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Friday 21 October 2016



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

Due to his limited education and cluelessness resulting from the same, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, the man who committed treason on 31st December 1983, when himself and his military boys overthrew an elected government of Nigeria under Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari, have being blowing whistle of anti-corruption whereas he is CORRUPTION personified. The continuous noise making from the clueless and lawless maximum ruler of Nigeria over anti-corruption crusade has made many people to understand that Gen. Buhari does not know the meaning of corruption. I may not blame him much for his ignorance of true meaning of corruption because there is no record anywhere that since the clueless tyrant committed treason in Nigeria, he had any upgrade in his academic status. By this, Gen Buhari is an intellectual crippled giant or knowledge dwarf. Upon this ground, I hereby declared that the witch hunt of vendetta which Gen Buhari is championing is emptiness. Buhari himself is the embodiment of corruption whereas he is blowing whistle up and down that he is fighting corruption. For the information of any reader, I will list my points as much as space will permit me to prove my point that Gen Buhari is second to none in corruption. Everything about Gen. Buhari is corruption and I list his corrupt tendencies as follows:

(1) Any man whether president or ordinary citizen who do not obey court orders and verdicts is a man of CORRUPTION.

(2) Any person who do not possess WAEC but lied under oath that he possess it in order to capture a political position is a man of CORRUPTION.

(3) A president who is intimidating judges to break the judicial oath they took in order to nail innocent people for him is a man of CORRUPTION.

(4) A President who violates the laws in the constitution which he cluelessly swore oath of allegiance to protect with impunity is a man of CORRUPTION.

(5) Any president who converted the powers of the state to his personal property of tyranny is a man of CORRUPTION.

(6) A President who does not have respect for the human right of the citizens of his country is man of CORRUPTION.

(7) Any President which minister of interior under his govt boldly says that all prison inmates in Nigeria individual feeding attracts ₦14, 000. 00 daily is a man of CORRUPTION.

(8) Any president who went to China to apply for loan facility to fund a railway project which did not reflect in the then controversial budget yet to be signed into law is a man of CORRUPTION.

(9) Any President who nepotically appointed virtually his northern kinsmen into agencies and parastatals of govt to the detriment of federal character principle of the constitution is a man of CORRUPTION.

(10) Any president who secretly threatened to kill Nnamdi Ahaiwe and his family if he refuse to withdraw the suit of none possession of WAEC instituted against Buhari, when his 13 CORRUPT SANs can no longer save him in the court is a man of CORRUPTION.

The list is endless on Gen Buhari's corrupt dispositions. If there is any monument which we will hold as corruption, it is Muhammadu Buhari who is presently going about bribing judges to bend justice & nail innocent people. However, one thing is sure, Buhari is clueless & does not know the true meaning of corruption. Fighting corruption in Gen Buhari opinion is (1) arresting Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd) and detaining him till eternity to revenge over his detention of 1985 to 1988 which he thought Dasuki facilitated, (2) illegally arresting Nnamdi Kanu (POC) due his demand for restoration of Biafra and detaining him till eternity against court orders, (3) illegal frozen of all Chief Femi Fani-Kayode's bank accounts for condemning his regime of tyranny in Nigeria and expect him and his family to starve to death, (4) unconstitutionally invading the residence of incorruptible judges in Nigeria in the mid night to arrest, harass, molest, humiliate them for refusal to do his ungodly bidding of vendetta against his political enemies, (5) unprecedented hoarding of national resources in the name of saving for rainy days he does not know if such days will ever come to the dying and gasping Nigeria, which now resulted to hunger, poverty and diseases to Nigerians.
Oh ye Nigerians of good conscience, how long will this clueless crippled giant commit impunity in the name of anti-corruption crusade and Nigerians say enough is enough to a regime of tyranny? How long will Nigerians gnash teeth and say enough is enough? How long will Gen Buhari destroy institutions he inherited from previous administrations and Nigerians say enough is enough? These are questions every Nigerian should answer himself at his own corner. Buhari is not fighting corruption; he is rather breeding corruption from all fronts.

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