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Monday, 15 August 2016

MEND Have Sold their Conscience, Freedom and Birthright for a Porridge of Yam

MEND have Sold their Conscience, Freedom and Birthright for a Porridge of Yam

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

If there is anything that has placed a dark spot to the agitations of Niger Delta activists since 2004, it is no other thing than the activities of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, popularly known as MEND. Right from the onset, the group has turned itself to a blunder that should never have happened. Not only was the agitations which led to the present day much politicised Presidential Amnesty Programme(PAP) woefully misguided and lacking every reasonable objective, it was also characterised with numerous criminal activities such as robbery, kidnapping, piracy, and oil theft.

 In describing the characteristics of MEND, Wikipedia released this damning report which reads as follows-
"Since October 2012 MEND has hijacked 12 ships, kidnapped 33 Sailors and killed 4 oil workers."
 The famous media outlet went further to state that "more than 200 foreigners have been kidnapped since 2006" by the outrageous activities of the group.

 If there is anything to be compared to the misguided aspirations of MEND, it is no other thing than Ralph Uwazurike's version of MASSOB now known as Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), whose criminal and sabotaging activities left the Biafra restoration project in a bottomless pit before the divine emergence of IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua during his administration was wise enough to have known that the sole objective of those behind MEND is the stupendous acquisition of wealth, as well as immunity from their outstanding criminal activities, he knew that they were far from representing the general will and freedom of the people; hence introduced the scam called the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The Amnesty Programme was used to divert attention of the agitators from the reality on ground, which is the deplorable state the ecosystem and human life have been subjected to in the region, as a result of the oil production activities. The Nigerian government knew that to gain a full control of the oil in the region, the agitators who are in position to speak out for the masses had to be silenced with irresistible incentives and lobbying. The 'resource control' agitation of MEND and other synonymous groups succumbed to the ploy of the federal government and the rest became history.

Till today, the people are still begging for the benefit of what belongs to them, the lands and rivers are now even more polluted than ever, the people are now impoverished more than ever, while MEND and their cohorts enjoys their pleasures and leisure from the couches of their riches and some billion dollar contracts. Why won't MEND defend the Nigerian government despite the sufferings and inhumane treatments their people have been subjected? Why won't MEND in their desperation to protect the source of their wealth ally with the fantastically corrupt Nigerian politicians against Niger Delta Avengers who have risen to say enough is enough to the subjugation and marginalisation of their people through more sophisticated and civilised procedures?
It is certain that MEND are in a quest of relevance and survival, even if it means standing against their own people. They are ever ready to do anything to please Buhari inorder to evade experiencing same treatment that is being meted out on Tompolo. They are ever ready to masquerade their evil records, hence they have chained themselves in the slavery of drumming songs of praise for Buhari's failure.
  It is obvious that the government of President Muhammadu already has the record as the most clueless, visionless and tyrannical government Nigeria has ever had despite having spent less than 15 months in office. Buhari and his cohorts are desperate to divert the attention of Nigerians from their glaring failures and inadequacies, thanks to MEND who have subjected themselves as willing tools.

 From inventing incomprehensible propaganda and unfounded allegations against  Nnamdi Kanu, NDA, IPOB, former President Goodluck Jonathan and other notable opposition politicians in the country through their newly created Real Niger Delta Avengers and their media henchmen, further proves that those behind MEND are inarguably living up to the expectations of their paymasters.

MEND have murdered their conscience and buried their freedom. The fact that they are being used to fight against their own people can only spell a catastrophical end for them because they will soon be rejected by both their people and their paymasters. There is need for MEND to use their tongue and count their teeth because nothing can take steal the joy of freedom away from the people.

1 comment

  1. thank GOD for thise good news they want to meet up in life .cus the country is hard,since they have decided to betray their peaple of niger delta no problem but they should knw that GOD is watching them soon they wil become laughing stoke .god bless biafra an avengers an ipob amen


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