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Saturday 17 December 2016



By Paul Emerenini
For family writers

The Nigerian government has stood firm to challenge your report. They claim with confidence that your great organization is biased. They have told the whole world that amnesty international is the reason for conflict in many nations of the world and that they (Amnesty international) has come to inflict conflict in Nigeria.

The Nigeria government first denied that they never used live ammunition on members of the Indigenous people of Biafra, who protested peacefully in different zones in Biafra land, demanding for the released of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been subjected into inhuman and degrading treatment since October 14 2015. He was arrested by Buhari's thugs (DSS) for exercising his human right power as enshrined in the UN charter, EU people's Right charter, AU Human Right of Indigenous people Charter, which Nigeria is a signatory to all of this.

The latest media chat with a retired Nigerian army officer colonel Hassan Stan-Labo hosted by TVC I drafted the following points;

1. Hassan Stan-Labo retired army Colonel, said Nigerian military are professional and I asked who  killed Izu the State footballer in Gbaramatu community in the so called Niger Delta? (Nigeria Military) and what has your so called army panel investigators done towards that (Nothing).

2. From Colonel Hassan's mouth emerged the truth that more than 3 million Igbos (Biafrans) were murdered in 1967-1970 Biafran genocide. But they keep telling lies that it was Biafrans and Nigerians that were killed during the war.

3. The present killings of unarmed peaceful IPOB protesters was to keep Nigeria one and I ask has Nigeria ever been one? What unifies Nigeria?

4. Illiterate Colonel could not differentiate between innocent and armless peaceful protesters of Indigenous People of Biafra, murderous Boko-Haram and Fulani terrorist sets that are raging havoc in the northeast of Nigeria.

5.  I PAUL EMERENINI challenge Mr. Hassan Stan-Labo to come up with any evidence that shows how the first line of military been the police were over whilmed on the day the members of Indigenous Poeple of Biafra gathered to pray for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at Aba High School on 9th February 2016

6.  Colonel Hassan should at this time come up with a reference of one or two cases were his legal department with strong human right desk check-mate the extra judicial killings of innocent citizens by the Nigerian military and how many of the culprit has ever been prosecuted.

Having vehemently violated all the laid down Rules and Regulations that empowers citizens of every member state of the United Nation, Nigerian government has no other options left than to oppose any Human Right Organization(s) or group of persons who try to indict her of all the crimes against humanity she has committed, hence the Nigeria government knows that they will be queried and prosecuted by the International Community if they are convicted. Now, knowing fully well that they are already guilty of violating Human rights law, they have no other option than to attack any group that tries to indict them just as they have revolted against the amnesty international human right organization.

The Human Right violations/Abuse of power by the Nigerian government are numerous to be mentioned. Amnesty International having stood in all odds, boldly investigated and came up with first REPORTS OF HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATIONS by Nigerian government, there are next action(s) and more reports you ought to come up against the Nigeria Army instead the Nigerian government has accused you of inflicting violence in other nations of the world with your reports.

The truth we all know is that you amnesty international (AI) refuse to compromise and that is why the Nigerian government under Muhammadu Buhari stood against your organization. We all know that many things might have transpired in the process of your dealing with Nigeria government. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL should without fear of favor come up with her next line of action. You have kept silent for a very long time. If you had come long before now, most Biafrans who have been killed by the Nigeria Army would still be alive but all the same thanks for coming.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL should also know that your reports have developed two faces/options.

1. The option to subdue the inhuman actions and violations of human right by Nigeria government through your action(s)

2. The option to ignite the fire of killings and more tortures on the innocent Indigenous people through your silence and back out.

I PAUL EMERENINI of indigenous people of Biafra humbly wish to state here that the first option will be the best not only for the betterment of Biafrans but also for equal right and Justice. Biafran citizens has suffered intensively in the contraption called Nigeria. Now that you (amnesty international) have investigated and came up with the report of heinous crime Nigeria government is penetrating on the Indigenous people of Biafra, I would want to remind you that you have set the pace for other responsible human right organizations to follow. Therefore you must maintain your unperturbed uprightness before the face of mankind. We know that Nigeria is the most dangerous nation in Africa if not in the whole world.

Therefore stand firm and challenge this evil Africa empire by implementing your actions and fully executing your assignment. This good would never go unnoticed and millions Biafrans would always be saved in the process. Since after your report of the willful killings of Biafrans by the Nigeria Army, the Nigerian government in her furry has lunched what they call operation python dance in the peaceful regions of Biafran land. This gives them the opportunity to deploy sophisticated military hardwares all over Biafra land. They have equally resorted in silence kidnapping and execution during night fall. Biafrans are now living in intensive fear as both the Nigeria military are killing from the left while the Fulani-Herdsmen are killing from the right. This isn't normal in a democratic government. This brutalization!

At this point I call on other Human Right Organizations all over the universe to come to the support of Amnesty International, join voice together to condemn violation of human rights by the Nigerian government. Amnesty International and INTER SOCIERY needs back up of other human right organization all over the globe to firmly handle the situation in Nigeria.
Petition any nation that wants to sell arms to Nigeria by doing so, you are saving many innocent lives that would have vandalised by the Nigerian military. Petition, president Muhammadu Buhari to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who has been held in detention since October 14th 2015 without conviction and also call for the release of other Biafrans who were held for protesting the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu their own leader.

Ban Ki Moon,  U.N, EU, AU, ECOWAS AND other nations and reputable organizations of Human Right Crusaders should rise up now to defend the defenceless, secure the lives of Biafran youths. By keeping silent you are creating the avenue for bloodletting in West Africa which do more harm than good to the human race. The silence of a man is never an indication of his weakness.
#FreeNnamdiKanu #FreeFlorenceUgozie

#StopBiafraKilling #FreeBiafra

Edited by Somto Okonkwo for family writers.

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