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Friday, 29 July 2016


“Biafrans have suffered so much and it hurts me each day I see their picture shot or wounded by Nigerian soldiers. Nobody talks for them and this is why I will not stop caring for them” Rosie Segura said to Ifeanyi Chijioke when discussing the issue of Chidozie. She had posted on her official wall that Chidozie should be assisted to avoid being amputated. When she was asked how many people had responded to her call, she said “It is annoying that nobody has responded, Chidozie is suffering and needs their assistance” she bitterly said and assured that she would send in some dollars for him.

“That Biafran, Chidozie should not be amputated, everybody should cough out few dollars for him; I will send in 150 dollars for him. We should do something and save him” Mary Bernstein said. The two from USA had constantly been of great assistance to Biafra and her people; urging and assisting in the project-Biafra. They have vowed to keep an eye on the Biafran people and show their sympathy and assist where need be.

Chidozie Onuaha is a victim of heroes’ day mass murder, he survived the massacre but life has not been fair to him since his ordeal in the hands of Nigerian soldiers. He was one of those shot and his injury which was expected to heal quickly took an ugly turn when instead of healing, his leg is getting bad. He has been transferred from the first hospital he was kept on the ground that the hospital is not taking proper care of him. Prisca Abel the leader of his IPOB medical crew had earlier posted on her wall that “Even on his sick bed, he has no regret and still shouting it is Biafra or nothing” speaking on the development a comment said “He has been possessed by the spirit of Biafra, he is one of us, Biafra is our religion”

Prisca Abel informed Ifeanyi Chijioke when she was contacted that Chidozie is properly being taken care of by his medical crew. She explained that the worsened condition was due to the previous hospital he was kept, and affirmed that the new hospital is taking care of him and his condition is under control. “We are taking care of him, I have two of our crew members with him and another will be going there for others to go back and rest. We are going to find another solution with the fund from Mary and Segura; he cried so much the previous night but he is getting well” she said

When Ifeanyi Chijioke spoke to Chidozie over the phone, he was very hopeful that God will see him through and he will not be amputated. He appreciated the effort of IPOB family for the care given to him and thanked them for their prayer and assistance. “I never wanted to be in this condition but if this what I have sacrificed for Biafra; I am very happy about it” he said and while buttressing his position, his medical crew member added “Too many people died but he is still alive today”.

The campaign for his assistance hit the internet when Prisca Chiamaka Abel posted his picture and subsequently a Biafran Chimezie Nwaigwe urged that he should be assisted. Ifeanyi Chijioke propagated the appeal made by Chimezie Nwaigwe which prompted a campaign by Family Writers and other Biafrans. However, assistance has only reached him from the private request Ifeanyi Chijioke made for his assistance. “We urge that more people should key in and help hence there are more corpses and critically injured people for IPOB to take care of” a potential donor, Chimezie Nwaigwe said.

It is crucial that for safety and definite purpose of any assistance, IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu should be contacted through Radio Biafra or the medical crew led by Prisca Chiamaka Abel.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie

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