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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Northerners will go to war again to keep Nigeria one – Lawal Kaita

Northerners will go to war again to keep Nigeria one – Lawal Kaita

Lawal Kaita
Published by Family Writers

Alhaji Lawal Kaita, one of the hardcore northern politician, he helped President Muhammadu Buhari come to power and has lamented the change the Nigerians expected, according to him; “The change we expected, we haven’t got. I am part of it. I am one of those who feel bad. The good changes we expected, we are not getting. We are getting bad changes,” he said.

But in this interview Alhaji Kaita speaks on the ground of restructuring Nigeria, to him, the statement on the sovereignty of Nigeria by Professor Wole Soyinka and others is nonsensical and idiotic.

Kaita spoke on this and other issues of national interest in a recent telephone interview with Saturday Sun.


We want to get your opinion on the statement by Professor Wole Soyinka and other Nigerians about the need to negotiate Nigeria’s sovereignty?

What kind of negotiation? What kind of negotiation? In what direction? In what way?
That’s what Professor Wole Soyinka said, that Nigeria’s sovereignty can be negotiated?
How? To be what? She should be sold or what? I don’t understand what is meant by negotiation of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

That we can negotiate how to be together?
You mean Nigeria itself? Whether Nigeria can be split or what?

That the decentralisation of Nigeria would make for healthy rivalry?

Oh no. That is not an option. You cannot live for 100 years and start talking about negotiation simply because some people have oil. It’s nonsense. It is ridiculous. Why do they want negotiation, in fact?

It is not the issue of oil…?

What is the issue?

I am sure you have heard groups like MASSSOB, IPOB saying they want to go their own way.

That’s not the issue of oil?
Who wants to go?

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB

Go to where?

They want to be on their own

They want to be on their own?

I am sure you have been reading this, Your Excellency?

But we fought a civil war against Biafra. We killed ourselves to keep Nigeria one and now you are saying you want to fight again? Who will allow you to go alone? We’ll fight again to keep Nigeria one. Where are they going? Where? Haba! We fought civil war. We went to war.

Perhaps, it is the National Conference recommendations that have brought up these issues of sovereignty and restructuring. Are you in support of the implementation of the conference recommendations?

Are you still talking of negotiation?

No. There are issues like derivation that were recommended by the people who went to the National Conference and…

(Cuts in) I went to the National Conference…

(Cuts in) Yes. That is why we are seeking your opinion. Do you believe that the recommendations you made should be implemented?

Such as what?

The recommendations you made. Do you want them implemented?

What recommendation is not implemented? Which one?

There are many things the conference you attended recommended. For instance,  there is the issue of 30 percent derivation and…

(Laughter) Well, let’s put it this way. I, Lawal Kaita you are talking to now have been part of Nigerian politics all along. I was part of the conference you are talking about. I am not prepared to negotiate anything, whether Independence, sovereignty or anything. I am not prepared to negotiate it.

Why? Your Excellency

If you have a parliament, why can’t you go to the parliament? We have a National Assembly. Why can’t you raise this issue in the National Assembly first? It is when they fail that you can now talk of negotiation. But you have not done this and you are talking of negotiation. Negotiating what? Advice them in the name of God instead of all these problems, let them take this issue to the National Assembly one by one.

But, Your Excellency, more than 40 years after the civil war, some people will say they still live in fear and suspicion with some traces of religious crisis rising. What do you think is the way out?

Why do they live in fear? Who killed them? Who goes after them? If it is government, that government was Jonathan’s government. He was President. The one before that was Obasanjo. Now, a Northerner is a president, they are talking of negotiation. Why didn’t they talk about that when Jonathan was President? Why? When Jonathan was President, Boko Haram was going on. Why didn’t they talk then? Now, a Northerner is a President, you are talking about splitting the country. The country will not be split.

So, what is the way forward?

It is we Nigerians who are nursing this nonsense. All countries in the world are living peacefully. It is we the people.

Still on this issue, you seem to believe seriously in the Nigeria project

What is Nigeria project?

To you, things are working well in Nigeria the way they should?

I was born in Nigeria. 84 years ago, I was born in a country called Nigeria. Why would I want Nigeria to be split now? For what reason?

Some people would say because of injustice, manipulations and the rest

Who is doing the injustice? Buhari is just one year now. The last four years was by Jonathan who is a southerner and a minority. Before him was Obasanjo, a Yoruba man. You mean these two leaders committed injustice? How? Where? Haba! As long as we have Nigeria survive up till now, we will continue.

