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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

EXPOSED: Secret Execution of Biafran Youths by the Nigerian Government


By Kings J.V Chibuzor
For family writers

The Nigerian government and it's smart ways of clamping down and executing innocent Biafrans continued, investigation carried out revealed  that the Nigerian government has device a new means of exterminating the Biafrans. Their latest means is going around on different platforms of the social media announcing for what they call the Biafra security service (BSS) recruitment. Thereby capturing the unsuspecting youths who ignorantly applies for the recruitment in the process and disappearing them completely. 

The department of state services (DSS) with their secret agents have kidnapped and maimed hundreds of Biafran youths with the disguise of recruiting them. Recently the Nigerian government deployed about 800 released boko haram terrorists in Nigerian Police uniform to Biafra land and their assignment is to kidnap our young youths and take them to unknown destination, this shows that President Muhammadu Buhari is trying every means possible to secretly exterminate Biafrans. Many cases of missing youths have been severally tabled to IPOB Journalists and our findings proved that the work of the deployed military personnel in Biafra land is to kidnap and kill all the Igbo-Biafra responsible youths by every means possible.

IPOB is warning all Biafran youths that the plan to establish BSS is brought by the Nigerian government to disorganize and secretly kill as much as they can the Biafran youths agitating for the sovereign state of Biafra. This people are not with us, they are the same thing as Boko Haram terrorists parading on military uniforms that shoots molest and kill armless and peaceful protesters. The Nigerian government is aware that IPOB is sagacious, fanatical and ordained by the creator of the heavens and earth for the struggle to restore the sovereign state of Biafra and nothing can hinder the struggle, kidnapping and killing us can never stop or pause the struggle. Rather it strengthened us more to mobilize and defend ourselves by every means possible. It's either Biafra flag is raised up or their will be nothing left in Nigeria. BIAFRA OR DEATH!

Edited by Jenny Black
For Family Writers.

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