts, this is why people like Chukwuemerie and his Yoruba and Hausa counterparts can only take solace in tagging the Biafran media as spreading propaganda and hate messages. Whether they like it or not, Biafrans are already cautious of the 'caveat emptor' on them.

    Going further in his junk write up, Chukwuemerie described IPOB as "an association of touts and hoodlums" who  "rather employing diplomatic techniques, delights in insulting all persons and institutions that supposed to be its best friends."

While the blunder of calling IPOB an "association" can easily be forgiven, it exceeds human imagination where this political puppet and geographical lost sheep who has never stepped outside the shores of Nigeria in his entire life, derived his investigation, analysis and conclusion which made him to tag millions of Biafrans living peacefully and industriously all over the world as touts and hoodlums, and even asserted that Biafrans are hostile to some countries and international organisations who are in position to aid in the Biafra restoration project.

   Now, one would ask where this Chukwuemerie was when the United Kingdom Parliament moved a motion urging for a Biafra referendum few months ago. Even the European Union couldn't resist the pressure from IPOB, in that they had to also move a similar motion urging for the protection of the rights of Biafrans and that of the incarcerated leader of Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu. Just recently, one of the many powerful American activists who have identified and supported the freedom of Biafra, in an article titled- 'FREE BIAFRA FROM NIGERIA' had characterised Nnamdi Kanu as the "BIAFRAN GEORGE WASHINGTON".

All the foreign activists and human rights organisations that have shown interest on the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria have attested that Biafrans are the most peaceful and wonderful people to associate with. If Chukwuemerie wants to know the underground works IPOB is doing which has gained the support of notable world powers and different countries to the cause, he should consult the IPOB headquarters in Spain and stop putting up garbages just to entertain his sponsors.

   Nevertheless, it is known fact that this generation of Biafrans are not suffering from inferiority complex or any atom of mental slavery. This is why people like Chukwuemerie shouldn't expect Biafrans to clap for countries and international organisations who have maintained a hypocritical muted stance while Biafrans are being massacred in Nigeria. It is the right of Biafrans to speak out and criticise those who are in support of their subjugation and extermination, and nobody has the moral right to tag such criticism as insult.

The question of how competently Biafra is going to be run as an independent state was best clarified figuratively by one of the few honourable men in Yoruba land known as Femi Aribisila, who opined in one of his recent articles that Nigeria cannot survive without Biafrans. Economically, Biafra is endowed with many Ngozi Okonjo Iwealas who can transform the Biafran economy into the the fastest growing in the world within a period of five years of independence. Technologically, Biafrans are so talented that when granted freedom, can compete with the likes of US, Israel, China, Japan and other notable Europeans countries in terms of technological advancement. Biafran entrepreneurs and industrialists can make Biafra Land the envy of tourist and the focal point of global trade in Africa.

The inventions of Biafran intellects which are being suffocated by the Nigerian government shall receive a global attention worthwhile. The Biafran BOLLYWOOD industry shall throw the Nollywood into the dustbin of history and compete with technologically advanced movie industries across the world. The World Cup trophy which has eluded African countries shall surrender at the sight of Biafran football super-stars, same way the renowned athletes will conquer world athletics. The world shall respect Africa and be proud of the people once again because of the exploits of Biafra. If Nigeria cannot survive without Biafrans, why would anybody think that Biafra cannot survive independence?

   The properties and businesses of Biafrans outside Biafra land or in the Nigerian state shall be protected by the internationally recognised right of the people to the protection of such, which shall be subject to the case of dual or mono citizenship, or also through the principles of international relations and bilateral agreement to be signed and observed between the two countries in question, and all of which shall be subject to article 17 of  United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Nevertheless, It will be hugely economically stupid on the side of the Nigerian state or any other resultant country like Arewa or Oduduwa to intentionally drive away their Biafran foreign investors through harsh government policies as they stand to loose more than they will ever anticipate. The likes of Chukwuemerie should stop using fear-inciting propaganda of what would be the fate of the properties of Biafrans outside Biafra land to lay forward their arguments and criticisms because it characterises them as 'educated-illiterates'. If the properties of Biafrans and even corrupt Nigerian politicians can be safeguarded in other countries outside Nigeria, why should anybody be weary of the fate of that of Biafrans in Arewa or Oduduwa republic?

 The fact that the Niger Delta Avengers has warned the Buhari led government that it is either they release Nnamdi Kanu or they bring Nigeria to her kneels should serve as a lesson to Chukwuemerie and his APC sponsors that the spell of divide and conquer has long been demystified by the undiluted gospel truth of Nnamdi Kanu. Even Asari Dokubo has acclaimed his unreserved support for the 'UNITED STATES OF BIAFRA'. An average Niger Deltan now knows that an Igbo man is never their enemy- they are now aware that their enemies are the Hausa-Fulani hegemony in the North who feel irritated when the real owners of the resources claim ownership of what belongs to them, and also the Yoruba parasites who are hell bent on retaining their oil wells.

    Finally, it is really an intellectual tragedy that instead of putting forward a constructive criticism or argument, Efulefu Chukwuemerie resorted to insulting millions of Biafrans all over the world and the IPOB leadership as led by Nnamdi Kanu. Isn't it an irony that while the misguided young man calls Nnamdi Kanu a fraudster out of envy, different organisations in Nigeria are busy stockpiling Nnamdi Kanu's cabinet with awards as a 'Great Liberator of his People'.

    Chukwuemerie should go and look for better things to do with his youthful age rather than turning himself into a political tool that is being used against his people. Gossiping against the immaculate Nnamdi Kanu and Indigenous People of Biafra all over the world cannot dust away the fact that IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu is the best thing that has ever happened to Biafra. The story of the heroics of this generation of Biafrans still remains untold

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