You will continue?

We will continue. We will continue

Some Nigerians are worried that more than one year after this government which some of you helped to come to power, they are yet to taste the expected change. Instead what they are getting is increased poverty, rising cost of living, intra-party squabbles and lots more that would not make us come together. What’s your take on this?

I entirely agree with them. There has been this complaint of extreme poverty. Even now, I have no electricity in my house. I was a former governor. Even now, I cannot afford electricity all the time. I have no electricity in my house now. I agree with what is going on. But splitting the country is not the answer. The change we expected, we haven’t got. I am part of it. I am one of those who feel bad. The good changes we expected we are not getting. We are getting bad changes. But as Buhari said, the damage done by the PDP in the last ten years…

(Cuts in) But Your Excellency, must we continue this blame game? Some people will say government is supposed to fix problems. One year after, do we continue to blame the PDP and past governments?

Well, blaming the PDP will not solve the problem. The problem is supposed to be solved by the present government. I agree. But splitting the country is not the answer.

What really do you think is the problem? Why are we having this rise in the cost of living? Is it that the policies of the government are different?

I don’t know. I am not in government. I am one of you. I am annoyed too why we are getting this increased cost of living. We expected changes for good. We are not getting that. We are having increases in everything, including petrol. I am part of you there. But splitting the country, I am not part of that.



  1. The statements here call for questioning. They signify the born to rule mentality of the Housa Fulani man. A greater number of Nigerians are calling for the restructuring of the country as a solution to Nigeria's ever increasing problems, while some top elites and politicians from the North are advocating for war again to keep Nigeria one. This is a serious matter.

  2. Why, why, why, must respected personalities like Father Keita see going to war as the only means of settling Nigerian issue crying out by several segments of the republic. I am sorry, so many people like me fooled to join against the Eastern region will never do it again, because we have seen the handwriting. Truly, any attempt to go to war to crush any section of the country without adequate consultation and agreement will be a lost investment. Who will fight with or for Lawal Kaita.

  3. I want to remind all Northerners that this is not 1967,we are in 2016.the caliber of people in 1967 is different with the caliber of people today.
    We Biafra's of today are well prepared to die for our freedom than to live as slave in Nigeria.

  4. This man is deranged! Kai! Who did this to us(biafrans)? It shall not be well with the british for doing this to us. Our redeemer liveth. Biafra must be restored

  5. Imagine this 84 year old man regarding people like the former President GEJ as coming from the minority. He never said any reasonable thing from the interview. He was concerned about not splitting Nigeria, but not concerned about addressing the issue of self-determination and freedom of people. If care is not taken, he is a co-sponsor of Boko Haram. Very foolish devilish old politicriminal!


  7. It was made Clear, The Sovereign State of Biafra is non negotiable

  8. What Lawal kaita is saying is to threatening Biafra about war. So that they will not fully in achieving their goal. What I should let him know is that yesterday war of yesterday is not today fight. If he have that in mind he should forget it. Biafra fought war so that he should know biafra is not new to war. If Hausa need peace biafra will give them. But if prevere war that will be where their problem will come. Let not forgot yuroba and bendel states were the biafra fighters. What is really is in biafra where you people want to died because of biafra living. Having they understand how Nigeria was form by they colonised master. Nigeria is not do or die to be one. So many countries in the world have splitted. They have never said is do or die we must be one. Biafra we stand divided biafra we fall. We shall not fall twice because cane can only beat a stupid man once.



    I pledge Nigeria is not my country, how can i be faithful, loyal and honest to an expired country? To be a Nigerian is not by force, i don't defend her unity, i don't uphold her honor and glory, so BREAK it God.”

    Ise isee Iseee....The pedophile will speed up the process.

  10. As much as I assail this stupid old fart, Mallam Kaita , for his buffoonery in his lame argument, however, the piece sadly exposes the pervasive mediocrity in today's Nigeria's journalism, perhaps a sequela to the bastardization of education in Nigeria, courtesy of "Born to Rule" policy of idiocy. Folks, we NEED BIAFRA to clean things up!

  11. Mallam Kaita, instead of advocating for peace as an old man you are threatening war which consume the lives of innocent masses. Heartless, Hausa/fulani can never become terror to this nation. The only way out is restructuring.


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