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Sunday, 6 November 2016




By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For family Writers

A statement credited to Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria implied that "anybody who is no more interested in Nigeria should go to any country he or she wishes to go". Gen Buhari by this statement has shown that he has courageously succumbed to the pressures of the world at the moment by declaring that Biafrans can go and enjoy their God given nation. This is the only statement ever made by Gen Buhari which IPOB under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu the Great accepted with good faith. Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, all over the world is saluting Gen Buhari for courageously telling Biafra to go to the blessed nation of Biafra as it is already obvious to him that we Biafrans are no more interested in Nigeria.

However, we want him to understand that the courage he exhibited in telling Biafrans to go as he has completely understood that we are no more going back to Nigeria should be complete if he will as a matter of urgency order the attorney-general of Nigeria to withdraw the frivilous case against Nnamdi Kanu from court and release him unconditionally. It is already a naked truth that Nnamdi Kanu commits no other offence than demanding for the restoration of Biafra. There is no how Biafrans is expected to go to their own nation without their leader, Nnamdi Kanu who is still being detained in Nigeria Kuje prison. The government of Nigeria under Gen Buhari will write its name on the sand of history should it quickly release Nnamdi Kanu and fix date for a round-table discussion on how to share, repay and balance on the regions on the assets, liabilities and other national properties domiciled in the different regions as Biafrans are already going home.

I am also calling on Nigerians, international community and the world at large who must have contributed in one way or the other in convincing Gen Buhari to make this statement of telling Biafrans to go if they are no more interested in Nigeria, to tell Gen Buhari that his declaration is not yet complete because he is still holding in detention Nnamdi Kanu and many other Biafra's prisoners of conscience. Gen Buhari will show that his declaration is serious if he release Nnamdi Kanu from detention and called for a dialogue on how to share assets we own together in Nigeria with Nnamdi Kanu himself being the head of the delegate of Biafra as the assets are shared. Biafrans are already happy for the declaration of Gen Buhari but have reservations over some conditions contained in his declaration. The unacceptable conditions in his speech is

(1) Telling us to go if we wish to go while still holding our leader Nnamdi Kanu in detention.

(2) Saying that any part of Biafraland will be carved out to remain with Nigeria is not acceptable to any Biafran.

Therefore, the only thing that will prove to the world that Gen Buhari is genuinely telling Biafrans to go if they are no longer interested in Nigeria is releasing of all Biafrans held in detention all over Nigeria due to the agitation for the same thing he has accepted. It is only Nnamdi Kanu that all the Biafrans know at the moment as their leader. He is the only person who has powers to order Biafrans to assemble at anywhere or remain indoor for many days and people will obey it without question because he is only the leaders with character and reputation in Biafra.

Gen Buhari is few meters away from becoming a world renowned HERO should he release Nnamdi Kanu and carve out Biafra. It is already obvious that the world will stand tall and in high ovation for Gen Buhari if he can courageously take this action that will catapult him to historical limelight and international eminence. The world leaders will place Gen Buhari on where they place Nelson Mandela for restoring peace to the world through restoration of Biafra. IPOB worldwide is not ignorant that sycophants and paid-praise-singers around Gen Buhari which are known as his personal aides and advisers may not want to advise him rightly but let him take the bull by the horn and become a HERO.

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