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Thursday 20 October 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

It is now official and no longer a news in Nigeria that democracy has been thrown into a burning furnace where it has burned into ashes. To say that current the current situation of Democracy in Nigeria is devastating, is an understatement.

Buhari the hardcore dictator and a complete tyrant is at it again displaying the peak of ignorance as he has damaged in its totality, the rule of law and trampled on democracy. The fact that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, doesn't believe or know anything about democracy is undisputed. He has continued to showcase in full his dictatorial and tyrannical powers which are in his blood, by ordering the state secret service (SSS) to raid the homes of judges all over Nigeria.

He ordered that the judges should be arrested without any official notice as deemed necessary in a democratic system of government. The detained judges are denied trial and no concrete reason has been disclosed over their arrest.

To further buttress the above assertion; the police and the governor of Rivers state, Dr Nyesom Nyeso Wike battled and prevented the SSS, which a reliable source disclosed that they were sent from Abuja to arrest Justice Muhammed Liman of the Port Harcourt division of Federal High Court.

The officers reportedly stormed the judge's resident at 35 forces Avenue Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

It was further stated that the security operatives molested the Governor, pushing him around, and in the process injured him, cocked their rifles and threatened to shoot the Governor. Oh, what a mockery of democracy in Nigeria!

Nigeria President (Buhari) has totally messed up democracy, as he does whatever pleases him without being questioned by the law.
In fact Buhari have made himself the law and a god over Nigeria, in the sense that court orders are not obeyed in a democratic system of government.

He has totally crashed democracy and introduced Buharicracy which is the new and current system of governance in Nigeria.

Buharicracy; this is a system of government, where tyranny, dictatorship, hunger, starvation, death, discrimination , recession ,cluelessness, idiocy , dementia and incompetence is adopted in the name of democracy.

The international communities are hereby put to notice, that Buhari, doesn't know what democracy is all about. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is ridiculous , and as such both morally and otherwise, lacks the efficiency of ruling a democratic society.

Nigeria is a crime against humanity and a heinous shame to democracy. The more Nigeria is allowed to exist, even though it has expired, the more evil expands.

The impending dangers of Nigeria existing as a territory will in no distant time wreck havoc in Africa.

Therefore, the African Union (AU) is hereby taxed to immediately dissolve Nigeria for peace and civility to reign.

Edited by Ekwealor Micheal Chike
For Family Writers.

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