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Saturday, 6 August 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

There is an article published by the junk and political reporters called 'Sahara Reporters which said: "AVENGERS SPLIT AS FACTION THREATENS TO EXPOSE SPONSORS AND MEMBERS".
This is laughable.

This are the same political reporters who were paid to feed the public with trash, same people who publish the fake story of Aisha Buhari's visit to America and who are always used as a tool to feed the people with lies manufactured by the Nigeria government.

It's a pity that after creating a fake militant group in Akwa Ibom state who threatened Avenger, they also created a fake radio station. All these were done to confuse, distract and feed the masses with lies which suddenly failed woefully.
Now, they are trying to create another fake group and tag it 'Faction of the Avengers'.
And in order to distract the people, they're now circulating a fake news through the help of their politically manipulated news media’s.

Days of feeding the masses with lies are over because the truth is here.
Avengers are not like the Nigeria political tugs and criminal who always wake up any day and behave anyhow.
Avengers can't descend so low to the extent of splitting and also threatening to expose sponsors and members.

It's quite obvious that those who call themselves journalists in Nigeria don't even posses the true qualities of journalists; they don't even investigate facts before publishing it on their platforms.
They depend on the Nigeria government and their agents called 'Sahara reporters' for news and updates.  Very shameful  .
The Nigeria government will always manufacture lies because that's their identity but I want Biafrans and lovers of truth to disregard such lies that Avengers have split. If there is anything or update about the struggle for freedom from Avengers, they (Avengers) will notify the public by themselves as they always do.

Here they come again trying to create another fake faction of avengers with some elements as they did in Akwa Ibom state by creating Fake and political militants and a fake radio station.

After the fake news from Sahara reporters and other medias; Avengers through their spokesperson (Brig. Gen. Modoch Agbinibo) said:
"The so-call Cynthia Whyte a.k.a George Karley and his so-called RNDA has never been part or ally of NDA. He and his co-travelers are just wannabes.

General public, the structure and command of the NDA is intact, George Karley a.k.a Cynthia Whyte and his paymasters should go and re-strategy".

With the above information from Avengers, it shows how desperate the Nigeria government is in the attempt to disorganize the struggle for freedom and feed the masses with lies.
Take note:
There no split or anything of such in the midst or camp of real Avengers (the freedom fighters said).

Those parading themselves as another faction of ND Avengers or RNDA are wannabes who are sponsored by Nigeria government. They are not part of Avengers besides,
Avengers are still strong and intact.

Apart from ND Avengers; the general public should disregard any other group or faction who claims they're part of Avengers.
Avengers are still intact.

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