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Wednesday, 27 July 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers
Tears of Biafran kids in Niger Delta

In their land blessed with milk and honey,
They still bath in sufferings, they drink with cups of pains and live in an atmosphere painted with tears by the black Ambassadors of poverty and slavery.

On their faces are undeserved sufferings boldly written.
In their smiles you'll find pains,
And in their eyes, hope is boldly written with gold.
Hope for Justice,
Hope for freedom.

Pains flows in the bones of the aged among them like the Atlantic,
Justice cries like a child,
Freedom roars like a lion.
Right in their aged eyes, hope still lives.

In the quest for their freedom,
the enemy of justice and freedom dip their youths and people in pools of blood.
With chains of pains, the murderers of justice take the vocals and fearless among them into black custody while the masses are fed with humiliation and injustice.
Hope of Biafrans kids
Amidst all, they stand strong for their freedom.

Mourning the corpses of their able-bodied men sent to early and shallow graves by the Ambassadors of slavery have become the daily bread of the people.
Painful tears flows in their eyes like an ocean.
'Justice' they call on, 'Freedom' they cry for.

On the ground to survive,
they beg for what belongs to them.
Under the unfriendly sun, they go through undeserved suffering to have a daily bread.
The bread of nature is in their land, yet the black ambassadors deprive them of it.

"Our freedom is not negotiable",
"Our home and its glory must be restored" they say.
Like lions, they roar with courage saying "Our freedom or death".

Amongst all, on a closer view at them;
Their hope still lives,
Their demand is not negotiable,
Their stand remains strong,
Free Biafra Free Nnamdi Kanu.

1 comment

  1. Don't worry. We the youths of today will fight for your freedom tomorrow. In Biafra we believe and in Biafra we stand.


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