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Wednesday 2 November 2016

AMERICA: Donald Trump takes a lead in US presidential poll

Donald Trump takes a lead in US presidential poll
Donald Trump

Published by Family Writers

Donald Trump has taken the lead in one national US presidential poll that gives him a slender one point advantage over Hillary Clinton.

The ABC/Washington Post poll put Mr Trump on 46% and Mrs Clinton on 45%.

The four-way poll also included outsiders Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein.

The a national sample of 1,773 people found little shift in overall support for Mrs Clinton since the FBI said it was looking again at her emails.

Importantly she also still leads in most other opinion polls, both national and state, though by a significantly reduced margin.

Mr Trump, however, appeared to be energised by the positive polling.

He told Democrats in Wisconsin that if they had already cast their ballots for Mrs Clinton, they should change them - and that state law allowed them to do so.

At a rally in Zorn Arena, he said that if Mrs Clinton were elected her legal troubles would continue.

"She is likely to be under investigation for many years, probably concluding in a very large-scale criminal trial," he claimed, before urging early voters to shift their allegiances, "with buyer's remorse".

Mr Trump appears to be trying to expand the electoral map of Wisconsin, where he's been trailing Mrs Clinton for months.


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