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Thursday, 29 September 2016



By Prince
For Family Writers

The date for Nigeria’s independence celebration is fast approaching, but it's an obvious fact that there's nothing to celebrate. Nigeria after gaining her experimental independence, from the back stabbing British imperialist, has been a poisoned hook in the intestine of her inhabitants.

Unarguably, there's nothing to write home about Nigeria's properties endless celebration, the evidences are everywhere and it's undeniable. Nigeria as a country, has no core values worth of celebration, they are just babbling and doesn't know what celebration is all about. The things Nigeria is celebrating can simply be summarised thus,

1. Years of poor records and documentation:

Nigeria will be 56 years on 1st October 2016, but there's no proper or comprehensive documentations showing the total core activities that took place since she gained her independence. Nigeria is the only country where most people don't know their accurate age, so many died and nobody even have the accurate date and time they died. No proper records, educational activities, like immigration records, financial records and most importantly national valuable data. No records at all.

2. Total failure in education;

Nigerian system of education is a total mess. Education is a powerful and an efficient tool in changing the world, but Nigeria does less or nothing to improve her educational system. The schools are not well equipped with the necessary or equipments that will boost their educational system. This is mostly seen in the higher institutions where education is supposed to be a world class type, the laboratory in the schools are equipped with less or substandard apparatus that will assist the students do the necessary research and experiments that take the country to a greater height. This is the main reason why there's no Nigerian university that is among the best universities in the world not to talk of Africa. The schools are mesmerised and not equipped in the sense that it's only left for the poor citizens who can't afford to study or school around. Most international universities are dominated by Nigerians, because their system of education has nothing to write home about.

3. Celebration of corruption culture:

There's no doubt about the fact that everything in Nigeria is corrupt. Every Nigerian is a rogue, Ranging from the village leaders, the civil servants, the public servants and most especially the pathological liars known as the politicians. For every Nigerian to get into any office in the government you must be corrupt, In fact Nigeria is corrupt from the bottom to the top. The structure of Nigeria is built on corruption.

4.  Years of political gansterism and God's fatherism

5. Years of fraudulent activities and embezzlement of public funds.

6. Years of total shame and disgrace to Africa in terms of development

Despite the fact that Nigeria has been a figure in African history, the fact remains that Nigeria is an illusion, a mirage and a crime against Humanity. So on October 1, is a wakeup call to all Nigerians who still dream of a better tomorrow in a country that has been sleeping for more than 50years.

Edited by Okonkwo Isaac Somto
For Family Writers

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