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Monday, 29 August 2016

NNAMDI KANU'S ARREST : "Nigerian president (Muhammadu Buhari) thinks he’s some sort of god"---Maxine Wood

NNAMDI KANU ARREST : "Nigerian president (Muhammadu Buhari) thinks he’s some sort of god"---Maxine Wood

Maxine Wood

Maxine Wood is a British citizen and also lives in England, she gave her thoughts on the ongoing killings of Biafran people by Buhari led Nigerian government . In an Interview with Okonkwo Isaac Somto of Family Writers, She shared her experience on her first and only visit to Nigeria. While speaking on the President of Nigeria, Maxine expressed her concerns towards the constant violation of human right law by President Buhari, who has been killing unarmed Biafrans.

She stated that freedom of speech and expression should be held at a high regard by any democratic government. She was also surprised that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu was arrested by president Buhari just because he asked for the right to self-determination for his people (Biafrans).

“Hell yes, everybody should have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And I know absolutely nothing of President Buhari but anybody who goes using power to kill innocent civilians for protesting and voicing their opinions, how would he feel if it was the other way round. If he wasn’t president and he wanted a voice, no sorry, you don’t control people with violence because there will never be peace or anything. Yes, everybody should have freedom of speech and expression. Everybody! We all born to say what we need to say and what we want to say, and live our lives as we want to live them. Even as a president you don’t control your people, you lead your people. And to lead people you got to lead by example and do things the right way or you will never have a peaceful country and there will always be a war.” She noted.

She further noted and I quote.. “I mean our monarchy doesn’t go around killing people for freedom of speech. I mean we can talk whatever we want on Facebook, we can say what we want on the street. We can even say it to a member of the parliaments, what we think of them. Some of our politicians when they have been in the houses of parliaments, people have been waiting outside with eggs, eggs. And they throw eggs at them. And also freedom of speech is freedom of speech.

You don’t kill people for that. Also the problem we have in Britain is that our government doesn’t even care about the things happening outside of Great Britain. Our newspapers and our TV news don’t even publish what’s kicking off in England, they all lie. The only way we find about the truth, what’s going in England is by social networking. Cause the government control it all. This is it, init? I can’t keep saying, I can’t say, how do they keep killing people in Nigeria, if I didn’t know about it. And I’ve only started to find out about it through you. You know what, I don’t even understand why Britain has to interfere over the years in other countries. I don’t even understand that.”

On the illegal arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, she said…. “The guy who got the dual passport? British passport, who has been in jail since October 14th? Of course it’s not right. He’s just voicing his opinion for freedom. No it’s totally wrong. You know it’s a bit like Nelson Mandela again, isn’t it? Of course his arrest is wrong, very wrong. Any normal, normal person with empathy and heart and common sense would know this is wrong. So the Nigerian president (Muhammdu Buhari) thinks he’s some sort of god. If United Nations and World leaders can’t do nothing, what are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to do, because I tell you what, you tell me and I’ll do it.

Also speaking on her first two (2) weeks visit to Nigeria, Maxine who had a mind blowing experience, made known the difficulties and corruption she witnessed in a country that treats tourists with no respect. She also voiced out her astonishment, when she realized how dangerous it was for a white woman to be traveling alone in Nigeria. She also stated how difficult it was for anyone to get in and out of Nigeria, while concluding that Nigeria is the “Scam Hub” of Africa.

“After my visit to Nigeria I couldn’t call it a holiday but an experience. I spent two (2) weeks in Nigeria clamped up in a hotel. It was very difficult to go to an ATM machine without having an armed guard with me. It was very difficult how everybody wanted a piece of me, you know even down to the hotel manager who wanted to collect my mobile phone. The receptionist wanted me to buy her a drink and to also give her one, just one of my earrings or the maid who wanted me to leave her two dresses, and everybody asked me for something out there. Even down to the soldiers, not wanting to let me back into the airport to catch my flight until I have given them something.

She continued..."That is f**king wrong, you can quote me on that, word for word. And everywhere I went in Nigeria I got pointed out at and “White woman, White woman, White woman” I never stopped once and pointed and said “Black guy, Black guy, Black guy” ‘cause I just wouldn’t, it was rude, very rude. I didn’t realize how much danger I put myself in, a white woman travelling on her own to Nigeria, only when I came home and I was like ‘Wow’. It’s too hard to get into Nigeria and it’s too hard to get out of Nigeria. This is another thing why Nigeria is the ‘Hub’, is the ‘Scam Hub’ isn’t it? Because it’s so hard to get out of Nigeria. If people in England acted like the Nigeria people do, who worked like in hotels, the manager, it’ll be instant dismissal, instant. Instant dismissal, it doesn’t go on over here. It doesn’t go on in America, Nigeria is just ‘give me, give me, and give me’. Nigeria wasn’t a holiday, Nigeria was an experience, an experience which am so glad I did, but wow, yea wow, different planet, different planet all together.

"And what I do notice about Nigeria is that, the News is all controlled really, and the Newspaper controlled by her government. There is nothing about the outside world, total blackout. But Nigeria has got a nickname known worldwide, in fact my father told me the nickname about 20years ago. It was mentioned on the News once, Nigeria no if not 30years ago and have never heard of Nigeria before obliviously. But my father was in the Navy and he done Africa and he made a comment, and I said, what does that mean? And he said, well that’s what it’s known by, that’s what people call Nigeria. And I was like, ‘oh didn’t know that’. But since then yea, 30-40years down the line I have heard other people call it that.

They actually call it, the hmm, am sorry this is not my words ok? This is what people say. But then again, Nigeria has its own reputation. They call Nigeria “the shit hole of the world”. Basically, Nigeria is the Toilet to the whole world. Though I would love to go back to Nigeria but it's too dangerous and it's too difficult to get there because of Visas and paperwork's. Also the reason that Nigeria has got the name that it has, the "scam hub" is because the people in Nigeria and most of Africa countries can't leave. Why? It's so difficult for this People to go anywhere else in the world without an invite from somebody abroad. Some people there become desperate and do desperate things and this is why they scam alot of white women as well, because they will do anything to get out of there. If there was freedom for this People where they could fly back and forth, like most people in the world do, then half of the scamming would stop because people won't use any people as means to get out of the country. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourselves, the government need to ask themselves why are people so desperate to leave the beautiful Africa? because Africa has my heart and would always have my heart."

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