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Saturday, 2 July 2016



By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers

Niger Delta Avengers has rubbished the Press statement by Nigeria Department of State Services(DSS) which has alleged that some of its members have been arrested by the controversial Nigerian security apparatus.

 In a Press statement signed by the spokesperson of the freedom fighters- Brig. Gen. Mudoch Agbinibo and published on their website, the group disclosed that contrary to the propaganda generated by the Nigerian DSS and spiralled by Nigerian media that some members of the group has been arrested, nothing of such has taken place in the region.

 The Avengers who described the allegation as "laughable" however revealed that the arrested suspects are "sleeper agents" of Nigerian DSS who are acting as spies on their activities in the region. The Avengers stated that the DSS spy agents were arrested because of severe internal wrangling which culminated from unpaid allowances of the spy agents.

    "The fact is they are sleeper agents of the DSS sent after the Niger Delta Avengers" the Avengers disclosed.

    "The boys has the right to demand for their money from DSS, why not pay them instead of arresting them and labelling them as Niger Delta Avengers members."

 The activists further dared the DSS to allow the arrested suspects tell the whole world their own side of the story if they are not afraid of their deceitful nature being exposed to the whole world, even as they lambasted the DSS and Nigerian Army for feeding their President with kangaroo information.

   "If the DSS are denying this, they should allow the boys to speak to the press. We (Niger Delta Avengers) don't have any connection with these boys. We dare the DSS to allow the boys to tell the world their side of the story.

   "DSS and Nigerian Army cannot win the Niger Delta war by feeding their President with wrong information about the situation of things in the region. It's all good because as it seems the DSS are now having internal crisis with most of their sleeper agents, and it a sign that God is on our side" the Avengers stated.

  The group however advised the Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari to focus on how best to resolve the growing self determination uprising, as well as issues of under-development and environmental degradation in the region instead of "arresting their allies and linking them to Niger Delta Avengers."

They also shredded the hypocrisy and evil tendencies of the Director General of Nigerian DSS, Lawal Musa Daura and admonished the Nigeria media to engage in practical and investigative journalism to ascertain the true nature of things by interviewing the arrested suspects, instead of feeding the members of the public with false information-

  "This is to DSS Director Lawal Daura, this the holy month of Ramadan and as a muslim you hold it to Allah and the Nigeria people to say the truth. Why not come out with the truth.

  "To the Nigeria press, there is always two side to a story. Why not try to get the other side of the story by interviewing the boys." they said.

 Going further, they mocked the Nigeria army and reiterated their invisibility saying- "The Nigeria army will never get us(Niger Delta Avengers). Let them go and settle with their sleeper agents and stop deceiving the general public and their President."

1 comment

  1. Pls set up cells in each state in the state to constantly distract the govt and army too instead recruitment of more hands inside the creek.There are forest in each state in the Eastern states, the cells should operate from those forests to spread them out.
    They can plan operations from there to keep this evil and nebulous govt busy.


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