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Saturday, 13 August 2016



Written by Ogochukwu Nnanna,
For Family Writers.
Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, born into the family of His Royal Highness Chief and Lolo Israel Okwu Kanu, he is a gift to Biafra. I thank Chukwu okike Abiama for the womb that gave birth to him. Its indeed a womb that gave birth to a king (Afo muru Eze) more often, it is disheartening that someone will have such a gift from God and fails to know its importance. There is an adage which says that one does not value what he has until he loses it.

God specifically ordained Nnamdi Kanu to liberate his people (Biafrans) from bondage and slavery by the British-Nigeria government. Biafrans have been subjugated in different ways by Hausa Fulani's and no single soul has taken it upon themselves to put a stop to it or to lead their people out from all these mess.  Nnamdi Kanu who without any atom of fear specifically came out to do that but many people didn't appreciate him rather some are working assiduously to spoil what he has put in place. If our people had known the importance of this gift to Biafra, they wouldn't have been looking down on him.

He started by educating our people concerning the role the British government played in our land especially in the area of oil and the Biafran war. My father gave me a little hint of some of these things but it was Nnamdi Kanu who hit the nail on the head (Onye tiwara anu Oyibo Nsugbe) Nobody has ever opened my eyes like the way mazi Nnamdi Kanu did. He made me and other Biafrans to begin to think and reason like human beings. He killed the spirit of inferiority complex in the lives of many Biafrans and he made us to know about our history which was prohibited in schools before now. He is the brain behind the unification of South South and South East, he made us to know that all Biafrans are one, he made it categorically clear that Biafra is not for the Igbos only. His teachings made some people to come to their senses from the so called divide and rule game. He abolished the so-called South South and South East including the Niger Delta rubbish created to divide our people.

Thank God that today he has awaken those that have been asleep. He equally made many of us know own origin and history. And now many people can confidently say that they are Biafrans. He put the spirit of boldness in us and made us to be fearless before our enemies. The most interesting of it all is that he made us to know that we are one people with the same blood flowing in our veins. Now each and every one of us knows our roots and whether it be from Akwaibom or Ijaw we one people, initially, so many people think that the name 'Biafra' is meant for the Igbos alone without the knowledge that it is beyond what they think. Nnamdi Kanu also made us to know that Philip Efiong, the number two biafran man was ojukwu's vice then and hailed from Akwaibom State in Biafra land. He exposed Nigeria and her fake media, termed it

Nnamdi Kanu exposed Lord Lugard and his wicked amalgamation of people of different cultures and traditions. In those days, I thought that what Lord Lugard did for us was favourable not knowing that he did an evil act that requires no forgiveness. Nnamdi kanu explained this amalgamation in such a way that even a child in the womb can understand it. We are people who believe deeply in the most High Chukwu okike Abiama before British came and lured us into this disastrous amalgamation as mazi Nnamdi kanu would always say.

Without Nnamdi kanu, many people would have still been battling in ignorance and wouldn't have known where they come from.  In spite of all these, our people have failed to know and understand that Nnamdi kanu is indeed a gift to us. He used most of his time on radio Biafra to enlighten our people. He is not only a lecturer but also a prophet of our time. Some people call him their teacher, mentor, role model etc but he is more than that I must say. During the time of Uwazuruike, people did not understand the idea of Biafra struggle very well because he centered it as an Igbo affair but Nnamdi Kanu came and countered those rubbish and carried everybody along, be you an Izon, Igbo, Ishekiri, Igbanke, Ibibio, Idoma , Igala, etc. And that is it why today, Biafra has gained  a very huge monumentum.

People have begin to see it as their own thing and some now are ready to die for Biafra to be restored. Nnamdi kanu is a great prophet in the sense that all he has said and predicted have all come to pass and when he said that he would destroy Nigeria, many people thought that it was by the use of gun or atomic bomb. He is a man who sees tomorrow and a man who reads into future and tells what it could be. God really ordained him for this Biafra restoration and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

He was born to restore Biafra and its lost glory. He is a gift to Biafra and mankind and not only to his family.
Now that he is being kidnapped by Buhari, some of our people are happy. Some even connived with Buhari to make sure that he is not released. All these are wickedness and envy. Those like the ohaneze ndi iigbo (marijuana) were among those that don't want him  released because of their selfish interest  and because he  exposed their evil and their connection with Buhari and the federal government. But I assure them that since it was God that called him for this mission, he must be released unconditionally to fulfill this mission. His kidnapping has popularized the Biafra agitation both locally and internationally and still counting till date.

Our people should stand up to support him because he has not disappointed us. They have promised him heaven and earth yet he still mentains and stands on his slogan "Either Biafra or Death" making even Obasanjo to doubt whether Nnamdi kanu is an Igbo man because they all have the believe that Igbo man and  money are inseparable. They believed that if you give an Igbo man huge amount of money ,he forgets about what he is pursuing just like Uwazurike and Co but they have seen that Nnamdi kanu's case is different. He would rather die in prison than to collect bride and abandon Biafra restoration project.

He is in prison today not for his own betterment but because of his love for his people to liberate them from  bondage and slavery. He left his beautiful wife and his children, his wealth and his comfort and even good things he enjoys in London and came down to Nigeria to die for us all.  Why can't we stand up to show this Joshua of our own time love and support? Why have many chosen to criticise him instead of standing in solidarity with him? Imagine being in his shoes! He has paid the ultimate price for Biafra which no one would have been ready to pay. He has fully sacrificed his life for this noble course but our people failed to understand that.

Whether you like it or not he is that Joshua that will lead us to that promise land Biafra, a land that is flowing with milk and honey. The kingdom of God on earth and the last miracle on earth. The  earlier we understand that Nnamdi Kanu is a gift to Biafra the better for us.

  Edited by Ngozi Kalu For Family writers

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  1. do not mind useless zoo politicians mostly from the BIAFRA LAND who have sold there soul to devil b/c of money


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