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Saturday 27 August 2016

The International Community, We Are Humans Too

The International Community, We Are Humans Too

By Chima Chibueze
For Family Writers

Since the year 2015, Fulani herdsmen slaughter Christians and Agrarian communities in Biafra every month.

August 12th 2016: a mother and her daughter were murdered in their home in Imo by Fulani herdsmen.

August 22nd 2016: Eight Christian students were burnt to death by Islamic extremists in Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Zamfara.

August 23rd 2016: Nigerian soldiers summarily executed two men in the Niger Delta and posted the images on social media.

August 25th 2016: Fulani herdsmen kill scores of villagers in Nkanu, Enugu. Many of the victims' bellies were slit open and the bowels gutted out.

If any of these happened in Europe or America, the international media (Western, Asian and African) would carry it for days. Facebook would probably put up that country's flag filter as a sign of empathy. But when it's about us, we just have to be contented and grateful that the 'lords of internet' and social media allow us to talk about and share distasteful stories from our "dark" world.

We are beginning to get it. Right now, our people wonder whether they are, at all, considered as much humans as Europeans by the rest of the world. The Christians among us debate, most times, whether they're as christian as the Christians outside Africa.

When you see how the governments of the countries you consider you’re Christian 'big brothers' that should understand your plight, encourage and support systems that put your freedom and lives in jeopardy, it's really hard to believe you share the same Christian brotherhood with them.

If a non-religious or atheistic state sponsors, against every human inclination, injustice and repressive governments in other countries, it may be fairly understandable. When a certain Sunni Prince finances a war against a Shia-backed government and backs a Sunni Islamist-government's genocidal war against a Christian populace, one could say he does them for religious supremacy. But when some supposedly Christians that are politicians of christian-oriented countries collude with a despotic and supremacist regime occupying your homeland to keep you—a Christian people, in total slavery, it is treacherous and despicable. The same people who should have been your natural allies. I feel it's more hurtful than when Judas Iscariot sold Jesus out.

The dysfunctional Niger-area company, also known as Nigeria, is a system of political and economic interests of foreign and local actors. It's a failed state. As a matter of fact, it wasn't meant to sustain the collective survival and existence of the different unlucky nations encircled into it. Even the amalgamator of Nigeria—Britain acknowledged that the constituent nations of Nigeria "are like oil and water" that can never mix. Just like many other remaining cruel creations by colonialists in Africa, it's a relic of white supremacists' large-scale human experimentation on black Africans. Imagine how it would be if opposing nations like the USA, North Korea and Iran were locked up in one "country". You can imagine the only people that would profit from that arrangement. The same people that would create it and insist on its continued existence.

The picture below is of the Niger Delta—the oil-rich region of Biafra that produces the oxygen that runs Nigeria and the many multinational oil companies that exploit Biafra. The home of the freedom fighters, of the militants that the Federal Government of Nigeria wants to tag a terrorist label. The young men are summarily executed; and the women are molested on a regular basis by Nigerian soldiers.

All these atrocities exist because the Niger-area arrangement exists. Another way to see Nigeria is to understand it was a British imperial economic project. Nigeria later gained political independent from Britain, but after the Biafran war, Nigeria became a multinational economic project of all the countries and entities that fought that war on the Nigerian side.

This was reflected by the oil boom that followed the cruel war that is regarded as the worst genocide in sub-Saharan Africa. All the major countries that supported Nigeria in that war are permanent members of United Nations Security Council while some of the others have been, in one time or the other, members of the Security Council. Do you now see the reason for the UN's careless attitude towards the Biafran situation? These guys are the real "international community".

If there was a request for a military intervention to sustain the sadistic Niger-area arrangement, these guys wouldn't waste any time to send, from their respective home countries, arms and personnel down to Nigeria. They don't care about our lives. I don't think they consider us human beings. People that have the same rights as any nation in the West to naturally determine their collective future. The freedom to enjoy basic human rights.

But we are humans too.

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