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Thursday, 27 October 2016



Nnamdi Kanu

By Chukwudi Mufti Chuks
For family writers

Anyone that thinks Biafrans will back out of this fight for freedom and self-determination is fully dreaming. They are dreaming, those that think that Nnamdi Kanu will denounce his right to gain his freedom not recalling that he has assured Biafrans that he will never desert them nor make their enemies triumph over them.

He has assured Biafrans that he can go to hell a million times for them. In an open terms he said it's "Biafra or Death".

He made it clear that it's either we get Biafra or we die getting Biafra. In overt pronouncement, he said, it's either the Biafran flag is raised or he is lowered in his grave.

"we are mad about Biafra, (isi adighi anyi mma) so when they say we are mad, they are correct"

Biafrans can never get Weary. Patience is our way and on its thorny part we strive.
We have no fire but everywhere is burning.

We have no gun, but they are dying the way we died 1967 to 1970. We have no bomb but Nizooria (Nigeria) is collapsing.

These are the result from a liberated, determined, and united people (Biafrans). BIAFRA IS A SPIRIT. At the onset of the current struggle, nobody believed in us and thought we were wasting our time but today, the world know us and want to associate with us. They know us as a people that escaped extermination from the earth surface.

They know us as a marginalised people, as people experiencing NEPOTISM where you can't use your true identity to get a job.

We are known as people risking their destiny, life and future in the contraption called Nigeria. A country created by the Britain to serve her imperial interest.

The world also know us as a great people - intelligent, wise, courageous and the only black nation that built their own science and technology during the Nigeria-Biafra war.  Necessity brought invention and they invented Ogbunigwe (bomb) within two months of its existence. A people that sustained war with empty stomach with their own products of ammunition - armoured car, rocket, telecommunications gadgets etc.  With all these virtues vested in Biafrans, the worst to expect from them is to surrender now.

Surrendering is a taboo to Biafrans because they never surrender. In their song of redemption (anthem) it reads "Defending thee shall be a dedication, Spilling our blood, we'll count a privilege".

Biafrans can never get Weary.

In 1967 to 1970, the land of Biafra was invaded, what couldn't be stolen was destroyed, men were maimed, tortured and killed and women were defiled and raped.  But that alone didn't deter the struggle for Biafrans to surrender during the war. They got more determined and stronger.

Biafrans can never get Weary.

Today Biafran men and women has risen not only with their feet but with their minds, vision and might. Liberate the minds of men and automatically you liberate the bodies of men. Nnamdi Kanu has done a great job.
Today, it's Biafra or Death.

Biafrans can never get Weary.

They can imprison the bodies of men, they can humiliate, maim and torture the bodies of men, but they cannot imprison nor shackle the minds of men. Nobody can denounce Biafra, Biafra is not one person but a people and generations unborn.
Biafra has no fire arms but they are winning.

Africa shall rejoice for her redemption is coming from Biafra. Biafra, a consecrated nation, Biafra, a clime of righteousness.
Biafra the centre of the world.
Biafra, the land of the rising sun.
Biafra we hail thee.

#FreeBiafra #FreeNnamdiKanu

Edited by Okonkwo Isaac Somto
For Family Writers

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