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Sunday, 7 August 2016



By Ndubuisi Ezeonyebuchi
For Family Writers

The Great Leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi kanu has always seen everything years before it manifest. A time like this is not surprised to the Family Writers because it has been long prophesied by our Great leader, a time when the murderous government of Mohammadu Buhari will abandon the righteous thing to do, and keep jumping from pillar to post, forming fake militant groups in a bid to avert justice.  "Anokwa m Ebe m no, Ndi na Akpu m Isi na Agba m Okirikiri" -- That is a famous saying of our Great Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, meaning; I am still yet sat at my long ever position, while those barbing my hair keep running around.

Our position is this, release your Prisoner of Conscience, POC, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and permit BIAFREXIT, that is an irreversible position and upon which do Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Great, IPOB and other Biafrans stand.  Beating around the bush, jumping from pillar to post and running around someone who sat for his hair to be dressed is an exercise in futility.

The MIRAGE, Reformed Niger Delta Avenger group, RNDA, is not the first fake Group-Faction formed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in their evil and barbaric bid to fight IPOB and Great Nnamdi Kanu. Several other anti-IPOB groups which rapidly collapsed were formed by illiterate Mohammadu Buhari. We can remember Fake-groups such as Bakassi Strike Force, APC-MEND and Billie Human Right Initiative. These Mirage groups were formed against the original group and IPOB.

The report originated from an infamous media, Sahara Reporters which say that an NDA splinter group, RNDA have emerged from the group and have subsequently exposed their sponsors which includes; IPOB, Goodluck Jonathan, Nyeso Wike, Godswill Akpabio others, is a joke which can only be believed by an uninformed, fools and simple-minded. For the avoidance of doubt, The Niger Delta Avengers, NDA is a sophisticated armed freedom fighting group with the aim of fighting against injustices meted on the Izon clan and also press for the release of the general Leader, Nnamdi Kanu and has no affiliation with compromised politician such as; Goodluck Jonathan, Nyeso Wike, Godswill Akpabio and others. NDA is a formidable armed group and are equal to the task, they sponsor themselves, fund themselves and carry actions themselves. Nigeria government created this fake RNDA to blackmail politicians from Biafra region, in order to get their cooperation and alliance to crush NDA.

Nigeria government under Mohammadu Buhari the Pedophile knows that he is the cause of the whole chaos, and that there is no splinter NDA. He knows that the only way to avert doom is an unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu and BIAFREXIT or face the great NDA in the creek. Now that his (Buhari) soldiers are down; they are exhausted, demoralized and fearful. Instead of him to accept defeat, rather, he embarks on cheap blackmail of accusing Eastern politicians. The position of IPOB remain unshakable, we have always maintain our ground from the beginning, if Buhari Led FG exhausted themselves from running from pillar to post, they must come to our draconian position which is Biafra.

Below is a message obtained from Niger Delta Avengers’ website


The thinking to lure the public to another lie of spirit in the Niger Delta Avengers is only the ways of a government agents and agencies with delusional disorder. This is result of a government and security agencies that are only becoming childish everyday for engaging drug addicts, bank robbers, sea pirates, falling political angels and charlatans to undo the Niger Delta people our genuine desire to self determination and resource control.

The public and all sane minds should know that the entire household of the Niger Delta Avengers remain intact, we are in good spirit with highest morals and even more dedicated toget the ultimate targets. We are not like the present Nigeria government, military and security agencies that have thrown intelligence to the dustbin and are being pushed around by dirty moral and egos of political thugs, criminals and illegal crude oil bunkerers like Boyloaf, Timipre Silva, Ayiri Emami, and their main collaborator Mr. Lawal Daura (DG DSS). It is quite unfortunate that, Cynthia Whyte and Jomo Gbomo of defunct Joint Revolutionary Council and MEND respectively are the spokesperson of the Nigerian intelligentsia community because of some political interest and a government that have abdicated powers to clansmen and tribal lords.

The fact checks about Cynthia Whyte AKA George Karley and his sponsors should be laid bare before the public now that the Nigerian security and intelligent community has turned the Niger Delta genuine struggle to a tool of political patronage and money making machine for miscreants and conflict merchants. The name Cynthai Whyte was the negotiation organ for Mr. Victor Ebikabowei Ben (Boyloaf), Former governor Timipre Silva and Sele Ebikabowei for settlements in kidnappings, bank robberies, illegal crude oil bunkering and dirty jobs for government. Like sending of Sele Ebikabowei to South Africa to testify against Henry Okah, back at home against Charles Okah and Edmund Ebiwari after collecting huge bribes. So we are not surprised for this so-called MEND speaking under Victor Ebikabowei Ben (Boyloaf) to introduce his complete house to collect more patronages in their desperation.

Conclusively, it tis the house of the Nigeria security and intelligentstia community that is having splits and giving room to miscreants to be speaking for them as president Muhammadu Buhari abdicate governance to his kinsmen and tribal lords. We warned the world and Nigerians earlier, especially the Barr. Odein Ajumogobias, the Judith Asunis and HRM, Majesty King Alfred Diette Spiffs to think before they leap with characters using a compromised platform called MEND that is sold and bought up by special interests of the Nigerian Security agencies that are working for this APC government of lies and deceits.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo

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