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Saturday, 19 November 2016



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

No amount of intimidation can make us (Biafrans) shy away on the struggle to restore Biafra. Not even mere bullets, teargas, detention, or any form of torture and incarceration can make us compromise or surrender this divine mission.
Biafrans have embarked on the journey of no retreat and no surrender, which everyone must bear in mind.

Stopping Biafra entails, wiping away the over 70 million population of Biafra, which by sane reasoning is impossible. In case you don't know, Biafra is a spirit; it lives in our brains, in our blood and down to our veins- in fact, Biafra is unkillable.

Helplessly, we watch our blood flow on the streets, live bullets flying at all corners of our endeavours, as we continue living with scars, pains and wounds which the enemies inflicted on us.

We can no longer sleep with our eyes closed, neither do we wake up in peace, we can't associate or move freely on the roads or express our feelings, all because we want to be free, and am asking, is it a crime to be free?
 Why is it that Biafrans are killed only for exercising their right to self-determination which is a universal right?
Of course we are not asking much, all we want is the freedom of Biafra.

Our land is under siege, we are surrounded by the enemies of our future.  It is furious and painful that no one is coming to our rescue, we are being massacred in hundreds on a daily basis, but the world is keeping quiet in utmost hypocrisy. However, we are still kicking strong in this journey to our promise land, the land of the rising sun (Biafra).

The enemies have deviced all measures available to them in order to quench our quest for freedom, but unfortunately to them, all proved abortive.
They have detained, killed and incarcerated us, hoping that we may get weary, but little did they know that- THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

They abducted, detained and tortured our eminent leader, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, with all sorts of poisonous weapons forcing him to denounce and compromise his mandate, but all he kept telling them is, Biafra or Death.

Each day they wake him up with a teargas, firing live bullets into his cell room, canisters all over the room, but they forgot that, Chukwuokikeabiama, our redeemer has been there with him. They denied him medical treatment, but he's still looking fresher and plumpy, like a baby he's shining and waxing stronger than those seeking to suck his blood. This is because THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER HE BECOMES.

Now the enemies are getting tired, they don't know again what do, because they are fed up.
They have tried all their possible best, all to no avail. Now they are totally confused because everything they tried has all failed woefully. They are the ones now living in fear. Now they understand that the God we serve is the greatest because, THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

The more they try to frustrate us, the more we see uncountable reasons to never relent. Each time they make a single step against us, we counter them with a million steps. Now we are the ones revealing their core secrets to them. More and more, they are getting frustrated because, THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

They thought by detaining and denying our prophet bail, we will get weary, little did they know, he stands as a mondo inspiration to us. His words and actions, revives and resurrects more gigantic in spirit in us to move forward with the divine mandate.

Each time we see his face, smiles and reactions in the court, the more our spirit is motivated to keep on going- THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

The resoluteness and the formidable spirit of the new generation of Biafra, is the bye product of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu's Wisdom and advices.
The Nnamdi Kanu in us is the reason we won't get weary because THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

We do the unthinkable, because of our love for Prophet Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. Yes we love Biafra with passion, we can do absolutely everything to get Biafra, even if it entails war, we are more than ready to fight to finish. Because Biafra is worth dying for.
 We don't only need Biafra, we deserve Biafra, because we have paid more than enough price to have it.

It is in no man's hand to give us Biafra. This is the only reason we must bestore and beseech CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA our maker and whom we represent, putting all trust in Him, because Biafra freedom is not negotiable.
No mortal can quench our resolve; THE HARDER THEY TRY, THE STRONGER WE BECOME.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.


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