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Friday, 9 September 2016



By Ogochukwu Nnanna
For family Writers

Vanguard,  one of the oldest and leading newspapers in Nigeria, was established in 1984 by a certain Mr. Sam Amuka Pemu whose wife was arrested in December 2008 for beheading unnamed 14 year old boy for rituals somewhere in Lagos. For the Indigenous People of Biafra, Vanguard newspaper has lost its prestige, dignity and pride since the emergence of the ongoing Biafra agitation all over the world. It has refrained from what it was known for in the past which was transparency and truth. Vanguard in  recent times are in the business of feeding people with lies through its fake publications fake news.

No wonder in June 1990, it was briefly suspended by col.Raji Rasaki, the then military Governor of Lagos State. When the maiden copy of this Lagos Ibadan express way gutter media hit the news stands on Sunday June 3rd 1984 with the MOTTO:"Towards a better life for the people" , people  built their trust on them not knowing that they would turn out to be fraudulent . Vanguard has dragged its reputation to the mud by involving itself negatively on the issues of IPOB and its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu . They are no longer worth any thing in the eyes of Biafrans all over the world.

 Today, those who basically rely on their news before are no longer interested  in its false information. Vanguard, now work in collaboration with Buhari, DSS and MEND of which they are bribed to  publish fake information about Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

  People should beware and know that they are now out of track and have come up with different lies against IPOB and their leader. In spite of all its lies,  IPOB and their leader, still stand  firm and indivisible. Vanguard has failed and will continue to fail in its conspiracy against Biafra. Its false alarm about TRIPOB and RE-IPOB and the naming of the imprisoned Henry Okah as the leader of the said groups, in order to ridicule IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will also fizzle out just like others.

 People, especially in Biafra land should refrain from buying vanguard newspapers and also consider it as number one enemy of Biafra. As long as IPOB is concerned, Vanguard newspaper has nothing positive to offer other than to fabricate lies against IPOB and its leader.  On this note, I urge everyone to say  no to Vanguard newspaper and not be deceived by their fallacies.

Edited by Ngozi Kalu

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  1. CORRUPTION & WASTAGE: Buhari And Jonathan, At A Glance. FACT IS FACT.
    1] Jonathan sold Petrol at N87 while Buhari is selling at average of N300 & above, yet Buhari supporters think Jonathan was more corrupt and wasteful.
    2] When Jonathan Budgeted N1bn for feeding in Aso-Rock in 2011, and N517m in 2015, APC cried wolf and now Buhari's budget for same is N1.7billion. Yet Buharists are mute and still think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.
    3] Jonathan spent N1.4bn to service all presidential jets in one year while Buhari spends N6bn on same in 6month yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.
    4] Jonathan gave more funding to education while Buhari's 2016 budget favours Ministry of information more than education yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful.
    5] Jonathan spent an average of N8million on each international trip while Buhari spends an average of N55million on each international trip, yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.
    6] Jonathan created Over 5.8millon jobs in 5yrs while buhari has sacked over 2million workers in 8months. Check Federal Bureau of Statistics.
    7] Jonathan made Nigeria's economy the best in Africa and No 1 investment destination & quadrupled our GDP in 4yrs while Buhari has dragged Nigeria's economy down to 14th position in ranking in just 7months.
    8] Jonathan left Naira exchange rate @ N185 to $1 but Buhari with his Adama and Eve economics has destroyed the Naira in just 8 months which now sells at N315 to $1.
    9] It took Jonathan less than 2weeks to select his cabinet including foreign based technocrats while it took Buhari 6months to do same. Even with indicted people and no single economist among the 36 names.
    10] Buhari claimed that subsidy was fraud (Who is subsidizing [email protected]) but buhari has spent N1.2trillion on fuel subsidy in the last 5 months and still no fuel while all Buharists have suddenly gone dumb.
    11] Buhari/APC accused Jonathan of corruption but have not been able to pin one stain on him, while Muhammadu Buhari himself followed the crowd that entered into the # DasukiGate .
    12] Under Jonathan freedom and liberty of Nigerians was not determined by party affiliation, but today under Buhari his perceived enemies and political opponents are leveled with frivolous allegations of crimes and intimidated with either the EFCC or the DSS.
    13] Buhari does not have an Honorary WAEC but bags an illegal Honorary (Ph.D) from a university that have no PhD student and Not approved by NUC and yet Buharists respect his NEPA Bill more than GEJ's PhD.
    14. Buhari used his secondary school principal's recommendation letter to become Military Head of State and again used Court Affidavit to become President and no one reminded him that these are the height of corruption. He Refused to declare his assets publicly, suppressing the FOI and denied all his 81 election promises and stayed in the last 8 months blaming former leaders. Jonathan was in that position, he never complained or blamed anyone, but faced his work even when Buhari's disgruntled brother ensured that Nigeria will know no peace. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. God bless GEJ!! God bless Nigeria!!!
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