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Wednesday, 16 November 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

The truth is absolute which every sane mind must uphold. One thing we shouldn't forget in a hurry is that, truth cannot be defeated or undermined forever, it has never been in the history of mankind that any has defeated the truth. Of course any man who stands against the truth always ends up shamefully and disgracefully.

Justice Binta Nyako must remain uncompromised, as that proves the true identity of anyone who's placed on the verge of justice and that of the legal profession.
The perversion of justice which is a culture in Nigeria and the true identity of the Nigerian judicial system must be put to a stop as that will sanctify and revive the hope of a common man in Nigeria.

Though, Nigeria is a product of falsehood, justice Binta, must prove and paint a good image about Nigeria and Africa at large, by delivering an undiluted justice on the case on her table. The people of good conscience must against impunity, which I know justice Nyako is up to.

Pure justice is what is that is expected of justice Nyako, to deliver to the world on Thursday 17th November 2016, which is the date for the upcoming court case of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and the evil, expired Nigeria.

IPOB, is believing that an undiluted justice is what justice Nyako will deliver come that wonderful aforementioned day. Although, the devil's incarnate and the enemy of the truth is the one presiding over the affairs of the expired Nigeria, which justice Binta Nyako allow herself to be used as a tool for the propagation of evil.

Biafrans have lost hope on the Nigerian judicial system, ever since the court of legal jurisdiction in three consecutive times ruled that the prisoner of conscience, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu be released unconditionally, but Buhari being a hardcore dictator and a chronic tyrant refuted the standing court orders in a democratically entity and still works a free man.

The compromised Nigerian judicial system refused to call Buhari to order because their hands are soiled with evil too. Its quiet appalling that the hope of a common man is lost as justice in Nigeria is always twisted in the favour of the corrupt politicians and those in the hem of the affairs in the expired Nigeria.

Justice Binta Nyako, must remain incorruptible as the eyes of the international communities and the world at large is on her to bring justice to the incarcerated leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu. Yes the eyes of the International communities are on the watch over Nigeria, which justice Binta, must present a good image of about Africa.

Justice Binta Nyako being the first female judge to preside over the case of prophet Nnamdi Kanu, the prisoner of conscience, of course she must not be a bad egg in the midst of good ones.

She must prove the kind hearted, soft minded and the caring nature of woman which she's represents. She must make herself an exceptional tool to letting justice prevail, as that has always been the true nature of a God fearing woman which I believe she is.

Binta Nyako must not be persuaded or lured by the lovers of iniquity into fighting against the truth, which is mere waste of time and energy as no man can defeat the truth.

Justice Nyako must understand that the rule of law is paramount in a democracy in which she represents. Also she shouldn't forget that, there's already existing court orders stating that Prophet Nnamdi Kanu be released unconditionally.

Biafrans is expectant, that pure and an undiluted justice is what Binta will deliver to our leader, prophet Nnamdi Kanu, come Thursday 17th November 2016.

1 comment

  1. Psalms 108:12 Yere ayi aka ka ayi pua n'aka onye-nkpabu: N'ihi na ihe-efu ka nzọputa madu bu.13 Nime Chineke ayi gēme ihe dìnkpà: Ọ bu kwa Ya onwe-ya gāzọda ndi nākpabu ayi.

    12 Help us against the enemy; human help is worthless. 13 With GOD on our side we will win; he will defeat our enemies.


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