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Tuesday, 12 July 2016



By Ogbuanya Chikezie Nnamdi

For Family Writers.


Freedom of Information/speech is no doubt a fundamental human rights of every Democratic society. All humans must exercise this right without infringement by any person or group. The Nigeria government over time has been indicted by various human rights organisation for violating Human Rights, ranging from torturing, detaining civilians without reason, killing of civilians by security agents and many untold activities against humanity.

Mr.Buhari the African Hitler is known for being repressive against free speech and information; from his time as a military president in 1984. In that era, Buhari who overthrew the civilian government of Shehu Shagari and in a bid to cover his atrocities and corruption escapades promulgated the popular decree 4 which was the most dreaded, repressive and the last press law enacted in the history of Nigeria. This law was enacted to punish authors and writers that reports or makes statements that will expose the administration of Buhari and its officials. With this law, many journalists were tortured to death, arrested, detained without court appearance, many media houses, newspaper outlets were revoked of their licences and totally banned from operation. Many thought that Mr. Buhari has repented on his return as civilian president but he never changed as he has infested every facet of the arms of government with lies and corruption.

The media was worst affected by this and is evident in the authenticity of the news published by the media houses, they now brandish a lot of lies and propaganda just to protect the gross ineptitude of the Tyrant Buhari who doesn't understand what democracy means. Typical examples of brown envelope journalism where news are twisted to deceive the public, Individual who were outspoken to criticise the government are been haunted by the DSS and often detained in custody without bail. Dr Fani kayode a former aviation minister was detained for months  for speaking out against the impunity of Buhari regime, Gov fayose of Ekiti is still been hunted because of his stand with truth; all other notable men are all hiding to avoid been arrested and denied their freedom. His government has metamorphosed to openly harassing and brutalising journalists, recently was a Biafra journalist beaten up by the security agents of the government. He narrowly escaped death from the injuries sustained in the incident.

This is not far away from the fact that Biafrans now write and publish their own news which is the only reliable and unadulterated source of information to the public. This is the height of impunity, injustice and violation of human rights and tenets of democracy. It is now clear that Mr. Buhari is running a dictatorial government, doesn't understand the meaning of democracy or what it takes to run a government , he is busy chasing shadows, blaming previous government for his woes instead of tackling the challenges of governance. There is no gain saying that Biafrans are egalitarian in nature and does not keep silent when things are going wrong, we don't sit down and watch our people destroyed by the government of Buhari who have sworn to kill more Biafrans if the opportunity arises.

He has armed his misguided Boko-Haram brothers in guise of Fulani herdsmen to be killing our people on daily basis, he has ordered his security agents to kidnap, kill and destroy Biafrans; but we are not going to keep quiet, it’s only a tree that stands and watch itself been cut down.  Biafrans has chosen the path of freedom, we have respect for human lives and cannot stay with the Hausa/Fulani marauders in the contraption called Nigeria.

We say no to dictatorship...!!!

We say no to Islamization...!!!

We say no to one Nigeria....!!!

All we want is Biafra...!!!



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