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Friday 28 October 2016



By Onyeka Okeke
For Family Writers

Muhammadu Buhari had tried in the past to stop the Radio Biafra, immediately he was sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Buhari swung into action with all the apparatus within his disposal. His first target was to stop the Radio Biafra, in which he spent a staggering, mouth gaping and mouth watering amount of money. About 70 Million dollars of the Nigerian hard earned tax payers money, which he distributed to the Minister of Information and the Nigerian Broadcasting Co-operation, NBC.

These groups of idiots tried all they could but they failed to dismantle and stop Radio Biafra. Buhari in his usual way of doing things sacked some of the Directors of the Nigerian Broadcasting Co-operation. He employed some unscrupulous elements in the persons of the Governors of the eastern states to help him to achieve his dubious purposes, and again all their effort proved abortive.

Nevertheless, he unconstitutionally used the DSS which is not known to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria headed by the tyrant Buhari and his brother Momman Daura, to arrest Nnamdi Kanu; and he equally used the joint armed forces to kill unarmed Biafrans protesting for their freedom with the intention of stopping the Biafran restoration. Buhari again became a loser because Biafra is indestructible.

 One thing that Buhari forgot to get into his skull, is that Biafra is God's Project. Just like in the case of the Israelites in Egypt, when Moses announced and sounded to the then King of Egypt to let his People go. Pheroah refused, which precipitated the plague that destroyed the Land of Egypt, still there first born sons were all killed by the angel of death.

Buhari’s desperation to stop the restoration of Biafra have run the economy of Nigeria aground, today just like the Egypt, the plegue is severe in Nigeria yet the Pedophile is less bordered.
Buhari has again drafted in more than 3.5 billion naira and have paid some agencies which can help him with information on how to destroy and stop the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB). It has been revealed that since the inception of Buhari as the President of Nigeria, he has spent about 2 trillion naira to destroy IPOB.

IPOB is still intact despite trillions of naira earmarked by Buhari's government to create problems by infiltrating their ranks. Some of the agencies which has received and are beneficiary of this Blood money to kill and infiltrate IPOB are as follows : 1) the Ohaneze Ndigbo 2) the Ogbako Ikwerre. 3) several Religious Organisations in Biafra land including the Yoruba Churches. 4) the DSS, POLICE and the Army. 5) Ethnic Leaders.

What keep baffling the Presidency, according to a close  source is the resolute,  formidable and the determination of this group called IPOB and their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. According to our sources ; we learnt that BUHARI'S Sickness is Biafra and he is ready to spend all tax payers money to silence or stop the Biafran struggle.

Today, all the Federal Institutions have been crippled by Buhari in order to stop this God's Project. Nigerians are suffering, people are dieing. Buhari's CV is known to be a failure.
The ghost of the Biafrans whom he killed are after him. He thought that by arresting and Indicting Business men in Biafra land, he will stop Biafra. It is Biafra or death.

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh
For Family Writers.

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