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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Biafra: How Mark Zuckerberg Is Selling Out Biafran Activists To Dictator Muhammadu Buhari for extermination

Biafra:  How Mark Zuckerberg Is Selling Out Biafran Activists To Dictator Muhammadu Buhari for extermination

By Chima Chibueze
For Family Writers.

I couldn't believe that someone like Mark Zuckerberg  Facebook CEO would bend so low towards the desires of a dictator as cold-hearted as tyrant Buhari.

While we Biafrans contend with enforced disappearances, summary murders, state-sponsored terrorism and judicial perversions by the tyrant  Buhari-led Federal government of Nigeria, what we don't deserve from Facebook is its recent pathetic moves aiding  these agents of genocide by blockade millions of Biafrans from our communication channel: disabling our Facebook accounts and shutting down our Radio Biafra group that contains close to a million Biafrans . We deserve humanity's empathy.

Since early this year, the Buhari regime, through the State Security Services, have been spawning lies upon lies and crafting strategies to tag Biafran activists as terrorists; but it have all meet a dead end, thanks to Radio Biafra and social media, through which Biafrans debunk these lies and evil propaganda of the Nigerian government, alerting the whole world to the plans and atrocities of Buhari.

When Mark Zuckerberg closed down Radio Biafra London Facebook group, he didn't only take away some of the media advantages Biafrans, as well as Nigerian opposition voices , he also destroyed accesses to all the stored data—texts, hash tags, pictures and videos; accumulated over the years in that group.

There's no doubt that this particular action by Facebook won't help the Buhari regime cover up the atrocities it has been trying very hard and unsuccessfully to deny.

As if that and the closure of the Facebook accounts of principal officers of Radio Biafra wasn't enough, Facebook reduced the visibility of Biafra-related contents, authentic Biafran pages and news groups. If you are just searching for Biafra or Radio Biafra for first time, even as popular as the Biafra movement has become, the search results won't lead you to any authentic Biafran page or content. Even in the newly setup Radio Biafra news forum called Radio Biafra London (RBL), Facebook has banned the members from adding their friends to the group.

If Mark Zuckerberg, for the sake of the goodies of “good business” or for whatever reason he may claim, has decided to wage war on Biafra on the behest of the worst dictator in West Africa, what do you think he does with the “private” messages of Biafran activists?
How are we even sure it is not Facebook that leaks the whereabouts of Biafran activists to Nigerian “security” forces?
Some of the missing or arrested, and already murdered Biafran activists aren't even popular faces on social media, so how did the dictator find them? Facebook is the prime snitch-spect!

Mark Zuckerberg, do you know what happens to Biafrans when they are captured by Nigerian operatives? Let Amnesty International tell you what you are helping put us through—Pro-Biafran Activist Shot And Abducted (

 Nigeria: Killing of Unarmed Pro-Biafra Supporters By Military Must Be Urgently Investigated (

 I hope you can live with your conscience knowing the outcomes of your deals with tyrant Buhari.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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