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Tuesday 29 November 2016



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

Whenever Biafra is mentioned to the hearing of some selfish and old political criminals among the people; what baffles me most is that the only word that comes out from their mouth which has been baptized with evil is- “Biafra cannot be achieved, remember what happened during the war". They always raise the issue of the civil war as a point whereas they're indirectly putting it up as a threat.

The point is; if every speech from these political criminals always point or speak on the flashback of what happened during the war, the question now is-  What exactly the difference is between happened then and now?
Is our people not dying in poverty and of hunger?
Is religious shortchange, siphoning of our resources and the extra-judicial killing of Biafrans not still going on now?.

They speak of war and I ask, do they expect us to know that they've already started when the throw bombs on us?
Billions of Biafrans were killed years back during the war and after the war by same hawkers of the political enterprise called Nigeria who are today still emphasizing on what happened back then during the war.

Any truthful human know very well and can also testify to the fact that there is a seriously genocide going on in BiafraLand till today. Biafrans are murdered secretly daily by the Nigeria government while peacefully protesters are always seen in pools of blood during honourable and peaceful protests.

As if that's not enough, are weapons of injustice are used every blessed day against Biafrans.
In the aspect of religion, People are murdered for preaching Christianity while others are killed on the process of rejecting the Islamic religion that are sometimes imposed on them.

The wild foot matias who hide under the name 'herdsmen' are all over the country causing havoc, destroying properties and killing people in different communities in Biafraland.
Many things uncountable are going on everyday yet some people out there are still emphasizing on what transpired during the war and how Biafrans were killed back then.

I say it and I will always say it very loud and clear that the war didn't end in 1966 or 1967 because the war is still going on,,, there is still serious ongoing genocide in Biafraland and I want the world at large to know this.

The only difference between what happened during the civil war and now, is that Biafrans are peaceful and armless, but let's not forget that when you dominate or hit the people much with violence, they'll definitely fight back because they have nothing to lose.

1 comment

  1. How shamefully sad it is that a handful of cowardice Biafrans allow themselves to intimidated by the self centered evil wickedness of the British, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba. These are the Judas's of Biafrans. They are not Biafrans rather they shall for ever remain slaves of Hausan-Fulani, Yoruba and Britain.


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