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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

BIAFRA: It's Time Nigerians Face Reality: It's The Same Old Stories Since Independence

It's Time Nigerians Face Reality: It's The Same Old Stories Since Independence

By Okonkwo Isaac Somto
For Family Writers

Nigeria is over fifty (50) years now and yet there is nothing fruitful and positive to show forth since her creation. At independence in 1960, many of the founding fathers thought they were embarking on a rosy journey filled with a table of wine and cheese. While some ended up achieving these dream, others were picking up the leftovers falling from the table. Those who were corrupt and cruel benefitted from the resources and wealth coming out of Nigeria, while those who were deemed weak and kind, were at the receiving end of the cruelty and oppression. Political corruption is a persistent phenomenon in Nigeria. In 2015, Nigeria was estimated to have lost over $700billion to corruption since independence. Nigeria is an embodiment of corruption, however power sharing at the federal level among the major ethnic groups and regions of the country has been a thorny issue since independence. In fact Nigeria was programmed and constructed in such a way it will politically be favourably to the Northerners. Am not steering up any ethical hatred just merely starting the obvious,

Now let's take a quick and brief look at the event's that has transpired since Nigeria independence.

1. Power tussle

From one military coup to another, from one political war to another,  From one ethic governmental superiority to another, No unity. No 'One Nigeria'.

2. Biafra-Nigeria Civil War

After it was evident that Igbo-Biafrans would always be the minorities and Slaves in Nigeria, Biafrans fought for their freedom from the chains of 'One Nigeria' and for the sovereign state of Biafra, this call for freedom and self-determination resulted to the death of over 3.5million Biafrans in a genocidal act carried out by Nigeria and Britain, just to keep the Nigeria sovereignty at all costs.

3. Corruption and oppression

Over $700billion has been stolen since independence by greedy and selfish Nigeria politicians through policies that remains favorable to themselves alone. While this trends still continues, most of the stolen money are taken abroad mainly to England (the colonial masters of the fantastically corrupt Nigeria) where they buy expensive properties and send their own children abroad for the best luxuries and education.

4. Religion Violence

Nigeria majorly dominated by Muslims continue to kill Christians at every chance they get on almost a daily basis in Nigeria. Thousands of Christians have been killed since the creation of Nigeria and nothing has been done by the Federal government of Nigeria to stop the unjust murder and executions of Christians.

5. Boko-Haram and Fulani Herdsmen

Boko-Haram has killed over 40,000 and displaced an estimated 2.5 million from their homes. Boko-Haram was ranked as the world’s deadliest terror group by the Global Terrorism index in 2015 according to Wikipedia. Fulani Herdsmen on the other hand, have gone on a rampage killing and conflicting with farmers; while there cattles destroy farm crops. The Fulani Herdsmen crisis remains a major issue in Nigeria. So far, thousands have been killed and many more have been expelled from their homes, and the Nigerian government does not appear willing to initiate any forceful action against them. Rather, they are requesting for pieces of land from states in order to provide the rampaging herdsmen with permanent feeding ground. Absurd!

6. Ethnic war

It's no news that the difficulties of living together in Nigeria as one from different ethnic groups still remains a big issue. Can you blame the conflicts coming from the Hausas, Yorubas or Biafrans? After all its Britain that ought to be faulted knowing full well, they are people of different entities, background, culture and religion, yet they went ahead with the amalgamation.

Even Lord Lugard who created Nigeria said: “The North and the South are like oil and water, they will never mix”.

Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa said: “The Southern people who are swamping into this region daily in such large numbers are really intruders; we don’t want them and they are not welcome here in the North. Since 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country. But the people are different in every way, including religion, custom, language and aspirations, we in the North take it that Nigeria unity is only a British intention for the country they created. IT IS NOT FOR US.”

Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo Said: “Nigeria is only a geographical expression to which life was given by the diabolical amalgamation of 1914 that amalgamation will EVER remain the most painful injury a British Government inflicted on Southern Nigeria.

Rtd General Yakubu Gowon said: “Suffice it to say that putting all considerations to the test, political, economic as well as social, the basis of unity is not there.”

Dr Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe said: “If this embryo republic of ours must disintegrate, then in the name of God, let the operation be a short and painless one.”

Colonial Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu said: “Nigeria is a stooge of Europe. Her independence was and is a lie. Nigeria committed many crimes against her nationals which in the end made complete nonsense of her claim to unity. Nigeria persecuted and slaughtered her minorities; Nigerian justice was a farce; her elections, her census, her politics – her everything – was corrupt. Qualification, merit and experience were discounted in public service. In one area of Nigeria, for instance, they preferred to turn a nurse who had worked for five years into a doctor rather than employ a qualified doctor from another part of Nigeria; barely literate clerks were made Permanent Secretaries; a university Vice-Chancellor was sacked because he belonged to the wrong tribe.”

These are quotes from the founding fathers of Nigeria. Even a 99-year-old man, named Albert Adesanwo, who served as a technician at the Nigerian Navy, declared that if he had a second chance to return to life after death, it won’t be as a Nigerian.

Now isn't it undeniably conspicuous that Nigeria can never and would never ever be a Nation? What else again must we undertake before we realise that the only solution for Nigeria is to break the falsehood and the programed mentality of 'One Nigeria' imposed on us by the same British government who have left us to kill ourselves and become savages, while they observe their experiments from afar. It's time we face the tune and go our separate ways. Indeed, the marriage is one of inconvenience that must be separated!
Biafrans can have their beloved Biafra Nation, Yorubas can have their Oduduwa Nation, Hausa-Fulani can have their Arewa Nation very simple and easy. This the bitter solution to the problem facing Nigeria and until we do so, Nigeria will always be a living hell for these three(3) Nations.

What's there to loss? What are we all scared of? Are the Yorubas not confident and proud of their culture, that they can't live without Biafrans or the Hausa-Fulani's? Or is that Nigerians haven't seen enough bloodshed and suffering? The only people benefiting from 'One Nigeria' are these corrupt leaders and politicians who have refused to step down since independence. They are the same set of people controlling the affairs of Nigeria to suit their own families and even their unborn generation to come. They don't care if Nigeria goes up in flames. All they care about is the oil wealth and power tussle that involves more bloodshed and violence. Right now, the unity of Nigeria is far more unstable than any other time in since independence and people are truly fed up. The break-up of Nigeria is now closer than ever before and it's just a matter of time before everyone bids their farewell. Have already said my farewell and looking forward to a New Nation (Biafra).

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