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Monday, 3 October 2016



(IPOB) Igweocha women

Reported by Ogochukwu Nnanna
For family writers

Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Igweocha women general meeting holds today the 2nd day of October 2016. The meeting was hosted by Rumuokoro zone 1.  And the meeting comprises of all the zones, units and wards that made up of all Igweocha women in Biafra land. The meet was presided over by the Igweocha women leader, and the meeting also started by 1:30 pm Biafra time with a thunderous prayer said by one of the members. After the prayers, introductions were made and everybody embraced each other as a sign of unity and oneness. After that, some issues were presented which they unanimously handled together. A lot of new members were registered into the family. The meeting went successfully with the presentation of cola nuts by the Rumuokoro zone 1 who hosted the meeting. Really, the Igweocha IPOB women are waxing stronger and stronger every day.  As many women are joining them too, they are organising and hosting their meeting zone by zone so that no zone will be left behind and no woman will say that she had not heard about the meeting.

After the meeting, photograph  was taken and two women who are also hard cores among the women was also interviewed on the sit at home protest which took place on 23rd of Sep,2016 and the Nigeria's 56th years of corruption ,killings and hardship  independent anniversary respectively. The first speaker who came from Obigbo zone expressed her observations during the sit at home protest which was organised by IPOB. She proceeded by saying that the sit at home protest showed that IPOB was under one chain of command which is " command and control " She also said that during the sit at home protest, everywhere around his area was deserted to the extent that children was playing on the main road due to lack of vehicles. Almost the whole market in Igweocha was shut down and the butchers was also not left behind. Biafrans observed the sit at home in its fullness  she said.
Again she made mention of what Muhammad Buhari said concerning the Referendum, Muhammad Buhari said that Biafrans are not going to have any referendum. And on that aspect, she replied him back that Biafrans dont even need any referendum, only that sit at home that they organized is a referendum of its own. And it has marked the Biafra victory. This hard core woman also said that Biafrans marked another victory on the 26th of September 2016 being the day justice John Tsoho handed off Nnamdi kanu's case, she also counted that as victory “number two”.  She said that Biafra restoration is the God's own project and it must be accomplished. She  said that the only crime that Nnamdi kanu committed that made Muhammadu Buhari to arrest him is because he is asking for his people's freedom of which is not a crime but a wish to liberate his people from slavery and subjugation. And she prayed for Nnamdi kanu and asked Chukwu okike Abiama to grant him freedom from the detention in the zoo called Nigeria.

The second speaker who also was a native of Delta state and was married to Imo state expressed her own observation concerning the celebration of the Nigeria's 56th year’s independent anniversary of corruption and failure. Of a truth, there was no celebration at all that day as everybody was angry. No body found it interesting to put on the green white and green cloth or cap which they normally put on every October 1st she said. She again said that there is a particular church that came out on that day to celebrate the so called independent and they were totally embarrassed, critized and also was chased away by some angry youths. Finally, she said that the independence did not worth celebrating as Muhammad Buhari has inflicted hunger and hardship on people and nobody was happy that day to say 'happy independence to one another.

She said that anybody holding Nnamdi kanu is holding God who called him on this mission. And anybody that is fighting against Nnamdi kanu or Biafra is also fighting God. We are no longer interested in this contraption called Nigeria were we are being killed, marginalized and humiliated she said.  After which she also prayed for Nnamdi kanu. Another man who also witnessed the women's meeting who is also from Abia state also talked about the October 1st independent anniversary celebration. He said that people saw no reason in celebrating the so called corrupt and failed independence. He said that since that people refused to celebrate the independence, Nigeria has completely died and will never rise again.
He urged everyone to continue to be steadfast in the struggle of Biafra restoration and never to relent. Nigeria governments continue to kill and arrest us but one thing is certain - at the end Biafra will come.

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