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Saturday 30 July 2016


ND Avengers
Now unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra have gone into their shell’ while armed Indigenous People of Biafra sprang from another angle demanding the release of Nnamdi Kanu and restoration of Biafra. A report came that Liberian vessel was hijacked in effort to push for Kanu’s release and Avengers bombing pipelines in demand of Kanu’s freedom. Nigerian economy has been crippled and my question is; unarmed agitators and armed agitators which one is better? Unarmed agitators were walking around with placards in demand for the release of Nnamdi Kanu but Buhari launched military action against them, beating his chest that he would chew those agitating for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Now armed agitators have picked up guns in demand for the release of Nnamdi Kanu but he couldn’t shoot again and his soldiers so weak; always find strength in unarmed agitators. This is pure madness and it defines the "cluelessness" of Buhari’s government. He has hired Saudi mercenaries and he thinks Biafra allies will maintain crossed arm?

The mathematics was very simple, the wrong formula was applied and it gave a desired or wrong answer. Buhari has proved a poor mathematician or rather; his advisers and aides should take responsibility for the failed mathematical problem. If Britain was able to handle the same mathematical problem on Scotland and came out with a good result, why didn’t Nigeria apply the same formula and get a right answer. Subdue peaceful agitation and give birth to armed agitation or handle peaceful agitation peacefully and buy enough time to solve the problem. The options were there to choose but due to bigotry and due to he sees gun as something made for people that share different views with his, Buhari sufficiently used it on the people of Biafra thus; gave birth to like approach.

I don’t want to anchor the failure of Buhari on poor knowledge or unawareness; it would be defamatory to say that the entire aides or advisers of President Buhari could not handle a simple, genuine and legitimate agitation. I will love to come from this very perspective, when Boko Haram was ravaging Nigeria, Buhari was elected and his first speech on Boko Haram was very civilized. I recalled he made it clear that he won’t battle Boko Haram but will engage them in a dialogue; find out the root cause of the insurgence and address it.

However, he showed it and urged Boko Haram to come to round table, the sect group agreed and the insurgence diminished to a containable proportion. Now a peaceful agitation that has never involved rioting or any form of disorder sprang from another section of the country. The same man that addressed terrorism without military resorted to using military action against unarmed Biafra activists; committing genocide and ready to do more without constraint. When he was approached and questioned by an international journalist, he boldly warned that peaceful and legitimate activists should not dare his soldiers and that he would kill all of them if agitation which is tenet of democracy continues.

Now this is more of the reason the country cannot work or move forward, this is why there is need to divide the country. By dividing Nigeria, we tend to search for true nationhood, love, equity and justice. By dividing Nigeria, we tend to kill hatred, religious bigotry; cultural differences that never worked and create a workable nation that would benefit the children of the world. It is unimaginable that terrorists will be treated with dialogue while peaceful citizens expressing a different opinion are shot to death, arrested and imprisoned. By dividing Nigeria, we are talking about getting solution to the perverted or forceful marriage that has only caused terrorism, death and all manner of harmful vices.

This is a computer age that everything is possible, you don’t raise a gun and shoot a man to death when you know that man can get his own gun and defend himself. The essence of power is not the ability to command soldiers to shoot; it is the ability to enforce unanimous juristic views. This barbarian act is not as a result of lack of civilization but as a result of putting opposing things together and separation is inevitable for a stable existence. We have to come to this simple fact and stop wasting time before we get consumed by our urge to harm perceived enemy.

Indigenous People of Biafra took to the streets with placards to register their demand for their leader that peacefully called for self determination to be released. They were forcefully confronted and murdered; they have continued to be fearless and continued to die. They have endured every form of provocation and continued to peacefully ask for Biafra while Buhari continued to arrogantly kill them; the silence of the world was deafening that the people being killed sprang from another angle to squarely face the agitation. By shooting unarmed Biafrans while they carried only placards and fliers, he was only nurturing the monster that would destroy him. The people you shoot might come from another dimension and that dimension will be brutal and revengeful.

Despite every effort made to conceal the true mission of Avengers, it has not stopped them from demanding the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu and the conduct of referendum for the people of Biafra. The reason for the emergence of militants is to squarely face the murderous government of Buhari and now they are out, the government is bleeding and pleading. The more we continue to be insincere is the more we continue to worsen the problem. If the right formula is not applied again, this mathematical problem will not be solved; we would fail and fell into our graves and as for Biafrans, death is nothing because we have tasted it.

Avengers have come to avenge the death of the people murdered; they are the consequences of the failed mathematical problem. They are Biafrans and they are freedom fighters, fighting the same fight those freedom fighters with placards were fighting. The difference is; these freedom fighters are carrying guns like Buhari’s executors, who have been executing freedom fighters with placards. Now with gun; I believe Buhari will understand and seek peace, as it stands, I foresee another mathematical failure. There is time left to address the hostility of the freedom fighters before it gets worse. Freedom fighting with gun is often a full blown war, the war has not blown because there is pipeline to destroy, once pipeline finishes, the war will start like a riot and consume us all.

Any effort to suppress these freedoms fighters will end in disaster; I am not the first to predict this outcome. As a journalist; I bear the moral burden to save humanity and innocent children that would suffer the mistake of politicians that call themselves leaders. African children need a moment of peace, their ears must not damage with screaming guns. The politicians in the high places may think their children are far away from the effect of the war. Buhari said Nigerians will all drown like any of his children will drown; he plans to drown children of others and save his own children. This is why the people should stand and oppose the evil politician even though world leaders would not oppose him. The simple mathematics is meeting the original demand of releasing Nnamdi Kanu and entering into dialogue. Africa must learn to dialogue matters than gun matters; Britain handled Scotland self determination without the sound of a cocked gun.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
This instability in all quarters is coming as a result of the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu; Nigeria failed to solve the mathematics by arresting Nnamdi Kanu instead of push for dialogue. They failed again by shooting unarmed protesters to give birth to armed protesters. They are failing again by hiring Saudi mercenaries, not releasing Nnamdi Kanu as demanded by armed freedom fighters and planning a military action. They will cause war as a result of their failure and Biafra will yet come with the country losing healthy diplomatic ties or risking continued war even after Biafra independence. There is chance for this mathematics to be solved once and for all.

The Nigerian state is bleeding, there is poverty here and there; the whole country is becoming a lost state. Nigeria is on the path of Somalia but Biafrans will survive any condition because they are sojourners. Biafra has come to a point that it cannot go back or be wished away; Buhari has brought Biafra to a point that it cannot be negotiated again. Now Avengers sprang because peaceful protesters were cut off; war-soldiers will be made out of Avengers if Buhari tries to cut them off. At this point, I urge for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and dialogue to save innocent children of Africa at the mercy of octogenarians who complement their lives with the blood of children of Africa.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Chinwe Korie

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