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Monday, 4 July 2016



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

I chose this topic to help some people and to bring to their knowledge the reality on ground, as Black Africans; we so much cherish living in fools’ world. The bunch called journalists at Sahara reporters, their thoughtless writers and headless argument, mighty men on keyboard but inferior men on the stage of reason. The men that believed gun is the solution to every problem and agitation, men that seized freedom of choice at gun point, men that cling power to enslave subjects and conform them to their wishes. Men that embraced crush and crush without building and building, men that scream kill, treat them like terrorist because they share different views.

Men that arrested and detained a man for talking, talking instead of fighting, men that believed that freedom is all about war and cannot be achieved through peaceful agitation. Men that said you must stay in this place with us or we kill you and nothing will happen. It is important to help them know that Nigeria now have a damaged image before the world.
These men, all of them, from their foot soldiers to their political soldiers and their literary soldiers, they are responsible for the damaged image of their world. They are fools and enjoy their world, they say we are a sovereign state and nothing can happen to us. They shoot and incarcerate, force men to disappear and disregard human right and take away human life at will. These fools fall sick and run to London to save their lives, they develop headache and stop writing for two weeks to look after their health.

They receive calls from their children and smile throughout the day but take lives of children of others. They are fools and they think that the world is not aware, if you ask them, they say no country will allow any part of it to go. But Britain allowed Scotland conduct referendum, Catalonia is agitating and gun is silent.

They are fools and everything is possible in a fool’s world, they said they are fighting corruption but was sponsored with corrupt money. They said they are after corrupt people but their wives are involved in first class corruption cases. They said they are arresting those that stole their money but one that stole everything to sponsor their campaign is a holy thief. They are fighting corruption but any corrupt person with the broom shall be considered a saint. They have a god they worship, a god that cannot speak good grammar. A god that could not present his O’level certificate, the god takes down people.

The god is a flying god, he flies from one place to another and he has special likeness for his hood, appointing his hood and disappointing other hoods.
World leading human right groups have described them as murderers, they are carnivorous and merciless. Each time human right institutions talk, they rush to the media and say, human right groups are against us. Tomorrow you still hear guns talking and screaming, each word takes down a life and a scream massacre dozens. This is their world, the fools’ world that abused sovereignty and said our sovereignty is our right to kill anybody that dares us. They are called Nigerians; yet they know not the meaning of ‘Nigeria’.

They are fools brought together by a man-god, he holiness lord Lugard, he created Nigeria just like God of Abraham created the world. He handed Nigeria over to Northern oligarchy just as God handed the world to Adam. When Biafra tried to go back to God’s creation, they raised a standard and murdered 5 million Biafrans. They boasted that nothing shall stand in Biafra and embarked on extermination campaign. They had the support of their creator but yet could not decimate us, we resisted them with bare hands, we showed them men can persevere and triumph.  Over 1.5 million children that knew nothing about the world died, man’s inhumanity against man. Over 3.5 million adults lost their lives, they gave a clear definition of genocide and showed man can rightly escape justice. What happened in 1967 was enough to damage the image of Nigeria even though the creator laundered it.

After the 1967 genocide, right thinking men thought they would stop murdering the people they could not murder when they had the chance, but they are fools, they believe nobody saw them then or prosecuted them, they believe no one will see them again or prosecute them today, they are nothing but fools, living with a damaged image. 2015 is not 1967, the world can see everything even though they are quiet, the world is aware of their carnivorous country but they have seen silence as a go-ahead. They spontaneously murder more Biafrans with belief that the silence of the world is a great support of their evil deeds.

Their wayward literary soldiers are writing that international communities will back them in the event of full blown crisis. They also live in a fool’s world; even men of the pen that know better have been infected. They think the world is not being updated, they don’t know the power of media; they don’t know the power of the documented videos where they were executing genocide. They are nothing but fools, no matter how much they launder the damaged image before the world, in event of full blown crisis; the world would turn her back against them because there is already a damaged image.

Finally, the silence of the world can never be cowardice; Nigeria might be enjoying the genocide going on in Biafra. The full military action against peaceful and lawful Biafra activists, illegal arrest and continued incarceration of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, the forceful disappearances of the people of Biafra, the continued arrest of Biafra agitators. They can arrest, out rightly execute or imprison us and say we are planning to bomb American white house, the reality remains that the world is not blind or deaf.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke.. Great Biafra Journalists.

Published by Okpalaeze.

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