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Thursday, 10 November 2016



From Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)
A Biafran Activist



I, Onyebuchi Eze, a Biafra activist and a member of Family Writers of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu (Prisoner of Conscience), do hereby send you a congratulatory message for being elected as the 45th President of United States of America.

Sir, I, Family Writers, IPOB worldwide and indeed all Biafrans are happy for your hard won victory in the just concluded US presidential election. Sir, your deserved victory is not unconnected with your doggedness, desire and promise to enthrone a new world where all and sundry will be free to live without religious oppression, terrorism, fundamentalism and all forms religious rascality. Sir, I also appreciate the Almighty God who chose you at this critical time of the world to reposition the face of the world through the instrumentality of the powers at the disposal of United States. To God also be the glory for making the 2016 American presidential election very peaceful, except few mischief makers who want to capitalize on the displeasure of the opposition party to formant troubles in parts of US after the result of polls was announced.

Once again, congratulations to you in particular, your party and entire citizens of United States for your emergence as the president-elect. Sir, as you are about to be sworn-in as the next American president come January 20, 2017, may I remind you that there is an enormous work to be done which is standing face to face with you at the moment.

Sir, among these tasks standing before you which could be the reason why God raised you at the this ugly time in history is to demolish all the threats anchored on the new world order by Islamic fundamentalism as contained in your campaign promises. Sir, should you fail to demolish all threats of Islamic fundamentalism being posed to world presently due to an expected lure into devilish and questionable bilateral relationship targeted on you by World Islamic leading nations like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc, then the world under your watch as president of US may be sitting on a time bomb awaiting time for explosion.

Sir, I also want to bring to your notice the plight of the people of Biafra in West Africa who are suffering all forms dehumanizing treatment in the hand of Islamic government of Nigeria headed by Rtd Gen Muhammadu Buhari due to our desire to restore the relinquished sovereignty of Biafra. Sir, Biafra is a nation of Indigenous People in West Africa near the coast in Gulf of Guinea which existed till when British colonial explorers destroyed all the administrative structures and established their own colonial administration in 1898. Sir, the people of Biafra have never had a sigh of relief in Nigeria where the British forced us into since 1914 on perennial massacre, reckless killing, political marginalization, nepotism, tribalism, ethnic & pogrom against Biafrans. Sir, it was all these ugly experiences that made Gen Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the then Nigeria military officer of Biafran extraction to take the bull by the horn and declared the state of Biafra which Britain destroyed due to colonial mission in Africa. Sir, it will interest you to know that Nigeria government formed a global military alliance headed by Britain and supported by USSR, Egypt and other Arab nations and waged a genocidal war against Biafrans from 1967-70. There is no type of atrocity which Nigeria government and its global military friends did not commit in Biafra during the genocidal war.

Sir, may the soul of an American citizen, Mr. Bruce Mayrock who set himself ablaze in 1969 in front the United Nations HQs in New York due to atrocities and war crimes been meted on Biafrans by Nigeria and her friends, rest in peace Bruce. Sir, I strongly believe that you will not allow the death of Bruce Mayrock (an American) to be in vain as then President Richard Nixon made it looks like.  Our fathers later relinquished the sovereignty of Biafra when they can no longer withstand the fire-power of British-led military alliance of Nigeria. Sir, since 1970 when the genocidal war ended, Nigeria government pushed Biafrans into political exile, isolation and obscurity and always scheme us out of relevant political positions in Nigeria. Sir, presently Nnamdi kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra is extra-judicially detain for over 1 year due to his demand for the restoration of Biafra. Our unarmed protesters have been mercilessly massacred by Nigeria armed forces. Sir, the only thing that will pacify the already wounded Biafrans due to silence of the world on what Nigeria government is doing against us is restoration of Biafra. Sir, you will write your name on the sand of history like Bruce Mayrock should you help us restore Biafra.

God help you!

Activist Onyebuchi Eze


  1. Bravo my good Brother,Ndigbo we should all support the course for Biafra or at least keep quiet.You will not find any Northerner publicly opposed to boko haram agitation,you will not find any Yoruba opposed to OPC publicly,you see how Niger Delta leaders protect the militants and not afraid to negotiate on their behalf,Ndigbo should support ipob,Massob and any other genuine pro Biafran groups
    Those opposed to this are frustrated already about the stability this demand creates ,some are now joining to say they can't force Igbos to continue to live with them for ever.
    Help is coming the elders,intelligentia should move to help this agitation by necessary diplomatic shuttle to America,Russia,Israel,Pirtugal,France,China,South Africa.we have lot of contacts and leverage in these nations,we have men who can speak their languages fluently let's do it now.Trump made a promise to us during the campaigns,we should mobilize to attend his inauguration in mass with Biafran flags and TV Adverts In America,I will be there in person in D.C.Biafra for life,God will do it because he promised us freedom.

  2. Trump,Trump,Trump,long live United states of America,long live IsraelI nation,long live Biafran Republic.


  3.  Satan shame onto you all power belongs to JESUS. GOD has not finish with us, for the victory must be ours. Yes victory must be ours for all Victory, Honour, Power and Glory belongs to Him (GOD) But children of GOD i want you to remember that the battle is still on going for the Bible said that the devil work around the clock for when the wicked king of Egypt  ( Pahraoh ) allowed the the children of GOD the Israelites to go he never allowed them to go far. So I call onto you dear children of GOD to keep on Praying for our beloved brother Donald John Trump that the good LORD will continue to guide and protect him always from the hands of the evil ones, for they still have their evil agenda against him pray that GOD will see him through to the office and pray most especially that the good LORD will give to him the Divine wisdom of leadership as the wisdom of Solomon for him to lead. Thank You and may the Good LORD BLESS You as you do so.


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