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Saturday, 2 July 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

Biafra is a righteous spirit and I don’t know what a canal man is saying about Biafra, a small boy that cannot define tomorrow, what business has he with Biafra? Over 1.5 million children and 3.5 million adults died in 1967, all on the altar of Biafra and a canal man motivated by monthly salary today rant. After the war, thousands are still dying and Churchill Okonkwo thought Biafra is a matter he can buy. Until Biafra strikes him, he would continue to rant but we seriously need a man like him as a source of motivation. We need somebody we can always prove to that we are the children of Chukwuokikeabiama.

I refuse to be angry that I am wasting my time on a monkey dancing for banana, not only that the monkey is dancing to make sure he has his banana, but a naked monkey without shame. I have always maintained reasonable argument in my column; I won’t come down on any man without a reason or pushing him without showing him where he would fall. This very young man impregnated by Hausa/Fulani after the war should be helped to get knowledge.

I hardly engage in this kind of piece but frustration on the side of the monkey is making him cross the line and I deem it necessary that I also cross the line. I am actually wasting my time here because I know only few people would glance his piece; I do read him to enable me get back to him. My colleague Chima Onyekachi once said to me, “I don’t read those paid writers anymore”. This may be my last unless a friend shares with me.

I have always said that these writers should engage in debates, I am always open for it, let us sit down and debate, if your reason win, I respect you and if mine win, you admit superior reason. One cannot rightly claim monopoly of knowledge on the keypad of his PC; one should come out and get beaten or beat another to show superiority. One whose piece has never changed or cannot change the mentality of one out of million the other piece instigated should drop his pen and look for God-assigned career. Here, pride is nothing hence money is paid for a job done rightly or wrongly. Haahahahahah.. Let me laugh in my local dialect, Churchill the dancing monkey is quite entertaining.

I have a reason for terming him a dancing monkey, I stated above that I will push you and show you where you will fall. This guy just woke up and picked his pen, still dizzy and by the time he published his articles, he realized that he unconsciously wrote his topic. You can blame him or call him names, but to me, he is just doing his business, a lame man paid to stop the moving train of Biafra, hahahahaha, the guy is pushing back a moving train. Crush!

If he is not a dancing monkey, he would have measured what religion is, Biafra is now a religion to millions of her agitators. We don’t only love Biafra, we are fanatical about Biafra and that is what makes the guy a dancing monkey. By writing a wayward piece, he thinks it can penetrate, why this lowly brain won’t know that he is adding fuel to the fire Biafrexit. It is not a bad thing to appreciate him for the piece against Biafrexit, I know Biafrans, and we will only work fiercer to make sure Biafrexit succeeds. That is the definition of religion, we are fanatical and any effort to stop us worsens things and that is what makes the guy a dancing naked monkey. He motivates us on the contrary and risks mob action if seen anywhere as I risk arrest and death if seen by the zoo.

This dancing monkey again in his piece mentioned PH as part of Nigeria, this is another evidence that the piece was unconsciously written. The dizzy writer said that Delta and PH will subject Biafra to taxation as part of Nigeria. Is this dancing monkey not aware that PH agitates for Biafra more than any part of Biafra? Is the dizzy writer not aware that Asari claimed that Ijaw is the head of Biafra while Igbo speaking part follows? Is this unconscious writer not aware that Delta is the stronghold of Biafra agitation? What exactly is he saying about importation? Why is this dancing monkey so dull and unstable in his argument? Anyway, he was dizzy while writing the piece, maybe drunk or being tickled by a Hausa/Fulani prostitute.

I want this small boy to get knowledge; I want him to study as I lecture him what ideology is all about. Ideology is a thing that cannot be defeated until it is implemented and once it’s time has come; nothing on earth can stop it, not even heap of dizzy write ups. The more you stupidly try to fight an ideology is the stronger you make it. Ideology is better allowed to die a natural death than fought with all the arsenals of the world. The only thing that can kill this ideology is when Biafra loses in a referendum and if such loss is not managed positively, it might resurrect the ideology afterwards.

The dancing monkey blamed IPOB leadership for the activities of Biafrans, when a wise guy like me, with a home, car and better earning can choose death, this dizzy writer rightly blames IPOB leaders for instigating Biafrans. this baboon don’t know how much it pleases us to die for the kingdom of God, death for Biafra is the greatest thing that can happen to us, but will the dancing monkey know?

I read him list how we shall suffer if we exit Nigeria, why is he taking panadol for our headache? What is wrong with this dancing monkey? If Biafrans will perish after independence, allow them perish to your credit, your name will go down in history as who saw tomorrow. I can’t really comprehend the reason the dancing monkey would prefer to stress himself over Biafrexit if truly is a nonsense!

I will not end this piece without hammering on something I now see as weakness, this dancing monkey with his Hitler now see peaceful agitation as weakness. Churchill you are reminding us how you would proudly and gladly murder us if we peacefully protest. You remind us how our lawful and peaceful campaign will end with our death and nothing will happen. Laughs , let me laugh once more, remember this day you laugh and promise us death for peacefully and lawfully agitating for the release of our leader and referendum.

Despite we are dying, it is yet no retreat and no surrender, let us die peacefully and under the confines of law because we shall soon die beyond the law and forcefully.
We are saying let this be done peacefully and you are taking advantage of it, this tsunami will come and nobody will be left out. I am ready to die for Biafra and be ready to die for Nigeria; you will not travel because Biafrans will eat you raw abroad. We shall both stay back here and enjoy the sweetness of war/violence. Biafra shall come either peacefully or forcefully and that is what I can assure you for now.

Keep dancing naked and laughing that we shall be killed if we step out, we shall defend ourselves someday and offense is best form of defense. Remind me this day we die when we shall die no more, I see peaceful agitation is not welcomed by you and your master.

Authored By Ifeanyi Chijioke. Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

1 comment

  1. Don.t mind that man , he is absolutely canal , and a canal can not please God . May the Angels of God chase him away. It is written that those who walk according to the flesh , will write and act according to the flesh . Biafra is simply inevitable .


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