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Thursday, 1 September 2016



By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu disciple)
For Family Writers

Since 14 October, 2015 when Nigeria government under Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari inspired DSS, kidnapped the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra &later announced it as an arrest when it got exposed three days later on 17th of the said October, the moral bankrupt Nigerian govt has continue to display its political and moral fickleness while searching for any loophole in order to cause a disunity and hatred among the people of IPOB. To their disgrace, all the lures and bribe have been completely rejected by IPOB directorate and its astute grand commander Nnamdi Kanu. Government of Nigeria has concocted many lies and deceit against IPOB which they used their 'brown envelop' media houses in the land to transmit to the world.

They started the media lies and propaganda against the person of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu De Great when they said that He committed treason which FG/DSS has not been able to substantiate in the court of law after wasting the time of the already compromised court in the court sitting several times. The clueless maximum ruler of Nigeria himself while on a media chat on 30 December, 2015 shameless said that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu entered Nigeria without any passport, not knowing that he was by that assertion making caricature of Nigeria Immigration who cleared Nnamdi Kanu on arrival on the airport in Lagos as it was obvious that DSS kidnapped him in his hotel room.
He thereby boasted to the whole world that Nnamdi Kanu will never be released regardless of court verdicts. These and many unlisted ones are media lies of Nigeria govt against the man who is whiter than white Nnamdi Kanu De Great. However, in each occasion the media warriors of IPOB will always dismantle these media lies of federal government of Nigeria with unquestionable truths. It was not long they shifted from Nnamdi Kanu as a person to the IPOB as a people.

The political and moral fickleness of Nigeria govt and their professionalism bankrupt media houses devoid of investigative journalism continue concocting several lies against IPOB in order to tarnish the image of the indigenous people. But still, in each occasion the media warriors of IPOB will dismantle their lies with facts and figures. At the moment, the height of the Nigeria govt political and moral fickleness is on display against IPOB as they have created a secret society or militants organization which they registered as TRIPOB (The Re-branded Boko Haram) just to confuse the world that IPOB is now divided. IPOB can never be divided by anybody including our Supreme leader Nnamdi Kanu because IPOB is not just a registered organization but an indigenous people. IPOB does not operate on membership modus operandi but a people from the territories of Biafra. So, no Biafran need special registration to become an IPOB person including Rochas Okorocha, Willie Obiano, Chris Ngige, Rev Mbaka, Joe "Judas" Igbokwe or any person who gullibly rejected the indigenous people. Therefore, nobody is breaking away from IPOB because we not a political party, trade union, labour union, town union, student union, militant group or secret society. We are just indigenous people but from BIAFRA.

They have also wasted much of tax payer’s money to sponsor the media campaign to make the TRIPOB militants popular whereas the labour workforce of different states the country gnash teeth in poverty and hunger caused by non-payment workers salaries of up to 7 to 8 months in most of the states. What a tragedy to Nigerians that their govt has become less concerned in their plight but choose to chase after a mirage. They spent hugely to stop Radio Biafra/Tv and other Biafra media outlets but to no avail. They have also chosen one DSS officer whose name has been changed to CHIMA PHILIP EFFIONG OSUJI as impostor spokesperson of the TRIPOB who claimed that they have rejected the Biafran struggle because Nnamdi Kanu has vehemently refused to compromise.

The TRIPOB secret society also promised to denounce Biafra on 1st October this year coupled with burning of Biafran flag in Abuja. Why don't they burn it in Aba, Igweocha, Onitsha or Asaba? Is Abuja part of Biafra? Because of space, I now ask does it mean that Nigeria govt and their media outlets of shame are not yet informed of difference in the names of Igbo and Ibibio Biafrans? Is that idiot both Igbo-Biafran and Ibibio-Biafran at same time judging by his names? Well, such profile does not exist in the internet at my last check. However, if any militant group whether Boko Haram or TRIPOB ever burn Biafran flag, Nigeria and its agencies flags presently standing in Biafraland will become example of caricature. Let them burn the new flag they will unveil because Biafran flag is never two since 1967.

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